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Nightly affirmations are just as necessary as morning & daily ones. how you speak to & visualize yourself, is what matters the most!

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This picture y’all. it melts my ❤️
the fact that they both love, love, love books means the world to me 🌎
the days can be so. long. but then sweet little moments like this pop up & cancels everything else out.

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"lets read about mass incarceration and mental health" #major. #letsread

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Mikeygus is super excited about the release of his friend’s new book, “how tickles saved pickles”. it’s an incredibly heart warming true story with beautiful pictures. get your copy today!
and don’t forget to follow his daily adventures @livingwithpickles 🐷. #mikeygus #howticklessavedpickles #pig #author #maddiejohnson #heartwarming #book #letsread

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Do you have a place that is particularly significant to you and your memories? growing up, my family spent our summers in new mexico (particularly taos and philmont boy scout rand in cimarron—and if you know cimarron then ten points to your hogwarts house from me!) i credit a lot of who i am today to life lessons and experiences i had there. it is one of the few places that fills me with some intense homesickness when i think about it. .
so really, that’s the first reason that i became interested in “gateway to the moon” (thank you to for sending me this review copy) although the goodreads reviews look really promising, this story is about a sleepy new mexican community, endrada de la luna, that incorporates historical vignettes following the ancestors of town’s residents from back to fifteenth-century spain. (i’ve got the full synopsis in the comments). even just thinking about this story and where it takes place gives me such intense memories of new mexico, i swear i can smell the trees and the morning air there. .
anyway, after three incredibly crazy busy weeks, i woke up this morning with only my grocery list to attend to and back to school prep for my kindergartener, who starts next week. (*sobs into pillow*) now it’s time to catch up with you guys and all the things i’ve been wanting to post! .

cc@foldedpagesdistillery @doubledaybooks
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What book are you counting down to at this very moment?! we feel like we’ve been waiting for this contemporary from forever and now it’s finally here! is beautifully written, poignant, funny, and just so good 💙
cc@epicreads @taherehmafi
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We are so excited to use #mixedme by @shaneevans and @tayediggsinsta in let's read, our family reading program. we've been fans of shane's work for a long time! his family activity cards are part of our let's read curriculum and our executive director gillian helm's family even participated in a photo shoot with shane at his dream studio!
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Ja tenim #manbookerprize. #milkman d'anna burns. un altre llibre a la cua!
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I invite you to take part in a large exchange of books! you can be anywhere, anywhere
of the world. all you need to do is buy your favorite book (just one!) and send it to a stranger (i will send you information about a stranger in
personal message). you will receive about 36 books (this is the maximum, and do not ask me why, this is a secret) for me personally. these will be your favorite books by strangers from all over the world! if you are interested in participation, write the word "in" in the comments and i will send you the details in private messages.

Приглашаю принять участие в большом обмене книгами! Вы можете находиться где угодно, в любой точке
мира. Все, что нужно сделать, это купить свою любимую книгу (только одну!) И отправить ее незнакомцу (я пришлю вам информацию о незнакомце в
личном сообщении). Вы получите примерно 36 книг (это максимум, и не спрашивайте меня почему, это секрет) для меня лично. Это будут любимые книги незнакомых вам людей со всего мира! Если вам интересно участие, напишите в комментариях слово in и я отправлю вам детали в личные сообщения.

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The perfect fall afternoon for reading our new library finds outside on the back deck. #growingreaders #puyalluplibrary #encouragingreaders #storytime #afternoons #letsread #downtime #momlife

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Get those coloring pencils ready! the newest @kristadavisauthor cozy mystery has a color-it-yourself cover. who else is itching to fill it in?! 🙋‍♀️

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#wonder#bookstagram #reading #bookshelf #teambooks#booknerds #tbr#bookgallery #explore #iloveallbooks #pages #picoftheday #letsread #coffee#reading2018#explore #reading2018#explore #lovetoread #booksforlife. this book and movie teaches so much i'm reading it now with my little girl and she's loving it and she loves auggie

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What colour are you loving at the moment?
i seem to be all for green. i am loving it! a big thank you to my sister in-law for these faux apples. despite the fact my kids know they are fake my youngest still tried to eat them 🤦‍♀️
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Hello, book worms!
this week for literacy tuesday, i’m highlighting digital literature (which is still very much literature) like youversion and ibooks because sometimes you can’t take a physical book with you, when you can easily access your phone. today i am on my way to a regional soccer game and so i’m reading “sailing around the world alone” by joshua slocum on my phone.
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Kuo kvepia ruduo? šviežia duona, obuoliais, cinamonu. naujomis pradžiomis, vedančiomis į sėkmę, ir akimirkomis, kai norisi stabtelėti, prisėsti ant dar nepageltusios žolės ir pamedituoti klausantis krintančių lapų istorijų. o kiek nuostabių istorijų naujausiame žurnalo lietuvĖ numeryje! negi dar neįsigijote? 💛💚❤️🍂🍁 @zurnalaslietuve #zurnalaslietuve #lietuve #magazine #editorinchief #letsread #autumn #lithuania

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Join me and my friend lauren tomorrow night while we talk about great snuggle-time books! visit her page here:
books are a wonderful way to bond with and teach our kids. some of my best memories from childhood involve books and trips to the library. what were your favorite books when you were a kid! my answer is in the comments!

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