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Getting my cardio in with some high reps on the big 3 lifts! all for 3 sets of 10 reps 💦 drenched! is an understatement! squat 195 kgs/429lbs bench 130 kgs/286lbs deadlift 230 kgs/506lbs ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ work hard, lift big, eat bigger ❤️ ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ ▪️ ▪️ ▪️ ▪️ ▪️

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Holm began boxing in her hometown of albuquerque and won her first kickboxing match in 2001. between 2005 and 2013 she won mostly welterweight boxing titles, and lots of them. she retired from boxing in 2013 and took up mixed martial arts (mma), having made her debut in 2011. holm signed a contract with ufc in 2014, and the next year made her the first woman to be a champion in both boxing and mma. holly has held several welterweight titles and many people regard her as the best female welterweight in the world and possibly one of the best of all time.👊 #hollyholm #wmma #teamholm#combate#prontopraluta#michellewaterson#bantamweight #mmagirls#ufc #ufconfox#ufcbrasil #ufcfightpass#ufc193#rondarousey #valentinashevchenko#criscyborg #muaythai #joannajedrzejczy #jiujitsu#canalcombate #legs#fighter#bethecorreia #stronglegs#amandanunes#shevchenko##legsday

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Figure 8 squat, trabajando los gluteos, isquiotiviales, algo de core, hombros y brazos con la figura 8 y un kettle @kravmagafc #8figuresquat #kettle #booty🍑 #legsday #teamkravmagafc 🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏 @globalnutrition y sin mis aminoácidos no tengo la gasolina suficiente 💪🏼

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Standing leg curl with lying leg curl superset @teamyano trabajando hamstring y glúteos !! haciendo muchas repeticiones con poco peso , y trabajando súper set . estoy off season pero desde ya estamos buscando condition , bajando el nivel de grasa y así poder obtenerlo . no queremos esperar que llegue la hora de mi prep para hacerlo . además ahora es el momento de probar como puede reaccionar mi cuerpo ante cualquier cambio . recuerden que el cuerpo no se comporta igual en cada off season ya que siempre tratamos de buscar metas diferentes . 💥💥💥@teamyano #ifbbfigure #ifbbpro #ifbbproleague #athlete #legsday

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07:00 workout this morning. i had to use the little weights that i have out here to make it work. get these gains anyway you can 💪🏽. it actually was a pretty intense legs day. away from home..... far away from the gym but no excuse i had to get it done ✅ #outdoor #legs #legsday #bodyunderconstruction

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Mood 💕 * 📷 @josephineskriver

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😈 @ladyyym ➖➖➖ 💋like? send photo to dm ✔ 🔥tag/follow🔥

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Feriado, mas a academia é aberta deixando a segunda ser segunda! 🙌🙌🙌 segue o baile! uma ótima semana! 💪👊 . . . . . . . . . . #euficandobarbara #gymlove #lifestyle

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Yep you know it was a good one when you pray for the stairs to end 😅 #gym #training #hard #legs #legsday #worstenemy #nopainnogain #fit #fitgram

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Some of today’s exercises/ algunos de los ejercicios de hoy. 😜💪🏻🏋🏻‍♀️🙌🏻 #legsday #gymtime #workhardplayhard #someoftodaysworkout #herbalifecoach #joinmyteam #wedoherbalife #fitness

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I already know what giving up feels & looks like. i want to see what happens if i don't. 😏#mondayfixx #legsday #eatclean #trainmean #cabanaclub

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Ultima de hoje extensão de quadril joelho estendido no banco 3x15 #gym #focoforçaefé #mulheresquetreinam #academia #fitnessgirl #smartfit #vemquevem #legsday

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You deserve to move on. you deserve to let go and release yourself from the past. you deserve to step forward into new possibilities and opportunities. you deserve to be happy, to genuinely smile and laugh uncontrollably. you deserve closure. you deserve to be with someone who fights for you, and doesn’t even think about giving up. you deserve someone who sees the greatest within you, someone who unconditionally believes in you. you deserve someone who looks at you and actually sees you. you deserve someone who shows up. you deserve someone who chooses you. everyday. every time. you deserve more than empty promises, false hope. you deserve more than he’s been giving you. you deserve more than he will ever be able to give you. you deserve to find someone else, a person who makes your heart dance, and sets your soul free. you deserve to wake up every morning next to the person you love, instead of with your loneliness and heartbreak. you deserve breakfast in bed and 3 am conversations. you deserve someone who makes you forget you’ve been broken. you deserve someone who robs you of your broken heart. you deserve someone who pieces you back together. you deserve freedom and adventures, to spend your days taking in all life has to offer you. you deserve sunrises and sunsets. you deserve the universe and all the stars it holds throughout its darkness. you deserve the calm of the sea, and the light of the sunset. you deserve the world at your feet, and head in the clouds. you deserve peace, within yourself. you deserve to be happy again. you deserve to have all the things your heart beats for. you deserve to be loved.❤️ and now we all deserve a holiday tomorrow!

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Sobrou nadaaaa depois do treino de hj !!!!!!! #legsday #quadriceps #queroficarmaior #mortacomfarofa #fuii #boanoite

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