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Times like this change us for the better even though we can’t see it
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Forget the baths and the masks and the candles and the treats — self care is so much deeper and more personal. self care is what you need when you s***p everything else away. sometimes it’s that phone call you know you need to make, or an “sos” therapy session, sometimes it’s turning your phone off and opening a book, sometimes it saying no, sometimes it’s saying yes. no matter what form it takes, the most important thing is that it speaks to some part of you and maybe brings with it a little healing. by showing up for yourself and for your process today you’re engaging in self care in a way a bubble bath can’t (though sometimes those are nice too 😊). #regram @minaa_b

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Nobody chooses an eating disorder.
nobody chooses depression.
nobody chooses anxiety.
nobody chooses.
be gentle with yourself.
be gentle with others because we don’t know what they’re living with.
let’s remember to check on each other more often. we all have pains and struggles, so why move through them alone? 🌍💞 we are stronger together!

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Reflection no. 3 • “don’t be afraid to speak your truth.” • addiction has plagued my family in more ways than i can count. it is a part of my life that i have gone through great lengths to keep secret. partly because the shame can be too much to bare...partly because people judge how i look, where i travel, my career, school i go to and all the other superficial s**t that means absolutely nothing...and create an image in their mind of who they think i am and how i grew up...and i let them keep that image because the reality is sometimes too much to bare. the truth is my mother is addicted to crack...a product of the 90’s la c***k epidemic. she left me when i was 4 years old. this truth has shaped nearly every facet of my relationships with friends, partners, other family members, and even myself. i never told anyone this truth because selfishly, i never wanted to be known as “the girl with the crackhead mom”. i pushed myself academically and tried to make “good girl decisions” my entire life hoping that it would outshine the traumatic impact her disease has had on me. i pushed myself to succeed for all the wrong reasons...and i see that now. me being ashamed of her and her disease is no different than what this country is doing right now with how they address addiction or the lack thereof. 40 million americans are suffering from this disease yet this topic continues to be the dirty secret of america. addiction does not care about what race you are or how powerful you are in society. still, if you have money, you go to rehab and if you don’t, you go to prison. it’s absurd. 65% of prison inmates are clinically addicted...many of whom were convicted on personal drug use, not even intent to sell. while i was mortified to give this talk on stage in front of hundreds of people at stanford, i knew in my heart it was time to tell the world the truth about this disease and the effect that it’s had/having on our economy and the 138 million americans who have a close friend or family member suffering from this disease...people just like me. my talk on youtube is called “forgiving addiction” because i believe the first step in addressing this silent killer is to r

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A very, very personal piece of art which i never do, has taken me months to share and i’m already sorry about and am going to put hashtags on which immediately makes me uncomfortable. #leanintoit #ptsd #ptsdawareness #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #mentalillness #mentalhealthart #art #artistsoninstagram #heavy #deep #drowning #triggerwarning #sketch #difficult #selfportait

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#mentalhealth @silencetheshame - day 20 of national suicide awareness month! big thanks to our friend @lecrae for helping to promote the importance of #mentalhealthawareness #suicideawarenessmonth #silencetheshame #endstigma #oktosay

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School can be overwhelming at times. as students, we often have several things coming at us at one time! this brings us to tip #1 for a successful and healthy school year!
| write things down |
whether you choose to use a planner, a notebook, a phone calendar, or an app, decide on one place to write down all of your responsibilities, assignments, appointments, and reminders. this way, you don't have to stress about trying to remember everything because it's all been written down. this can be a challenging routine to maintain. however, carrying your organizational tool with you most of the time, personalizing it, and practicing this habit are all ways to help you incorporate this strategy into your daily lives.

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Never be so quick to judge someone. no matter there current state. you have no idea what that person has been through to get where they are today. so let's all show nothing but love for all beings. the world needs more love and it starts with you :)

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“i love my job, and i give absolutely everything i can to make the restaurant the best it can possibly be. when you work in an environment where the feedback is constant and you are continually pushing to be better, it can feel like nothing you do will ever be enough. sometimes it feels like you give so much of yourself that there’s nothing left to give. but i have to remind myself that my job does not define me and i am a person outside of what i do. it’s a work in progress, but i have found that having things that i love outside my job is super important. i love sport, so i do that to feed my competitive nature but it’s also something that feeds my soul apart from work. and remembering that you can’t take care of others if you don’t take care of yourself.” - kylie javier ashton, momofuku seiōbo
eat the issue x lee ho fook!! link in bio!
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Happy bi visibility day.. although not a proponent of the 50/50 theory as a bisexual i do subscribe to open to either s*x theory. fun cartoon too. #bisexual #bicommunity #bimenarevalid #biwomenarevalid #lifecoaching #lifecoach#oceanside #mentalhealth #recovery #mentalhealthawareness #bisexualvisibilityday #love#live#life

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I don’t have special needs, yet i was in the hospital for a few hours yesterday. that’s how my family treats my illness #mentalhealthawareness my dad also kicked me out and i could give a fuck.

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Happy birthday to the most amazing father i could've asked for. 🙏🏻performing with you is a privilege and an honor - not to mention fun! i wouldn't be where i am without your love and support, and i am so proud of your growth, and mine. cheers to another year of growth and music!

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Reason #21, age 35 (suicidal ideation): to say getting myself back to functioning after ect was a project is an understatement. while at the time there was so much in the neurological department to work on that i was truly too busy to think much about what had happened, the reality set in that the world of imagination that had gotten me through so much in childhood was now closed to me and the feeling of being totally alone even in my own head made any progress i made in speech and movement seem like a complete waste of time. why continue living when there was no way *to* live? unlike previous times with these types of thoughts though, i was able to pull back enough from them not to plan anything, something i could not do before the treatment. #ect #shocktherapy #thereasons #suicidalthoughts #suicideattempts #truestory #mentalhealthawareness #thethingswethink #wantingtodie #depression #lookleftwalkgreen #thestraightdope #gettingreal #mentalillness #nationalsuicideawarenessmonth #30days30reasons #fightintheopen #madpride

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Monday morning shout out to @liptember 🙌🏼 if you don’t already know about this amazing cause, @liptember is an annual awareness month (taking place every september) which supports and raises awareness about women’s mental health 🖤 you can get behind this important cause by visiting your local @chemistwarehouseaus, purchasing your very own @liptember lipstick and spreading the word💄head over to their ig to learn more about their mission 🙏🏼 #raisedcollective .
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Adventure time, "slow dance," teller edition. inspired by the show and real life. sometimes the lines blur i guess.

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You are not alone. whether you have anxiety, depression, ocd, bipolar disorder, etc just remember its okay. i bought @mymonq and cbd oils to relieve some pain. i learned essential oils and aromatherapy is great for self care.
i feel if you want to be happier and feel your best stop with medications and all you need is some aroma. 🖤
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