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Slowly but surely turning into a blueberry🥶💙
not even surprised considering how many i eat on a daily basis🤭

my diet’s been consisting of mostly home cooked meals.. and i’ve really been eating however much i want! i’m just listening to my body and hunger cues..
and since i’m eating nutritious, wholesome foods, i can eat a lot more! plus i haven’t been consuming as much sodium (it’s in practically all restaurant food) and bloating has gone wayy down.
i’m telling you guys, this is the way to liveee🙌🏼
you don’t need the processed s**t to satisfy your cravings..
just find some bomb healthy recipes, use real ingredients, and fuel your body with some home-cooked meals. nourishing your body is one of the greatest forms of self care! your vibration will raise just by eating clean ingredients✨
some of my favorite meals at the moment are stove-top oats with fruit, protein pancakes, tofu scrambles, tempeh + mixed veggies, smoothie bowls, sweet potatoes, let’s not forget a ton of almond milk lattes😬... i have tons of recipes in my highlight reel :)
a healthy diet doesn’t need to be over complicated.. plenty of times i make a weeks worth of meals in 1 pan! just look around for some healthy, simple recipes and practice incorporating healthy meals every week. you don’t need to go full-force all at once! pace yourself and enjoy your journey towards bettering your diet and lifestyle😋
set is from @doyoueven code tara10 💙

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Encantada pela loja @bubbaloomoda 😍, são peças de qualidade e de muito bom gosto, looks para todas as ocasiões! 💖🔝
envio para todo o brasil. 🚚🙌
pedidos somente pelo whatsapp 💳💲
▫️ (11)9 4715-1657📲
siga e confira as novidades:
@bubbaloomoda 💖

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Breathable sports leggings women - runner series

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the announcement will be when we hit 800
so here’s how to enter
1.tag 5-9 friends down below ! this on your feed or story and tag us !
3.send in a video of why we should pick u
only picking fiive people!

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Tired. i am tired. and i know you are too. sad is that sometimes you just can't take some rest because things around you won't stop just because you need a break (school, uni, relationships, bussiness, job, life in general). so what should you do?
there are 2 way to look at this situation:
1. if it is something that has a deadline like exams, projects, meetings, a bodybuilding competition then you must keep going on. you need to finish what you've started and win it! i know you are tired, but i promise you will be so happy that you didn't give.
2. if it is something that has no deadline, a realtionship, your job, your lifestyle, then you need to rethink your life and see what is tearing you down. let that thing go. let that human go, if it makes you feel frustrated, not at peace with yourself or restless. try and find your passion and make it your new job, don't wake up every day saying: omg i can't wait to leave from job today to come back home in bed. this is such a sad way to live every single day of your life.
is it a bad habit that makes you tired? not eating enough or eating too much? not moving enough? not making time to selfcare? then please, rethink your lifestyle and who you are, because you being tired and not satisfied with your lifestyle is not your true self!
repeat after me: me being tired and not satisfied with my lifestyle is not my true self!
yes, you need to rest, and you will rest, and you won't be this tired anymore- but will you be happy? satisfied with your life? don't stay in a situation just because you are afraid of starting something new. life is a risk, we all die in the end. make your life as you like, don't just breath in this world.
find yourself, accept yourself, love yourself, improve yourself. - in this order. 😁🤗

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Stasera total look @fgm04cosmetica 💕
i nuovissimi leggings nikita realizzati con un tessuto ancora più efficace mi aiuta a ridurre gli inestetismi della cellulite, a drenare e a tonificare👊
il body frida, invece mi aiuta a ridurre gli inestetismi su pancia e fianchi mentre rimodella la silhouette 😍
i body sono disponibili in tanti colori e modelli... se volete darci una sbirciatina ecco il sito ——>
📸 @alexander_moore ❤️
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So it’s sunday! need a little encouragement and inspiration to get you through the week?!
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