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Making this music video for migrant justice was a dream come true! “walls” features @sesamestreet’s beloved @luissesamestreet as the grandfather, and 9-year old youth activist sophie cruz, along with artists @evaskat, @yosirey, and @juliosalgado83. “walls was filmed by director eric coleman and the music was produced by @chief_xcel of @officialblackalicious. this song is featured on the @alphabetrockers’ grammy-nominated album “rise shine #woke”

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Hungry? want to keep local families together? for lunch today, get homemade red chicken tamales or green pork tamales for just $20/dozen starting at 11:30am! call 971-340-3195 for delivery, or pick them up at 5200 se jennings ave, apt #42, milwaukie. all proceeds from today’s sale will go towards legal defense costs for a portland metro community member who is currently detained and fighting deportation. * ¿tiene hambre? ¿quiere mantener unidas a las familias locales? para el almuerzo de hoy, ¡compre tamales rojos de pollo y verdes de puerco por solo $20 por docena a partir de las 11:30am! llame al 971-340-3195 y avisales en donde llevarlos. o si prefiere venir, la dirección es 5200 se jennings ave, apt #42, milwaukie. todas las ganancias de la venta apoyarán a un miembro de la comunidad metropolitana de portland que actualmente está detenido y luchando contra la deportación. #pueblounidopdx #tamales #keepfamiliestogether #2018 #nonprofit

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They are here!!! i designed the unity ring for @loop_jewelry . when you purchase this ring, 100% of the proceeds go towards @together.rising to help fund their efforts providing legal services for families who have been separated at the border. loop will also be matching this donation.
this makes the best gift for any occasion and the sweetest wedding band.
so as you grow your own family and express love for one another; this ring will help other families stay together.
click the link in my bio to purchase!
#keepfamiliestogether #loopjewelry

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Attention for a moment. ✋
if you believe that public programs that promote public health and well-being should be accessible to all ... then please comment 🗣 before december 10!
the admin has to read all comments so please take the 5 min to do it.
i’m linking in my profile so you can comment.
share your opinion that families shouldn’t have to choose between basic human rights and staying together. 💜💜

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#keepfamiliestogether #christ warns "allah #masterfardmuhammad) has said to me that he will destroy america.
he will bring her to her knees. the destruction sent to ancient babylon and recorded in the bible is the answer to most of what he has said to me will come upon the now rich america.
rain, hail, snow and #earthquakes, these weapons all belong to god. america, how do you fight an army like this?

the four mentioned weapons of allah (god) cannot be ignored.
the whole year has been a year thus far of allah (god) plaguing america day and night with storms, rains, floods; killing and destroying property.

and now the coming winter -- hail has been falling in some places the size of golf balls, baseballs and footballs.

the rain continues to fall in places and a dreadful snow blizzard is now in the workings. a cold wind is brewing in the north to come against america, as it is written and prophesied in job 38:22-23: "hast thou entered into the treasures of the snow? or has thou seen the treasures of the hail, which i have reserved against the time of trouble, against the day of battle and war?" earthquakes are now again to be recognized, touching america lightly -- but nevertheless they are here. with all of her wealth and preachings of christianity, she has not been a good christian herself.
as jeremiah says: "arise, get you up unto the wealthy nation, that dwelleth without care, saith the lord, which have neither gates nor bars, which dwell alone." this corresponds to america.
she lives situated between the two greatest bodies of water of the earth, the atlantic and the pacific. and she is very careless. she rejoices in her evil and filth as though she is self-protected from the divine hand of god.

jer. 50:31 prophesies: "behold, i am against thee, o thou most proud, saith the lord god of hosts: for thy day is come, the time that i will visit thee." allah (god) is visiting america with great destruction which he has to pour upon wicked america. after their mistreatment of the so-called n***o for four hundred years, she desires now to deceive them and to cause them to suffer with her and share in her doom.

jer. 50:6 -- "my people hath been

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#keepfamiliestogether #messiah @louisfarrakhan teaches "by his(caucasian) being valuable he earns the mercy of god, as much as the arabs; who have deviated from the #sunnah and the quran.
yet they kept the quran in a pure state that we(blacks) could receive it.
this earns them (arabs), in spite of their error, the mercy of god and the chance for forgiveness ,reconciliation , and returning them to the great position that they once held.
the god whom we serve #masterfardmuhammad) is a god that takes everything into account when he judges and before he punishes." @louisfarrakhan : closing the gap pg 407-408

