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#lovelulus ✨ (shop link in bio)

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It's your #homegirl! no but seriously, i love home and i'm a girl. 💁🏽

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What is my idea of fun..?. being outside in the sunshine ☀️ . in the middle of nowhere 🌿 with my chai tea... and my mum bringing it too me ☕️ throw the rest of my family in there 🇬🇧 working from my laptop 😍 messaging you guys 💕 top it off with a personal development book 📘 now that's what i am talking about 🙏🏻 my happy place when i am not working out! what do you like to do for fun? #havefun #ralphies

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Somewhere between fall and summer 🌈🦋🌻 shirt and jeans from @lulus #lovelulus #ad

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Was just getting used to sweater weather. see ya in la ✈️

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Feeling like wonderwoman 💃🏻 @lulus // 📷:@blakeysmalls #ad #lovelulus #jbglobal🌎

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Things igers say: “yo, take a picture of me crossing the street.” #fabulous 💁🏻✨ ps. could really use some la sunshine right now.

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I call this “business chic.” also, check out the cultural table cover my parents got going on 🇦🇲 #krischerie #ootd

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If you never went to this park, then did you really live in elk grove? 🌳

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Carmel is treating us well 😋🍷

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#vegan suede shoes from @lulus!! zapatos hechos de ante pero son #vegano! 😊😍 #lovelulus

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🎶don’t be a hard rock when you really are a gem💎 🎶-lauryn hill #candid #tgif #issacelebration #lovelulus

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After talking with many of our brides this year, choosing bridesmaids’ dresses seemed to be one of the most difficult choices of wedding accessories. do you put them in the same dress? same dress different colors? different dresses same color? ahhhh 😝 just know that whatever you choose, your ladies will be happy and beautiful standing beside you. 🌸 a favorite [affordable and cute] brand of the year among our brides was @lulus 💜 also remember you all will look more beautiful with the atlantic ocean as your backdrop 😉🌀

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This is me testing his picture taking tolerance. 🙈🙈🙈 #hehatespictures #weddingdate #celebrationoflove #meetthevilliards #lovelulus #contest

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A pic that no one has seen before ✨🌹🍃

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Ugh i think i missed my cab. #lovelulus

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Comment below if you’re ready for the weekend 🙋🏻🙋🏻🙋🏻

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