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we'd like to apologise for this shot. wayne's not normally in such a bad mood - he's just not his usual happy self on mondays, which is understandable! thankfully, the other turtles that live on @queensland's #greatbarrierreef are very polite and love to swim with humans. we're really not sure why wayne's got his knickers in such a knot (even on a monday), as he lives in the beautiful clear waters surrounding @ladyelliotislandecoresort in the @southerngreatbarrierreef, which is basically paradise. oh well, lucky tomorrow is a tuesday! photo: @_markfitz #seeaustralia #thisisqueensland #southerngreatbarrierreef #ladyelliotisland #wildlifephotography #travel #monday

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Rise and shine like this cute strawberry hermit crab! check out lady elliot this morning on channel 9! 📺🐚🦀to use this video in a commercial player or in broadcasts, please email

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The early bird gets the worm 🐛😆 epaulette sharks have electroreceptors called ampullae of lorenzini that help them detect prey in the sand! for licensing and usage, contact:

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Gliding into monday like... 😎 these spotted eagle rays can be found cruising at @ladyelliotislandecoresort on the @southerngreatbarrierreef, also home to manta rays, colourful fish and turtles 🐢 check out why this island paradise comes recommended by david attenborough himself by hitting the link in bio! #thisisqueensland by @jacintashackleton #visitbundaberg

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Turtle tuesday 🐢😍🔥
#canonaustralia #aquatech

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Fish pool 😍💦🐟

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Turtles mating in the deep blue sea. 
photo by @jeremysomphoto

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Fish tank life 😍💙
great barrier reef, queensland, australia
@australia @queensland @canonaustralia @ladyelliotislandecoresort @aquatech_imagingsolutions

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