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amsterdam comic con
september 1st, 2018
what can i say?
what a total disappointment
i did love seeing almost everyone i know though (had some personal issues with some of my friends, but i don't talk about my personal issues publicly anymore) but i actually expected more from the con itself.
first: it was smaller than the previous editions, and second: i kinda got the feeling these folks are just doing the cons for the money rather than listening to the tips we cosplayers give them.
the only positive thing i could say were the fact that i saw the people i know and that they had good guest stars.
but i think i will not go to any of their cons anymore (and i mean amsterdam and rotterdam comic con, even though i usually went both days) or maybe just one day but not a full weekend anymore.
but anyway
claws by: @darkmatterprops
wolfie vs. deadpool 📸: quirijn peters (no instagram)
ps: i actually don't post negative posts publicly anymore but i just had to share my opinion on this
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Ya a tres días para el concierto en perú. magneto y mercurio. 20 de octubre.
foto hugo de la barreda
#magnetomercurio #juntosporti #magnetasinternacional #magnetomercuriolive #magneto #hugowellness #miercolesdealex

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somehow what i feel about democracy and representative system in the facebook and fake news era

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#90spoptour en hermosillo 07 de diciembre
#magneto #mercurio #jns #ov7 #thesacados #calo #litzy #betocuevas ya estan a la venta los boletos

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Next pic taken by @jurgenaugsburg ✨ magneto female ( erika lehnsherr)
marvel comics / x-men / genderbent
#magneto #xmen #marvel #cosplay #magnetocosplay #xmencosplay #marvelcosplay #villain #mutant

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【age of ultron】

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Не стихают жаркие споры и дискуссии вокруг удивительных результатов низкоуглеводной диеты. В настоящее время для желающих сбросить лишний вес она является самой популярной среди прочих диет.
Давайте разберемся, в чем же суть низкоуглеводной диеты?

Принцип низкоуглеводной диеты строится на представлении о том, что современный человек в основном питается углеводистыми продуктами: хлебом и мучными изделиями, кашами и так далее. В следствие в организме развивается дефицит белков, происходит нарушение баланса между жирами, белками и углеводами.
Если мы потребляем с пищей чрезмерное количество углеводов, то неумолимо приобретаем лишний вес.
Секрет лежит на поверхности. Дело в том, что излишнее потребление углеводов в итоге оканчивается ожирением. Следовательно, необходимо уменьшить их количество для того, чтобы организм начал перерабатывать свои собственные накопленные жировые запасы.
Низкоуглеводная диета, как и большинство других, обладает своими особенностями. Так, к примеру, данный вид диеты больше подходит для женщин, нежели чем для мужчин. Причина - особенности женского организма, которому, для того, чтобы избавиться от жира, требуются большие усилия.
Женщинам низкоуглеводная диета даёт реальный шанс похудеть!

Неоспоримое достоинство такой диеты в том, что в процессе расщепления жиров в организме формируются особые кетоновые тела, которые уменьшают аппетит. Наилучшие результаты диета показывает в сочетании с занятиями фитнесом.
Тем не менее, понижать объем потребляемых углеводов в рационе необходимо постепенно. При урезании количества потребляемых углеводов, соответственно увеличивается количество белков. Но отказываться от углеводов полностью нельзя!
В противном случае вас ждёт прямо противоположный результат, так как при образовании дефицита углеводов организм включает защитный механизм: он воспринимает дефицит как угрозу и «откладывает» запасы жира.
Оптимальное потребление углеводов должно составлять приблизительно 1-1,5 г. на килограмм веса. Оптимальное потребление белка — 4-5 г. на килограмм веса.

🏋🏻 Фитнес-клуб magneto fitness
📍 Марьинский бульвар, д. 8, корпус 2 ☎ +7 (495) 585-50-00


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‘s post ↴
→ someone got angry🤭
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It’s #ncbd bay-beeee!
here’s what i grabbed this week:
-justice league 10(the prelude to the ‘drowned earth’ event, and oh yeah, jim lee has been killllllling it with these variant covers. sooo good.)
-skyward 7(one of my favorite new series! the art is so beautiful! love the premise of this book! low gravity is awesome! except for the giant bugs!!!)
-x-men black mystique/magneto(i heard from a few people that x-men black is good, so i’m giving it a shot!!! plus, these jsc covers are booommmbbbb!)
can’t wait to dive in! let’s do this, true believers!!!
#comicsizzzle 📚📚📚📚📚📚

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#marvelcomics #marvel #magneto #xmen #eriklehnsherr erik was happily having a nice cup of coffee. he still reads the newspaper mainly because thanks to his powers and rage he doesn't like to be anywhere near electronics when he doesn't want to draw too much attention to himself. he then is inturputed in his rare pause on his life. his attention turns to the television. he sees a group of an angry mob marching. at first he assumes it's anti immigration or anti mutant. it seems that he was very wrong and his blood starts to boil when he sees a symbol he hoped to never see in this country. a black swastika being waved with pride. he ignores the confederate flag he simply stares at that one flag responsible for everything that is wrong with him. the symbol that took the lives of his friends and family. the symbol that originally was used for peace now it brings only hate. he then reaches for the mark that his fellow 'germans' branded him with. he sees people in the background not being disgusted by this appalling diplay but rather rejoice. he clenches his hands and wants to use his powers on him. wants to k**l them so badly. but then 1 little girl berates them for their actions. she then shows them erik's mark. he is impressed that such a child would be so passionately let alone even remember he thanks her of course then leaves the coffee shop before he can let his rage get the better him. he takes a cab to where the rally is taking place. he sees the hatred of these neo nazis up close and personal. he hopes here and now that there are no avengers or x-men in the area. because if any of them try to stop him. if anyone tried to stop him. he would k**l them. being against magneto is fine. but trying to say these monsters have a right to anything is unforgivable crime punishable by death. he sees a familiar face in the crowd. only a very different hair color and style. /it's probably a disguise./ he says to himself. "fancing meeting you here." he says to the woman. "likewise." she says. "i take you watched the news like i did." he assumes. "no i just chose the usage of the internet." she smirks. ((to be continued in comments!))

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