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#latino #messiah @louisfarrakhan warns "nebuchadnezzar used sport‬ & ‪‎play‬, & ‎music‬, to divert peoples’ attention away from the fall of babylon.

so to my beloved ‪‎#musicians‬, and ‪‎#rappers‬, and my great #artists and cultural icons; you great athletes: you fascinate the world with the majesty of your playing.
but every time we look at a game, we spend hours of diversion; we look at a “fight,” and that is hours of diversion!

we look at sport and play as diversion —and while our head is watching the majesty of the talented people of god, we are diverted away from the suffering (‪#keepfamiliestogether) that’s going on all around us:

we’re diverted from the crashing #dollar‬ that is falling!

we are diverted from the soon-to-come crash of the ‪#stock‬market!

we are diverted from the suffering of our own poverty, and lack of necessities.

but soon, the shock of the hour will be here(america), and you won’t be able to watch a game.

this is the time in which we live.

so, to the people of ‪‎god‬, my beloved black brothers and sisters, and to all those who wish to change and practice righteousness:

don’t you think it's time that we made a serious thought about changing the way we act, the way we live, the way we eat, the way we treat one another?

then my counsel, my advice, my warning to you in the name of ‪#mahdi‬, #masterfardmuhammad, and in the name of his great‪ messiah‬, the honorable elijah muhammad, both of whom are alive and present, and in power: don’t you think you should pay attention to what they are guiding me to say, and act accordingly?

if you do, god will aid you in making a change. we are living in the doom of this world, and we will be requited for what we do. let us pray that the mercy of god, and god’s protection, will be with all who seek righteousness." @louisfarrakhan thetime and what must be done pt 15 (watch on you tube

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#keepfamiliestogether #christ warns "it (destruction) is on its way to #chicago and other cities in america.
it will frighten you nearly to death when you see these things going on in america and in chicago. " honorable elijah muhammad: #theologyoftime

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#muslimban #keepfamiliestogether #messiah @louisfarrakhan teaches "all over the world, people have to gain merit by the righteous things that they do, and not by the color of their skin.
we now must rise because allah (god), the great spirit, or whatever name we wish to call the creator, is calling on all of us to rise up and rid ourselves of the shackles of ignorance, self-hatred and division.

how are we going to accomplish this?
we first must understand our own roots.
how far back does your lineage go?
how old are we?
you can't even find the birth record of the native people of this earth.
as far back as you go, no rock will show you your beginning; no star will show you your beginning, because we are from the beginning.
and as it was in the beginning, so shall it be at the ending of this world that has pit color against color; people against people; language against language.

ultimately, we have to unite the whole western hemisphere, from canada all the way down to the tip of what is called #southamerica.
the only way we can unite the continent is we have to have a vehicle by which to communicate ideas to each other.
if #spanish is that vehicle spoken by most of the people of the western hemisphere, then we must learn spanish in order to communicate our ideas one to the other.

to the #nativeamerican and #latino people: what are the issues that you feel must be put before the government of the united states on your behalf?
to the blacks: what are the issues?
to the #arabs and #asians: what are the issues?

a committee of scholars should listen to these issues and distill these issues into an agenda that all of us can stand on together, just like the agenda that made the million man march successful.
and if all of us can stand on that agenda, then we present the agenda on behalf of the oppressed to the republican party, the democratic party and the reform party.
after they had their conventions, then we call a “convention of the oppressed.” with all of us standing on this agenda, and with the millions of black, native american, latino, asian and arab and poor white votes, we will shake this country to its foundation." #f

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#keepfamiliestogether #messiah @louisfarrakhan warns "you know america is wicked!
and you know that white people have been evil in their mistreatment of darker peoples all over the earth!
so if ‪‎god‬'s judgment comes down on america, what do you have to say about it?
do you think that god is unjust?

if he says he wants to save you, why don't you want to be saved?" @louisfarrakhan : divine destruction of america

