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Online dating: for some it can be a surefire route to long term relationships, marriages, babies, holidays or great shags. for others it means one night stands that were totally zero, s**t chat and pondering celibacy.

this week i’ll be sharing my thoughts on how to win (and lose) online, what the terminology means and my single biggest lesson from when i was single.

there’ll be a blog post and a podcast featuring a very special guest. someone who met the love of their life on tinder, the greatest person they’ve ever met and the person they have since proposed to.

it’s ben. i’m dragging my fiance, ben, on the podcast.

so tell me - have you ever dated someone you met online?

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got the monday blues? nothing a little autumnal makeup can't fix!
what are some of your autumn/fall makeup bag must haves? we'd love to know whether you're a fan of berry lips, copper eyes, rosy cheeks or all of thee above! 💋

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What better way to celebrate a birthday than with cake am i right? send someone your love and order this today on! available in a6, 5x5 and 4x7 for £4 excluding shipping fees! •

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The weekend went by way too fast, and i’m in desperate need of coffee🌿

i’m feeling pretty stressed and down today, so i’m trying to focus on the positives! the flat is relatively tidy (i’m as shocked as you are) and i got to have some nice family time this weekend. what are you looking forward to this week? give me all the positivity✨

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💚 super happy to be working with @sanaricandle to bring you some product features and reviews. read more about these candles, made entirely by plants, up on our site now.🌿🕯link in bio.

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If you want to really make me happy bring me strawberries! they are like... the flowers you can eat!
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What better way to brighten our monday morning than the news of another #royalbaby 👶👑 let us know in the comments whether you think the duke and duchess of sussex will have a baby boy 💙 or girl 🎀... if only they knew about our natural and nourishing little siberica range 😁 ———————— #naturasiberica #naturasibericauk #bbloggers #natural #intothewild #greenbeauty #crueltyfree #nontoxicbeauty #consciousliving #keepitnatural #cosmetics #beauty #naturalbeauty #organicbeauty #earthfriendly #allnatural #lbloggers #beautytips #princeharry #meghanmarkle #pregnancyannouncement #littlesiberica #naturalbaby #organicbaby

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Be mindful when choosing .
so another topic that has me thinking is how can brands charge £5 for a product? sometimes cheaper! a big chain brand has released a makeup range which is selling from £2.50 to £10! guys this is outrageous.. .
i’ve always lived by the rule, • the cheaper it is the most damage it does •
on the flip side i get luxury and i get some people can’t justify spending a fair amount of money on luxe items but hear me out on this one.
beauty was one of the only surviving and thriving industry’s during recession so people where still buying their products even though money was at its lowest point fast forward to now its seems that social media has turned beauty into a joke almost, highlighters are all the rage, makeup is almost as important as food, fad products are being created left right and centre and unfortunately we have well respected bloggers getting paid to promote said brands. 1) they are cheap so instantly people will buy and 2) people believe bloggers and take their words as the gospel truth! (news flash your skin is nothing like theirs :))
so with this all in mind brands have been created extremely cheaply and selling for near to nothing. yet brands that want to make a difference, prices higher (because of ingredients and the time put into making it) are getting pushed to the back. .
quality will always triumph cheapness,
be conscious with your choice of products, instead of looking at the price first! look at the product, know the story, learn the process and if it fits and sits well with your own ethos then save to buy. .
remember you get what you pay for, and don’t forget the love and attention that goes into small business, that feeling of parting with your hard earned money going into something that cares is so much more rewarding then going into fast beauty and fast fashion. .
it’s a tricky one as i know most of us aren’t money rich as we’d like to be but we are rich in everything else, love, laughter and a conscious mind. so next time you see a product ranging from £1 to £10 just think - wow how has that even been made for that price! and most importantly is it even worth the money! .
continue 👇🏼

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The perfect little opening for an outdoor studio set up🎨🌲🦆 (and where i wish i was spending tuesday)

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Supporting ethical companies is something i’m truly passionately about and so i was very excited to discover @mymadeinbox. their beautiful boxes are full of handmade creations from around the world💫🌍 each box is inspired by a different country and it’s local crafts and it’s individual vibrant culture. these wonderful boxes are a unique and beautiful way to discover a new country, whilst supporting its local craftspeople and enjoying lovely artisan products ☺️

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Beautiful autumn colours yesterday 🍂

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It’s almost 12 noon, i have no idea where the day is rushing to. it’s on a mad rush fam, i don’t get it. anyhoo welcome to a new week, make it count 😘 .
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"he was a mystery that - for reasons i didn't quite understand - i felt desperate to solve." - jennifer e. smith (a thousand ways this could all go wrong) 🌾📖

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After a few days in denmark, yesterday i got on a train and reached stockholm after a strenuous 5 hour journey 😥. traveling can be fun but it can really tire you, especially when you have so much to see in such short time! this shot is from frederiksborg castle! a short trip outside copenhagen but totally worth it!!! #visitdenmark #forbestravelguide

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Since the autumn has started i am back on drinking lattes 🙈 but i need to find some new syrups to add! recommend me your fave coffee syrups 🙌🏼

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