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πŸ’™il gran paradiso all'improvviso! uno dei miei "posti del cuore"! πŸ’š

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Did you know that right now a secret invasion is happenning in europe? noisy flocks of these green little parrots called the ring-necked parakeet are just occupying major northern-european big city suburbs in germany, poland, the netherlands and even in britain 🐦🐦🐦 i hope one day they will take over the world after humankind failed! 😁

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Magical misty sunrise at the world’s largest buddhist temple πŸ’•
a few practical tips if you want to visit candi borobudur during sunrise: make sure that you stay around the area to save some travel time and set your alarm extra early (as in 1.5-2 hrs before the scheduled sunrise). bring a torchlight and get there when it’s still dark.
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we almost didn’t make it as we thought the entrance was at hotel manohara; apparently the hotel was just recently closed down and the entrance was moved. when we arrived, a guy persistently offered to guide us to the right entrance on his motorbike for rp50k/person. don’t fall into that trap as it was certainly a rip off!
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as it turned out, the right entrance was just right next to the wrong entrance (told you it was a rip off!). we hastily made our way to the ticketing office; paid the rp 450k sunrise entrance fee (rp 550k/pax for foreigners); rushed our way up the uneven 148 steps and past the kamadhatu, rupadhatu and arupadhatu levels to the top of the unesco-world-heritage monument; and watched the sun slowly crept up above the early morning mist.

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Ponte tibetano di roccamandolfi (is).

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Heading to brisbane in a couple weeks for a little holiday, looking forward to having a new city to explore πŸ“ΈπŸ˜

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Can not wait to be in the lake district this weekend. this was taken exactly a year ago on grizedale pike. i love the view from here. barrow below, causey pike to the right and catbells on derwentwater looking tiny πŸ’™πŸ‚

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