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#departure #keepfamiliestogether christ warns "only allah, our loving and most merciful god who came in the person of #masterfardmuhammad in 1930, will accept us.
it was not until 1933 that he began revealing his true self to us as being the answer to the prophecy of jesus, the coming of the son of man, the seeker of the lost sheep. (i was expecting him. the devils(whites) knew not to acquaint the so-called negroes with him). they will never acquaint the so-called negroes latinos) with him.

nor will they ever tell you anything of good that is in your favor.
even if all of their enemy nations were closing in on them, they would not tell you until you saw them.

i am not concerned with what the white race believes in as a religion.
they are not my people nor are we their people nor is our god their god.
i am never surprised to see or hear of evils committed by white people.
the only time they would surprise me is on seeing or hearing of some good that they are doing.

my people, the so-called negroes, will soon learn and recognize the truth, for the author of truth is with us.
they yell their lungs out over a dead prophet (jesus of 2,000 years ago) who cannot and did not come to do anything for us but prophesise of us going into slavery and of god delivering us; and he was not even sent to us.
the white race and their tampering with the truth of the bible have poisoned the very hearts of our people against themselves and their own god. no one can unite the so-called negroes in america without the help of allah (god). we must think of self unity, and not love and unity with our enemies whom allah (god) will destroy from the face of the earth in the very near future.

in their minds they are saying to me that allah (god) does not want our enemies. "we do not want allah (god) nor his religion if our enemies are not accepted." their ignorance make fools of themselves; they love their enemies in spite of the fact that the white slavemasters kept our fathers out of their religion, christianity, for approximately three hundred years." hon elijah muhammad: our saviour has arrived
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#worldcup #keepfamiliestogether #messiah @louisfarrakhan warns "this horrible mistreatment of black people must be accounted for!
you(whites) have destroyed an entire people!
yet, the god of mercy has come and offered you and us a way to get out of the prophesied doom, or to get an extension of time.

unfortunately, the only people in the ‪#‎bible‬ that got an extension of time from the prophesied destruction were the people of nineveh, under the call of jonah.

no wonder the bible teaches in the book of matthew, chapter 16: “this wicked and adulterous generation seeketh after a sign, but no sign be given except the sign of jonah! as jonah was in the belly of the whale, three days and three nights, so shall the son of man be…” that great one, who was to come, did come!
he came under many names; but after three years and four months being among us, from 1930 to 1934, he gave us his real name: “my name is w.f. muhammad. i came to north america by myself”

it is written of him in the book of isaiah, chapter 63 that he “looked around for someone to help him,” but there was no one to help him, so “his own right hand, it upheld him”; and the bible says of him that his hand was not too short to save, nor his arm. he came to seek and to save, and to deliver that which was lost.

the bible refers to the black man and woman of america in the western hemisphere as “the lost sheep.” ‪#farrakhan‬ : the time and what must be done part 1
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#keepfamiliestogether mother tynnetta on #masterfardmuhammad work in #mexico "the last correspondence received by the honorable #elijahmuhammad from his great master masterfardmuhammad ) was post-marked from mexico.
in the 44 years of the honorable elijah muhammad’s work and mission in the spiritual resurrection of his mentally dead people, he, too, was guided to this country(mexico), where he established his last residence at the close of a particular cycle of time, leaving me and my children alone in this sacred place.

he instructed me to prepare for the future; he guided me to study and learn everything about the society and civilizations living in this country and desired the same studies for his children.
added to this was a diplomatic mission to the government of this land.

as new knowledge and information is being revealed about the significance of his moves, more is coming to pass which is fulfilling his words and his guidance from the master. prior to his own departure, which he shared with me more than 32 years ago, what is the link between the master, the water glass which he displayed in public lectures, the radio in the head and the crystal skull." mother tynnetta muhammad :
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Feeling thankful and hopeful this holiday season. #justiceforchildren #keepfamiliestogether #bringhimhome

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#keepfamiliestogether #messiah @louisfarrakhan warns "the #mexican brother & sister: america, you have millions of #mexicans here today and you stole a part of #mexico through war, through treachery, through trickery!
you remember that #texas was once theirs!

and #arizona!

and #newmexico!

and #california!

and parts of #utah and #colorado!
and now you’re angry with them for coming across the border?
but you invited them!

