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I can’t remember if i read this book in 2015 or 2016 (too lazy to check goodreads) but i thought it was time to read it again. i was immediately amazed by how many details & things i forgot about the characters, especially about jude. i remembered how the book started & ended, but it now feels like i’m reading the middle for the first time. .
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Exitwest is a good book with several good qualities. it touches on many important topics, it’s fast-paced, and you feel like you can understand the two main characters completely. however, for me, the novel just couldn’t get “there.” events, secondary characters, and situations were very glossed over and as a result i couldn’t care for much past nadia and saeed. i feel like i understand why the author made certain writing decisions. & i understand that he tried to make the book universal by not specifying certain events, people, or places, but, in the end, i feel like it just came off as very detached. and so, i felt very detached from the story. this is disappointing because a story like this should be one you sympathize and connect with. i prefer books that are universal in their specificity - not books that are supposed to be universal for the sake of being universal. that being said, i think mohsin hamid gives you a lot to think about in his fourth novel and i would still recommend everyone read it to get their own take. 4/5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
have you read #exitwest? i’d love to hear your thoughts!

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Thank you very much to @grantabooks for this lovely little copy of sarah moss' newest novel ghost wall. i'm looking forward to reading and reviewing it over the weekend.
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“if there were other loves awaiting amar, he knew they would be little loves, not: my whole life has led up to this moment with you. every memory with you is electric. if you are there, it is you on the fence post with legs swinging, or you sipping from the striped straw, everyone else is out of focus or not there at all.” #bookoftheday #aplaceforus @ffmirza

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Y’all. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ to my first ever ann patchett novel! i’ll definitely share a full review later but right now, all i can say is this book is stunning. it’s moving, lyrically written, and heartbreaking. this is a must read.

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“often i will read for half the night. eventually the sky lightens, and the crows start talking. then i go to work.” link in bio.

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{#sundaystack} i wasn’t going going to post this picture because my background would not cooperate. it also was the sign i needed that i will be investing in a photo drop cloth. i am not sure if i will stick with stripes though. they are some of my favorite things, but i kind of also want all white. the things #bookstagram has done to me.
.anyway this #bookstack is a #shopyourshelf2018 idea i had yesterday. starting in september, because that is when my boys start school, i will pick 5 books and i will not buy a new book until those 5 books are read. this will exclude preorders that i have already placed and a book shopping trip i have planned. the stack cannot include any free books from publishers or books that i have read before. now to see if i can stick to this one. who wants to hold me accountable to this. my shelves and family would greatly appreciate you.

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Happy national book lovers day, lovelies 📖 ❤️ today i celebrated the occasion by receiving three book packages at my doorstep and this is one of them. pictured here is a giveaway i won through @booksugar and @chaptersindigo - thank you both so much 😊

⭐️you know what’s crazy?! i have never read a stephen king novel. i know, right?! 🤷🏻‍♀️. hmmm 🤔, am i the only one? who else has never read a stephen king book? or.. are you a stephen king fan? if so, what’s your favourite stephen king book?⭐️

thanks to @booksugar & @chaptersindigo - soon enough i will be able to say i have read a stephen king book 😊

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The story of a brief marriage is a short novel about two young people brought together by harsh circumstances during the sri lankan civil war. though i started reading it at the end of august, i only just finished it this morning. it is a beautiful and heartbreaking book, but i found it very difficult to read these past few weeks as i’ve been dealing with loss in my own life. i highly recommend it, but wish i had been in a better place when i read it.

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Mantel's brilliant novel of a medium haunted by the ghosts of her childhood

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Wright's superb novel was adapted for the movie 'nocturnal animals'

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More great bookish chats at @waterstonestcr b***y book club last night...
in my year of rest and relaxation by ottesa moshfegh, a spoiled young woman withdraws from the world in a prescription drug-fuelled attempt to do little but sleep for a year. moshfegh’s talent as a writer, i think, is making very unlikeable characters relatable. her unnamed protagonist’s story is an extreme realisation of the desire we’ve probably all had at one time or another to curl up, hide away from the world, and wallow in misanthropy. the novel also explores and satirises the dangers of the prevalence of prescription drugs in the us, and the ridiculous nature of the art world. my criticism would be that at times the writing tries too hard to be visceral and shocking, which was funny at first, but then started to irritate me. in spite of that, i really enjoyed the novel; it is a tragicomic reading experience that will stick with you long after it’s finished.
big thanks to ben and arthur for the “infermiterol” cocktails! 😋

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Unsheltered by #barbarakingsolver is the story of two families, in two centuries, as they navigate the challenges of surviving a world in the throes of cultural shifts.

listen to the #audiobook, read by the author, wherever you get your #audiobooks
@harpercollinsus @harperbooks

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"the novel is full of such vivid details, difficult to read and more difficult to forget. ... a startling, disturbing portrait of teenage friendship.” ―@kirkus_reviews
tonight at 7:30 pm at @skylightbooks: #kimsagwa discusses #mina (translated by bruce and ju-chan fulton) with @chiwan. details at link in bio.
crystal toils day and night to earn top grades at her cram school. she’s also endlessly texting, shopping, drinking, vexing her boyfriends, cranking up her mp3s, and fantasizing about her next slice of cheesecake. her non-stop frenzy never quite manages the one thing that might calm her down: opening up about the pressures that are driving her to the edge. she certainly hasn’t talked with her best friend, mina, nor mina’s brother, whom she’s developing a serious crush on. and crystal’s starting to lose her grip.

