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엘모형한테 제스처럴 배우고 싶다....
왔을 때 들을껄 ㅠㅠ
pen : @handwritmic ruling pen
ink : iroshizuku chikurin
paper : fabriano schizzi

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Do you know what it means? calligraphy by the hand of @alifcalligraphy
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Are your dreams scary enough?? are you currently working on your dreams?
handwriting by the hand of @inkandlise
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Calligraphy ✍🏻☕

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Remember this? 🐷🐰 tag a friend, like and comment for a shoutout. calligraphy by the hand of @mdemilan
my version of "that’s all folks!" #calligraphymasters #keepwriting #looneytunes #typography #ipadpro #procreate

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Blackletter with bob marley’s quote
i know it’s hard to read hahaha
experimental work.
wrote it like italic gestural.
그냥 오늘은 이런 저런 생각나는 대로 쓰고 싶어졌어요.
어느 순간엔가 하루가 남들이 좋아하는걸 써야한다는 생각에 빠져 발전 없이 사는것 같다는 생각이 들었어요.
그냥 저 쓰고 싶은대로 쓸래요. 지금껏 그래왔고 그걸 좋아해주신거니까....
이렇게 못알아먹는 글씨도 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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Aspire to inspire 🔥
pen : brause bandzug nib
ink : walnut ink
paper : strathmore pad

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Many things are special in vanuatu – the climate, the plants, the food, the smiles on people‘s faces... but mostly their sense of community. read an example on the blog.
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So... i'm having one of those moments where everything i write in book 2 seems really boring. i think it's safe to say that this has been the hardest one to write so far. (books 1,3,4,&5 are already done, but that's another story for another time.) it's one of those stories that seems like it's being rushed so it can get to the "climax", and you're not getting to know the characters like you should. i know it's just the first draft, so i have plenty of time to liven it up more, but it's just kinda getting me down.

i like these characters, so it's not them. and the story is going to be good, as soon as i can make it more interesting. who knows! maybe tomorrow i'll go to work on it and it will all be fine. but for tonight, it lacks something, and hopefully it'll come to me while i sleep.
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I can feel my right hand is sore from writing whole night yesterday. phew.
spencerian, why you are so hard lol. going to practice more of it.
using peacock from fox and quill, hunt 22 and practice paper.
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All i have been doing is putting mac miller swimming album on repeat. i love being high and listening to it. i let the numbness sinks in but i am happy. i feel relieved but i want to punch something. i still can’t shake of the betrayal and pain. but i also like the fact that i don’t gotta deal with certain people anymore.
“movin' so fast, the clock look slow (slow)
water my seeds 'til the flower just grow, yeah
love so much that my heart get broke
i don't really know how the normal s**t go, so
i guess i just play it by ear, silence is all that i hear
listenin' close as i can, growin' up (123) jump
nobody holdin' my hand, no
trust is a problem, never know how, yeah
that's why i just keep to myself”
wings/mac miller. this album is so beautiful i want to cry endlessly.

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Every time i look through my search engine i see picture of mac miller and i swear this man is an art. i always stop to look at his photos. i need to fill my main page with these artistic looks like his. #inspiration

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Making the layout of a baby board. it is very important to take a note about which nib to use, x-hight and the distance of each sentence.

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