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✨lonely alley✨
exploring further the route of framed houses!🤩 it's very interesting how every city/region had their own distinctive ornament🤓 oh yes, it was all about trends and fashion!🙈
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Courtesy of @sennarelax
admins: @takemyhearteverywhere
📍grindelwald, switzerland 🇨🇭
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Elegant as ever, hallstatt

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Хотя город расположен на 14 островах, Стокгольм на удивление компактен и прост в навигации 💫

Мосты соединяют большинство островов; белоснежные маневренные паромы и туннельбана (метро) связывают остальные. Общественный транспорт проходит во все мыслимые уголки города и окрестностей.

Мы старались больше исследовать город пешком, хотя паром и запутанную систему метро также испытали 😅

Как результат - больше 26 тысяч шагов в день, ноющая боль в ногах и нереальный восторг в глазах от окружающей красоты 💙

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[ #sangimignano ] tuscany
🇮🇹 o toscana, o toscana,
dolce tu sei ne’ tuoi orti
che lo spino ti chiude
e il disprezzo ti guarda;
dolce sei nelle tue colline
che il ruscello ti riga
e l’ulivo t’inghirlanda.
e una dura virtude
certo nelle tue torri commise
e murò per la guerra civile
le pietre forti (gabriele d'annunzio)
🇬🇧 o tuscany, o tuscany,
sweet you are in your vegetable gardens that the spino closes you
and contempt looks at you;
sweet you are in your hills
that the stream will line you
and the olive tree t'inghirlanda.
and a harsh virtue
sure in your commited towers
and he walled for the civil war
the strong stones (gabriele d'annunzio)

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Q - what's your favourite autumn colour? orange or red? 🍁😊
🍁 story time: so i discovered this place over a year ago when i was searching for autumn colours in london 🍁😍🇬🇧
when i saw pictures of this place online, i couldn't believe my own eyes, that place like this exists in london. 😱😍😱 me, it looked like a little fairytale village away from london somewhere probably up north or something, since london is more dense and kind of full with high-rise buildings, especially central london. 😂
😏 so when i was checking on @googlemaps - it showed me it's only 45mins away from where i am and in the heart of london. i was in complete shock as i didn't go explore chelsea & kensington area before. 😋🇬🇧
so this year i finally managed to get some time out and went there 5 days ago 😍
thanks to @owen_ysq's other half for helping me with the picture couldn't have taken this without them as there was hardly people around when i was there 😊 hope you like it 😊♥️
🇬🇧 if you are out in london definitely check out this place. it's really quiet and you won't feel like you are in london there 😍🇬🇧 - it's like a city within a city 😍🎉🍁
my autumn series continues 🍁🎉😊♥️
tag someone you'd like to be here with 😊♥️🍁

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|| 🇮🇹 curiosità: all’epoca appariva meno imponente, con tre vasche separate dove i passanti potevano bere, lavare i panni e rinfrescarsi. roma fu la prima città a introdurre l’idea di fontane pubbliche con acqua potabile e, ancora oggi, è la città con la più alta concentrazione di fontane in tutto il mondo. non in molti sanno che le decorazioni della fontana comprendono 30 specie di piante, dai grappoli d’uva, fichi, edere, a canne e piante sempreverdi, tra cui sbucano alcuni animali come lumache e lucertole. particolarmente interessante è cercarli tutti tra i dettagli ornamentali. un’altra caratteristica riguarda oceano che guida il carro trainato da cavalli alati a loro volta guidati da tritoni: i due cavalli appaiono uno inerte e l’altro calmo perché rappresentano i due stati del mare: agitato e placido. 🌊
🇬🇧 curiosities: at the time it looked less impressive, with three separate tanks where passers-by could drink, wash clothes and cool off. rome was the first city to introduce the idea of ​​public fountains with drinking water and, even today, it is the city with the highest concentration of fountains in the world. not many know that the decorations of the fountain include 30 species of plants, from clusters of grapes, figs, ivy, to reeds and evergreens, among which emerge some animals such as snails and lizards. particularly interesting is to look for them all among the ornamental details. another feature concerns oceano that drives the chariot pulled by winged horses in turn led by tritons: the two horses appear an inert and the other calm because they represent the two states of the sea: agitated and placid. 🌊
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Rete delle dimore storiche del lazio!
vi aspettiamo domani, domenica 21 ottobre, dalle ore 10.00 alle 18.00 per accompagnarvi, con le nostre visite guidate, presso il castello colonna marcucci
non potete mancare 🤗🤗🤗 #borghitalia

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