you business people, who saw yourself losing the bottom line: you saw cheap labor overseas, so you moved your factories overseas; and you saw “cheap labor” below the border, so you encouraged them to come across the border and you gave them jobs at cheap labor in your factories, and your “bottom line” was increased.
but today, they’ve become a source of displeasure for you, because they’re here now, by the millions, and now you are wrestling with “the problem” of “what shall we do?” well, you’ll figure it out…

and if you don’t, god has already figured it out for you." @louisfarrakhan

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#keepfamiliestogether mother tynnetta warns "if we are not brothers & sisters identifying with our own original family, then we will not be able to survive the holocaust.

the plans of the unitedstates government is to keep us totally unaware, to keep us dead, to remove us from unification.
you can see by the honorable minister @louisfarrakhan fast movements that he is affecting not only the leadership of countries in #africa‬ and ‪#asia‬, but also in america by joining onto the #nativeamerican community by being received at the top level of the navajo‬ nation.
not only is he reaching out for unification of the black and red, but he is also reaching south of the border to mexico‬. we are planting the seeds of our delivery so that not only are we going to be separated, but we will no longer be looked upon as only the ex-slaves of america that came across the trans-atlantic s***e trade, because we have brothers and sisters who are black and brown and red. that is why we were called the “‪#asiatic‬ black man” in our supreme wisdom teachings.

the honorable ‪#elijahmuhammad‬ moved and demonstrated a pattern of solidation with all of our people.
during the year before his departure, he went to mexico and established a base to work with the mexican‬ people in person.
when we recently witnessed the rising of our‪ latino‬ community in america, it almost took us for a surprise, and now the american government is wrestling with immigration problems.
as we make inroads to unite with other family members, it is a death knell for this government. they wanted to keep us isolated, use us as a tool and keep us illiterate to the knowledge of who we are." mother tynnetta muhammad : we must reclaim our own

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Messiah @louisfarrakhan teaches "when you get people united, you can change laws.
when you get people united, you can change minds.
if all of our economic power can be combined with strategic unity, along with what we have learned from higher education, we can begin to develop the earth, and have respect for it; and before you know it, we become a power inside america—masters in the land where we once were oppressed.
god, then, will see how we will act.
it is one thing to be oppressed and blame somebody else for their evil done to us, but when god brings us back to positions of power, how will we act toward others?

i hope that the native tradition of all the indigenous people, which is justice and the respect for the elders and taking counsel with the wise, will always be our way of ensuring that justice be done for all.

the first demand that we, as a people, must make is on self.
black people: don't ask anybody to do more for you than you are willing to do for yourself.
native people: don't ask washington to do more for you than you show your willingness to do yourself.
if we do this, then, together, we can make a demand on the government, and a demand on corporate america, for our share.
as long as we are in unity, they will never be able to deny us.

may god bless our efforts and let us hope that the black, the brown and the red will never allow our oppressor to divide us and pit us against each other again.
your hurt is our hurt.
your pain is our pain.
and so when your pain is relieved, ours will be too.

and that is the way we have to feel.
we are one body; one family" minister louis farrakhan

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#migrant #latino #mexico

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#keepfamiliestogether "@louisfarrakhan has said that god will reverse what was done to us as a people, and that the land would be given back to us wherein we could live together in peace.
this is allah's (god's) promise to us as it says psalms of david that “the meek shall inherit the earth” (psalms 37:11). god's promise remains true.

we must throw off the fear of not being accepted by this society that has exploited the poor and the darker peoples of the earth.
it is now time to fall back into love with our people and ourselves, no longer fearing the corrupt powers of this wicked system.
for as it says in the bible, 1 john, 4:18-20:
“there is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear: because fear hath torment. he that feareth is not made perfect in love. we love him, because he first loved us. if a man say, i love god, and hateth his brother, he is a liar: for he that loveth not his brother whom he hath seen, how can he love god whom he hath not seen?

our unity and the love for self can transform our suffering.
god and his promised messiah are present in the world today." david j muhammad

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#keepfamiliestogether #messiah @louisfarrakhan warns "i am not of the mind and spirit to destroy them(caucasians). except that they reject the mercy of god #masterfardmuhammad) and then seek to destroy that mercy(@louisfarrakhan ). then if you(whites), out of the evil of your father, seek to destroy what god has raised as a mercy for you, then you have sentenced yourself and your people to that punishment of death and total annihilation." #farrakhan (closing the gap 403) 

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