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comment 9 star 188 June 2018

1980 retro pro twin fin models back in stock at slimes boardstore newcastle & erina. shaped from burford blanks & glassed by tc glasshouse. fins are set up with three sets of fcs 2 plugs for a twin fin plus stabilizer option. decals printed by rhema graphics. custom orders for this model, super twins & flying fish are available, contact slimes boardstore. 0249613088 @slimesboardstore @kakek_slime @timdickson @pop_diddy @rhemagraphics @burfordblanks @darrenburford66 @tonyc7 @surfboardempire @matt_aldridge @sashstocker @lostaustralia @riklove72 @fcs_surf @drippingwetsurfshop @saltwaterwine @boardriderscoolangatta @boardriderstorquay #markrichardssurfboards #twinfinsrule #twinfinsforever #twinfinfever #twinfinfevercatchit #mrtwinfin #mrretrotwinfin #mr1980retrotwinfin #mr1980retrotwinfinmodel #mr1980retroprotwinfin #mr1980retroprotwinfinmodel

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Super twin models available from the surfboard empire /tweed heads. set up with three sets of fcs 2 plugs for a twin fin + stabilizer option. modern rockers with single to double concave bottoms. wing / swallow tails influenced by the retro twin fin tails. glassed all in 4 oz with a wet & dry finish by tc glasshouse on the "goldy". color blend logos printed by rhema graphics also based on the "goldy." @surfboardempire @sashstocker @lostaustralia @lowenshaper @fcs_surf @riklove72 @mikedurante @rhemagraphics @tonyc7 #mrtwinfin #mrsupertwin #mrsupertwinmodel #twinfinfever #twinfinsrule #twinfinsforever #twinfinfevercatchit #markrichardsshapes #markrichardssurfboards

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My son nathan pulling the excess paint off the color design he did on a "bushranger 2" model. he started the design by pouring water based paint in lines onto the shaped blank using black, magenta & yellow. the paint stains the foam where it is first poured & then the colors combine as they are spread. the paint can't be too thick or too thin, there is a happy medium. @nathanrichards @mayhemb3_mattbiolos @slimesboardstore @markmonostewart2481 @willynicholls_artist @christianchapmanartist @search4shin @tapedoff @adrian_robert_turner @fiberglasshawaii @bernie_baker1 @rawsonsurfboard #markrichardssurfboards #markrichardsshapes #markrichardscolordesigns #markrichardssprays #markrichardsshaping #mrbushranger #mrbushrangermodel #mrbushranger2 #mrbushranger2model

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Newcastle manager @pop_diddy getting amongst it on monday riding his 6’6 @markrichardssurfboards bush ranger. it was pretty cold so he swapped his trusty boardies for his @oneilloz hyperfreak short arm 🎥: #popdiddy #markrichardssurfboards #slimesstaff

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My son kyle using a rubber glassing squeegee to spread & remove the excess paint from the design on his board. yesterday's post showed him pouring lines of water based acrylic paint directly onto the foam. even if you use the same colors & do a similar pour no two of these designs ever come out the same. the board is a 5'7" lone ranger" model, 20" wide & 23/8" thick. @aprillanayp @kylerichards1 @quiksilver @mikypicon @pierre_agnes @samueltgriffiths @cidoubleyou @jeremie_oo7 #markrichardssurfboards #mrloneranger #mrlonerangermodel

comment 86 star 4,667 November 2017

Vision of an aku shaping machine at euroglass in france in action. it's cutting one of my super twin models from a burford blank. when i see machines in action i kinda get mesmerised. i can't stop watching & marvelling at the delicacy & accuracy of the cutting disc & reflecting on how far shaping machines have come. a far cry from the early "router in a cradle" profilers with timber side rocker curve templates. the voice on the post is christian bradley describing to me the first french shaping machine designed & made by michel barland. @euroglass @stephenisbelly @cbradleysurf @phippssurf @paulyisearlgrey @akushaper @slimesboardstore @timdickson @pop_diddy @boardridersericeira @boardriders.capbreton @burfordblanks @darrenburford66 #markrichardssurfboards #mrtwinfin #mrsupertwin #mrsupertwinmodel #twinfinsrule #twinfinfever #twinfinfevercatchit #twinfinsforever

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Hidden somewhere in new jersey! not mine, are these classic @markrichardssurfboards personal boards! he won the world title on the top one. these are not for sale and are in a private collection who wants to remain anonymous. #vintagesurfboard #markrichardssurfboards #markrichards #lightningboltsurfboards

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