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Her ayes 😍 happy tuesday! be happy #sharafamily #mariasharapova #mariasharapovafans (📷 via @darkasanty ) #darkasanty

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Неудержимая Мария Шарапова! #rustennis #tennisrussia #mariasharapova

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New trend: the #cheatmouth is swiping pop culture from #kevinhart, #mariasharapova, to #jayz !! 🤣 [swipe left] @kevonstage

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Patrick dempsey and maria sharapova attend the opening of the porsche experience center in los angeles on november 15, 2016. #patrickdempsey #mariasharapova #porshe #porsheexperiencecenter ##dontcrackunderpressure #dempseychallenge #patrickdempseyracing #tagheur #greysanatomy #mcdreamy #derekshepard

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#mariasharapova the best

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😍❤️🤷🏼‍♀️ #mariasharapova

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Roger federer and rafael nadal, the top two players in tennis, will lead the ceremonies during wednesday's official presentation of the new laver cup competition in prague. the pair of icons - rivals for a decade and a half at the top of the sport - are paired on the european side of bjorn borg, which is facing john mcenroe's world selection. american francis tiafoe was named on tuesday as a late substitute for juan martin del potro for the world team.

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As i watch tennis, i see the greats mastering movement with a perfect balance of natural dance and sporting finesse. 🎾 a serve reminds me of a ballerina in flight, reaching for the sky. then the storm is unleashed as the ball powers towards the opponent. i admire their skills and determination! 💚🖤my latest art piece is 92 x 62cm ready to hang canvas. free shipping worldwide. ✌️🇦🇺

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‪features | serena williams covertly responds to sharapova in emotional tribute to her mom. we've connected all the dots for you and added even more, enjoy! visit‬ (link in bio) #glazianow #tennis #serenawilliams #mariasharapova #feature #sports

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Serena williams’s heartfelt letter to her mom is a sly response to maria sharapova’s book. in maria sharapova’s new memoir unstoppable, which came out september 12, she mentions serena williams more than 100 times. in a public letter from williams to her mother, published to reddit on tuesday, williams doesn’t mention sharapova by name — but it’s very clear that in thanking her mother for being a role model, she’s also dissing her longtime adversary in one of tennis’s most famous feuds. williams appears to reference statements that sharapova makes in her book about williams’s legs, arms, and stature. she also talks about steroids and performance-enhancing drugs, a possible nod to sharapova’s recent suspension from tennis for doping. #serenawilliams #mariasharapova #sharapova #williams

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Back on the road: @mariasharapova is back on the #wta tour…so watch your mirrors, other drivers! #tennis #porsche #porschetennis #porsche550 #pecla #sharapova #mariasharapova

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Morning masha fans! ❤️

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