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#เรียนรู้ .. จากผู้ให้ตัวจริง ป้าหมอแห่ง มูลนิธิชัยพฤกษ์ ... 🙏🏼

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Ingredients in s*x tea, such as yin yang huo, assist in ‘unblocking’ the flow of nutrients and energy (qi), when we’re stressed there becomes blockages along the meridians, causing stagnant qi and blood.

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Smooth downhill 😎

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And just when you thought we were done posting clips for the night, its bonus time, @denisbonus that is. 🎥: @2rapcinematography #snowboarder #snowboarderxxx

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Semoga bermanfaat :). yuk difollow @quotejomblo yuk difollow @quotejomblo

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The will i have to go to uni: -100000 - chiara

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. . ممرضة تحرق «رضيعًا» بالمياه في بيشة.. والشؤون الصحية تؤكد أنه خطأ فردي غير مقصود. . . #وزارة_الصحة

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Cnblue new album. in japan. #startingover #staygold

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#fhito mixtape cover dropping 10/30 #hotboyturk is set to drop his highly anticipated mixtape on the 4th year anniversary of his fathers m****r 10/30 called "fukhowitturnout" and today he releases the titled track single produced by @lilduttypbd graphics by @redmoney_mellow mixed by @trackmanforever link in bio @datpiff exclusively #fukhowitturnoutchallenge

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Lightened up this dark ensemble with some sparkles from @swarovski !

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20 new shades 😱💄 check out our new "ultra last instant colour" lipsticks & find your favourite 💋❤️ #liptasticessence

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Lil pump finally released his app🔥 “esskeet it” ( game is wild af!!! have you played?? 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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Happy birthday @kristtps 22 year old la na มีความสุขมากๆ ยิ้มกว้างๆแบบนี้ตลอดๆนะ 💋

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When you're trying to do a selfie while mom's putting on your shirt🐹🤣

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#sweetlists โฮจิฉะชีสสสสสส 🤣 @kamukamu.tea

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Enak banget sih jalan bareng pacar atau teman-teman kamu terus mobil kamu wanginya bikin fun dan segar dengan “bayfresh hang n go”! ada banyak varian aroma sesuai style lo! beli “bayfresh hand n go” varian apa aja, terus dapetin deh voucher luckydip bensin gratis! nanti bakalan ada team dari bayfresh yang datang ke kampus-kampus dan spbu, nah kalo kamu pasang di mobil kamu bisa juga dapetin voucher belanja loh kawula muda! syarat dan ketentuan berlaku yah minggu ini , team bayfresh akan hadir di spbu tol rest area km 25 arah sidoarjo ke surabaya! 19 - 20 oktober 2017 loh kawula muda! yuk buruan ikutan! what’s your flavour? bayfresh is my fun flavour

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