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Sweet and savory bowl 🤗 every meal is better with a side of pb toast, right? 💯 made the toast pb&j flavored with some mashed raspberries on top too 👌🏻 a bowl of classics always hits the spot 😎 -
i always have to have a little sweet with a meal! whether that’s a piece of chocolate, a handful of fruit, or something so tasty like this pb toast 😍 especially at breakfast, i just always need a little sweet on the side 🙌🏻 now the question is, do you save the toast for last or devour it first?! i had to eat it first because i have no self control and ate the best part of the meal first 😂 that’s why i normally have two pieces of toast 😜 happy wednesday everyone!! -
#breakfast details 👉🏻 1 egg fried in ghee topped with african smoke seasoning from trader joe’s + avocado + 1 slice of @simplekneads_gf bread with pb and mashed raspberries on top glutenfree healthybreakfast healthycooking
by @choosing_balance
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There are very few problems that can’t be solved with a good bowl of mac n cheese (that’s my motto anyways) 🤣 i compiled a few recipes for vegan mac together and created this, which may be my best combo yet. as you can tell, i didn’t end up making tacos last night for tacotuesday but i’m down to make macandcheesewednesday a thing 🙊 have a great wednesday ✨
deats: @eatbanza elbow chickpea pasta with broccolini and cashew “cheese” sauce. to make the sauce, combine:
1/2 cup chopped white onion
1/2 cup cashews
1/2 cup - 3/4 cup cashew milk (less milk = thicker sauce)
1/4 cup nutritional yeast
1 tbsp olive oil
1 tbsp garlic powder
2 tbsp apple cider vinegar
2 tbsp @seedtosprout vegan parm (optional but super tasty)
in a blender until well blended. combine with cooked pasta and enjoy✨
by @chickpeachick_
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What’s your favorite type of pasta?! comment below 🤩🍝
these 2 fantastic posts were made by @collegenutritionist ⁣⠀
regular pasta can get demonized for being “too many carbs” but when enjoyed in moderation it’s a wonderful & delicious way for us to fuel our bodies 😍😋💪 and really when it comes to enjoying any food it’s all about the portion & pairing you have that can make it macro balanced & fueling vs leaving you feeling stuffed & possibly going over your macro goals.
here’s how i would enjoy 1 cup of these to make them fueling & macro balanced meal🤩💪🍝
•high carb pastas (white, whole wheat, brown rice), i’d pair these with low calorie sauce like marinara & lean protein (chicken, shrimp, lean ground turkey meatballs)
•high carb tricolor pasta, i’d make for pasta salad with diced egg whites, ham, broccoli, tomato, & a lf vinaigrette🥗
•high protein pastas(chickpea, edamame, lentil), i pair these with a higher f*t sauce or make a mac n cheese since they’re lower carb & higher protein, & add in some steamed veggies like broccoli or spinach or blistered cherry tomatoes 🍅
•veggie pasta alternatives(squash/carrot), i’d pair with maybe a bread protein like chicken tenders, a marinara, & top with lf cheese since they’re so low calorie!
struggling with losing fat, gaining weight, with having a healthy relationship with food? or with how you train in the gym? click the link in my bio to join my free facebook group - i answer all questions in there!🔥
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And then the canadians said: “let there be maple syrup” 🇨🇦 celebrating canada day with some homemade vegan strawberry ice cream! super easy - just add all ingredients to a blender or food processor and blend until smooooth! serve and enjoy ⚡️
by @charlotttequeen
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This is how i meal prep but also add variety!
this may not look like a ton of variety to all of you, but for me, it’s enough to change up what i’m eating each day.
❓question for you- what does variety mean to you? is it completely different meals each day? or does this look like variety to you? let me know!

by @nicoleosinga_rd

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Chicken taco rollup⁣

i first developed this recipe one late summer night... lol jk no novel from me 😜 ⁣

for 4 servings:⁣
4 mission low carb tortilla⁣
8oz low f*t cream cheese ⁣
1/2 cup shredded cheddar⁣
16oz of shredded chicken⁣
1 packet taco seasoning ⁣
(mix the ingredients spread on wrap then chop into pieces) + your favorite veggie⁣

if you want to make this vegetarian skip the chicken! they’re still really good ⁣
.⁣ #allinmoderation #iifym #macros #caloriedeficit #iifymgirls #countingcalories #mealpreps #guiltfreefood #mealprep #samannerecipes

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These “what i eat in a day” mealplans are all 1600-1800 calories🍽 *swipe to see all five ideas!🍱💫

all plans packed with nutritious + delicious food🍏 :)
hope they give you some inspiration for meal planning x*x any questions just ask below!🙋🏻‍♀️💕

