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Today is the last day to help me celebrate my transplant anniversary and donate to my #kidneystrong fundraiser! make a donation in my honor with the proceeds going to the @nationalkidneyfoundation

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Thanks to my mom, i am 6 years #kidneystrong today! she gave me her kidney six years ago and saved my life. help me celebrate my transplant anniversary by watching our story! #bigaskbiggive @childrensatl #choa

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I got to surprise someone very special!! she’s getting a new kidney from her mom very soon! i’m so happy for you megan and i’m so glad i got to meet you!!🧡😘🤗🙌🏼🤩 @nationalkidneyfoundation #nkf #kidneystrong

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What a special moment!!! presenting an award to a very amazing family🏆💞 #mothersday #nationalkidneyfoundation #kidneystrong

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April is #donatelifemonth and i'm going live on youtube tomorrow at 2pm est to help the @nationalkidneyfoundation launch a new #kidneystrong campaign to celebrate transplant anniversaries, including mine! i hope you will join me and support my campaign tomorrow by making a donation. keep on sparkling all you beautiful people!✨☺️💖 link in bio⤴️

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2 years ago i was given a second chance at life. everyday i am thankful to be standing here today and to be surrounded by so many supportive and loving people. so many things in my life now are possible all because of the selfless act my donor did for me. i am so excited to be a leader on campus and to be graduating from college in may! 💚
#donatelife #kidneystrong #shareyourspare

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Congratulations to our very own nkf kid ambassador @angelicahale on celebrating her six-year transplant anniversary! #kidneystrong

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Repost @givingwhileliving: “12 years ago today i donated my kidney to my bro-in-law. #kidneystrong @meggbaker ❤️”

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