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It’s another #tatchatexturetuesday! first things first, is there anything more radiant than @tatcha’s violet-c radiance mask? i thought not 💁‍♀️
i took this photo when i first bought this mask and spoiler alert, it is no where near this full anymore. the mask is gentle, yet has powerful ingredients to help smoothen and brighten your skin, it smells lovely and as you can see, the texture is 🙌. i don’t necessarily see immediate results from it like some other masks, but i absolutely love how pampered i feel when i use it. tatcha has a way of doing that with pretty much all of their products though... #amirite!?
hope everyone is having a great tuesday and if you’re in the us, you’re voting! 💜

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💫everything about may lindstorm and her cosmetic line seems bit magical, her story of how she became formulator, the ingredients that sounds like potions , the way the company connect with its sources to the packaging and a name of the products. when you start reading up about it you find yourself pulled into may's magical world and you do not wish to come back... 💫
💫i was lucky to receive this sample kit from gorgeous joy @joycaramel and got fascinated by the brand. it seem that those little pots are so precious like gold dust ( the price does reflect that too.. it's definitely luxourious brand) 💫
so meet the trio:
🖤problem solver - on the website we can read that this is a jet-black fusion of indulgent and antioxidant-rich raw cacao, activated bamboo charcoal, salts, and exotic spices.
the unique formula brightens, heals inflammation and irritation, fades hyperpigmentation, stimulates collagen production, and treats and prevents breakouts. it comes in powder form and you simply mix it in with water to get moussy in texture mask.
🖤 youth dew is to be the ultimate glow potion, providing gorgeous hydration and a serious vitamin cocktail while transforming skin with a power-packed bouquet of 20 ambitiously regenerating and indulgent plant and botanical oils. it sinks into skin beautifully and gives instant softness. i can't tell any long-term benefits as only tried it once and the sample is tiny so not sure it will last long enough for me to see any.
🖤 the jasmin garden - this facial mist and it's ethereally light formula adds just a touch of moisture while bringing refreshing cleansing action with the unique combination of colloidal silver and witch hazel. this duo supposed to be particularly effective for soothing oily, acne, and irritation-prone skin, as well as eliminating dullness and stagnation that leads to chronic dehydration. 💫don't they all sound divine? i encourage you to make yourself familiar with this brand as just reading about their work and products makes me feel richer. would i love to try more of its products? without a doubt, the blue cocoon sounds fabulous and looks amazing.💫
happy indulgent sunday🖤💛 @maylindstromskin

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The “queen of the night” cactus succulent is a plant found in mexico that adapts to drastic climate conditions and rebounds from dramatic dehydration. this makes it an ideal hydrating ingredient since it rejuvenates and replenishes the skin. have you tried it yet?
📸: @abbeyichter

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Pink metallic magic 😍🌸 our age defying metallic mask combines collagen, coq10, and hyaluronic acid to revive your skin.
#globalbeautycare .
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*visits the aesthetician more than the dentist* 👀

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On mondays, we mask! 🛀🏻🌿😌 what #allnatural face masks do you have on rotation? link in bio to shop the best #crueltyfree + #vegan masks 📲

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"absolutely obsessed. worth the upgrade from whatever you’re using — trust me! my hair has been through the ringer and this stuff made it feel incredible." - jennifer, verified amika lover. tap to shop this miracle mask 👆🏼 #loveamika #amika #crueltyfree #haircare #hairmask #masking #hairmask

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