⠀ ⠀
1️⃣ 🍴meal plan
- 1700 calories
breakfast: 1 egg 🍳, pb+jam toast + 🍇
snack: nuts + 🥑
lunch: veggie burger, 🥗 + home cooked fries
snack: celery stalks + 🌶
dinner: salmon🤩with lightly roasted veggies
dessert: mini cookies 🍪🍪 + 🍌

2️⃣ 🍴meal plan
- 1800 calories
breakfast: 🍞pb + homemade🍓 jam + 🍌
snack:🍿 + half 🥑
lunch: boiled🥚🥚+ 🥗 asparagus + 🧀doodles
snack: walnuts + half 🥑
dinner: salmon🐟💕for 2 + zucchini + 🥔tater tots
dessert: 🍇 + mini chocolate cookies 🍪🥰

3️⃣ 🍴meal plan
- 1800 calories
breakfast: perfectly boiled egg😍 with a ricecake, 🥑 and 🍌
snack: pistachios!
lunch: sweet crispy 🍠waffles, spinach 🍳🥑 + turnip
snack: red pepper + 🍿
dinner: grilled salmon, beans with 🧀 + roast brussels
dessert: grapes with nuts

4️⃣ 🍴meal plan
- 1600 calories
breakfast: muffin mug + 🍎
snack: nuts 🥰
lunch: salmon for 2, 🧀 veggies + crinkled chips
snack: homemade guacamole + gf free nachos
dinner: 🥑 + veggies
dessert: protein bar 🍫 + 🍊

5️⃣ 🍴meal plan
- 1600 calories
breakfast: boiled 🥚 + 🍇
snack: mixed nuts
lunch: courgetti parmesan 🧀, 🍳, 🥗, 🥑+ crackers
snack: celery + 🌶
dinner: salmon, roasted veggies and potatoes
dessert: 🍎 + homemade sweet🍿🤓
pictures by @confessionofadietitian

hope you’re having a great week guys :)
which meal plan is your favourite?!
❤️ francesca xox

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Everything you need to know about the upcoming free 4 week plan 🤗
1️⃣ so i can finally say the plan will start august 19th and the registration will begin august 10th (keep in mind once the program starts, august 19th, nobody will be able to join afterwards 🙈)
2️⃣ this time around (in comparison to my first one) it will be a combination of bodyweight, dumbbells and mini bands exercises.
3️⃣ lastly, i want to thank you for being so incredibly patient and supportive. after i had hundreds of you sign up and complete the plan last year, i was so eager to make it even better this time around. i hope you guys love it as much as i do! ❤️
if you have any questions regarding the upcoming plan please ask me the comment section below. ☺️
sve što trebate znati o nadolazećem besplatnom 4 tjedna planu 🤗
1️⃣ konačno vam mogu reći da će plan početi 19. kolovoza, a registracija će početi 10. kolovoza (imajte na umu kada program počne, 19. kolovoza, nitko se neće moći pridružiti nakon tog datuma)
2️⃣ ovaj put (u usporedbi s mojim prvim planom) bit će kombinacija vježbi sa tjelesnom težinom, tegovima i mini trakama.
3️⃣ konačno, želim vam se zahvaliti što ste bili strpljivi i puni potpore. nakon što sam se prošle godine objavila prvi plan stotine vas se prudružilo i odradilo plan. zbog toga sam htjela da ovaj put bude još bolji. nadam se da ga volite koliko i ja! ❤️
ako imate ikakva pitanja u vezi plana molim te pitajte me u komentarima ispod. ☺️

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When i was hyper-focused on macros, zack and i would make separate meals a lot because i wanted to know the exact measurements/macros. i still don’t bash macros because it can be helpful for some ‼️ but guys, this was sad. and it’s something i still see in those who count macros. that meals aren’t just meals anymore but perfect calculations 📊 and typically eating that meal alone.
now, we make a dinner together or prep things and throw things together. like this meal, we roasted the veggies and grilled shrimp, had an avocado 🥑 we sliced up at the table and talked about our highs and lows of the day and it was just that. a meal together. a realization that weighing food prob won’t create the memories i have from that dinner.
so i urge you to make a meal with someone else and throw things together 🖤 meals should be messy and gray, not black and white and calculated.
#dietitiandeanna .
meal deets ⬇️
sweet potato 🍠 and baby broccoli 🥦coated in coconut oil spray and himalayan salt and roasted at 375 for 15 minutes (took 30 for sweet taters), shrimp 🍤coated with @primalpalate taco seasoning (obsessed), and avocado with @traderjoes everything bagel seasoning

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