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1 year ago today! my favorite little throwback, and now he’s too tall to fit under a cookie. ‘tis the season for cookies for bodies. ❤️🌲 #meetoliverfinn #objectsforoutfits #bethanypoteetpresets

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My two beautiful b***s ♡.
both created on the same day, sunday 25 april 2015.
one placed back in my belly five days later and one frozen in time for nearly 3 years.
it’s kind of like they’re twins, only 3 years apart.
crazy amazing ✨.
➡️ swipe across for teeny tiny eva in the same little spot.
#ivfjourney #newbornbaby #motherhoodslens

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I’ve spent so much of my childhood in rottnest island through the summer. riding bikes everywhere (no cars allowed), jumping in the clear ocean as you please, sausage sizzles for dinner and eating ice cream like it’s going out of fashion. what childhood is all about ✨ so happy my own girls got to experience this. definitely will be doing this yearly 💛

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There's always 1 that looks away 😂 the challenge of the week to get these 3 to stand together for a picture this morning!
my 3 little stars off to a christmas celebration. ❤❤❤
#madeiraisland #momlife #christmasvibes

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😂😂😂 would love to hear your guesses on how you think we done dakota’s hair?
we are huge trolls fans in this house. dakota watches the new @trollstv every morning at 7.30am on @poptv whilst eating her breakfast before school. we start every morning on an upbeat note lol.
also dakota has been loving her trolls merchandise to play with.
now does anyone have any guesses?
#ad #trollsthebeatgoeson

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Well, it’s here. it’s cardiology day and im glad it’s here so i can be glad it’s gone. i’m pretty confident that it will go routine but there is always that what if? what if there is just the smallest change that sets into motion the journey to another surgery. trying to keep my mind focused, my faith strong and my spirits hopeful. if you are the praying type we’re asking for your prayers. if you are a list type (like myself)
1.) pray first and foremost for a miracle. one of those doctors can’t explain and we’re just healed from all future surgery potential.
2.) pray that otto has no change for the worse in his heart size or valve function
3.) pray otto holds it together during the echo, ekg and other tests. he’s at that age where it’s all scary to him and we need good pictures and images of the heart.
4.) pray for his care team. they’re so good to us. pray they get what they need from us today and wisdom to continue to guide us on this medical journey.
thank you friends for your ongoing support of us and our son. you all are truly appreciated and amazing. #adventuresinabbyland #teamotto

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This big grin is melting my heart! first smile i’ve been able to catch on my big camera, finally! she has started really grinning when i talk to her and it’s just the sweetest 💕 baby girl will smile all the time but has been a stinker when i get out my camera! she’ll learn in no time that mama takes way too many photos ☺️ .
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Me: blake what should we do today?
blake: umm stir-bucks & target
me: #sold #getsitfromhermama #webasiclikethat

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One of my all time favorite photos of my two baby loves. i mean, how was this a year ago! 😭😭 literally cannot even handle these christmas cuties with their cherub faces and baby blues. #tbt #merryeverything #itsthemostwonderfultimeoftheyear #christmascuties #tistheseason

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