in this shocking english debut, award-winning korean author kim sagwa delivers an astonishingly complex portrait of modern-day adolescence. with pitch-perfect dialogue and a precise eye for detail, kim creates a piercingly real teen protagonist–at once powerful, vulnerable, and utterly confused. as one bad decision leads to another, this promising life spirals to a devastating climax. (@two_lines_press )
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The singular beauty of waiting for a specific book for a decade. of knowing its name. for a decade. and then to have it in your hands.
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I mean...💚🖤💚 #repost @atlanticbooks
thanks to krystina @tawdry_horne from @waterstonesliverpool for this fab shot of #mysistertheserialkiller 💚🔪 by the way, we’re predicting a strong trend in neon green rubber gloves in january 2019... 🧤🕶🔫#slayloyal @oyinbraithwaite #debut #literaryfiction #novel #fiction #book #bookstagram #instabooks

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Happy wednesday lovelies!
how is your week going? i accidentally over slept today so i feel so behind! but hey, extra sleep! 😏
thank you so much to @picador for sending along this amazing historical fiction!
on a dim winter afternoon, a young irish immigrant opens the gas taps in his brooklyn tenement. he is determined to prove--to the subway bosses who have recently fired him, to his badgering, pregnant wife--"that the hours of his life belong to himself alone." in the aftermath of the fire that follows, sister st. savior, an aging nun appears, unbidden, to direct the way forward for his widow and his unborn child.
we begin deep inside catholic brooklyn, in the early part of the twentieth century. decorum, superstition, and shame collude to erase the man's brief existence. yet his suicide, although never spoken of, reverberates through many lives and over the decades testing the limits and the demands of love and sacrifice, of forgiveness and forgetfulness, even through multiple generations.
the characters we meet, from sally, the unborn baby at the beginning of the novel, who becomes the center of the story to the nuns whose personalities we come to know and love to the neighborhood families with whose lives they are entwined, are all rendered with extraordinary sympathy and mcdermott's trademark lucidity and intelligence. alice mcdermott's the ninth hour is a crowning achievement by one of the premiere writers at work in america today.
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Thanks to krystina @tawdry_horne from @waterstonesliverpool for this fab shot of #mysistertheserialkiller 💚🔪 by the way, we’re predicting a strong trend in neon green rubber gloves in january 2019... 🧤🕶🔫#slayloyal @oyinbraithwaite #debut #literaryfiction #novel #fiction #book #bookstagram #instabooks

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Thoroughly enjoyed reservoir 13. who knew that such a quiet, slow burn could be so gripping? can’t wait to dive back into mcgregor’s writing in the reservoir tapes. 📚
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#oscarwilde birthday yesterday and here's an aesthete-wannabe snapshot sporting my anthology of his works.
the coffee was supposed to fuel the editing neurons of my sleep deprived brain. got mysteriously lost between this tricolour revisited and series catching-up instead.
p.s. don't ask about the biscuits.
#qotd: which of these three anthologies would you like to read?
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#bookstagram #book #138 of the year. #justfinished #meetmeatthemuseum by #anneyoungson -
this really is one of the most soothing books i’ve ever read, i can’t believe it’s a debut. it’s a moving, epistolary novel told by two very different older people (tina and anders) who are at that time of life where they know who they are and they know the limitations and mistakes and mishaps of life well. it feels like a love story, but if it is one, it’s not a passionate one of extreme emotion and blind lust and rash actions. this isn’t a tom-cruise-jumping-on-oprah’s-couch, the “oh madness of love” sort of romance. it can’t actually be called a romance. it’s too bittersweet, too comfortable, too “unsweetened hot chocolate with no milk,” too uncertain of a hea (romance-speak for happily ever after) because it’s real and life rarely works that way. and yet it’s super warm and enjoyable, filled with wisdom and truth and reflection and axioms that make you think of your own life.
this is not a book to make a rumpus with highs and lows and extremes. it’s the kind of endearing book about friendship and love that makes you realize that things don’t always work out as we want but nothing is fixed as long as there is life. a secondary character in this book is #thetollundman , a historical finding from the iron age that is basically the definition of acceptance, sacrifice and preservation, given how he died and the state in which he was found. i’ve been feeling pretty “all over the place” and somewhat low, this was just the kind of calm, comfortable, charming read i was in the mood for and i didn’t even know it would be this good. for sure for sure, one of my favorites of the year.
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“desperate characters” has got me jumping on the “paula fox should get her due” bandwagon a bit late. the desperate characters of this book are sophie and otto, a childless couple living in gentrifying brooklyn circa 1970. they are bourgeois, insipid, and bored with all their much and plenty. they are desperate only because the act of existence seems inherently so.
it’s not about the plot here. as the title implies, it’s all about the characters and fox was a quiet but precise writer who was merciless in her attention to detail but wise in where she chose to train her eye. -
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Eleanor oliphant is completely fine!
it took me a while to read this book because we had a lot of guests over and i was traveling a lot. so i didn’t really have the time to sit down in a place and finish it. but once i found the time to read it, i was so happy because of how much i liked the book!
it's a book that was the perfect balance of sad and funny.
eleanor is one of those characters who will stay with you for life.
i'm thankful that the author didn't make eleanor fall in love with raymond, because that would be too cliched, and i feel like wouldn't give eleanor her self worth that she found in the end.
that being said, i loved raymond's character so much. gail honeyman said "i think there are a lot of raymonds in the world: he’s the sort of ordinary, kind, decent man who doesn’t often get featured in fiction,” and that's so true.
if i recommend a book, i make sure it’s worth spending your time reading it, and i 100% recommend this book!
i'm looking forwards to reading some more of gail honeyman's books!
and omg reese witherwpoon has bought the film rights to this book! i'm so excited for this already!
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Already hooked, tilda's promise, new from she writes sister, jean moore. #women'sfiction
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