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The truth is undefeated ⚔️

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Word 💯⁣

recently i’ve been called to really address boundaries in my life and evaluate where my loyalty, respect and love has been reciprocated. i saw that i was giving and giving to not receive the same back - i also wasn’t voicing what i needed to say ❤️⁣

so that’s why i’m still now and so should you. don’t make excuses for people who aren’t even explaining it all to you first or haven’t even expressed they’re sorry. don’t chase people who lets face it wouldn’t be chasing you if the tables were turned. all relationships in our life have to reflect healthy boundaries and respect this includes respect of yourself 🔥⁣

so in any situation always be still, if people want to walk out of your life let them. don’t fear this because queen if they can’t see your worth then they’re the blind one not you - you never should have to prove this anyway. if they come back into your life then they were always part of your tribe but use this as a chance to change this behaviour and see where you can pull back to allow yourself to be met 50/50 👑

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Ever-expanding my b***y & my mind 💆🏼‍♀️🍑✨
you know what i love about booties?! ok lots, but the fact that everyoneee can build a b***y if they want to 🙌🏼 & i’m not talkin about surgery here!
the glutes group is made up of 3 muscles - gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, & gluteus minimus. the one that contributes most to strength, size, & appearance of our behind is max 🎂 though all are very important for movement at our hip joints
but the point is, our b**t is made up of muscle that we can all train for hypertrophy 💪🏼 aka grow 🌱 given the right tools
for optimal results, glutes-specific training is required for muscle hypertrophy. a combination of heavy lifting & higher volume training is best 🏋🏼‍♀️ that’s why you see me hitting heavy compounds (focusing on & recruiting from my glutes of course 🧠) mixed with band work & light-weight burnouts 🔥
heavy, lower rep is great for increasing muscle mass, however, ‘pump-training’ is also extremely beneficial in b***y building. do both 😊
if you struggle seeing b***y gains, do not give up! we all have different genetics & sometimes it can take longer to make progress & nail down the proper methods. once you begin seeing results, you won’t stop 🤓🍑 which is kind of addicting lols
& that’s fine bc if you want a bigger b***y you can totally have one, & i’d love for you to love your b***y 💞

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