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У нас на Кипре первый день школы начался сегодня 🏫

И я включаюсь в обучение 11 сентября

«Коучинг в Млм»

📍Это впервые в индустрии сетевого маркетинга

Представьте что вы обладаете технологией коучинга, которая помогает другим людям с помощью продвигающих вопросов

Мощнейший инструмент, который может вывести твой бизнес на совершенно космическую высоту🚀

Коучинг - это наука задавания вопросов, которые активируют уже имеющийся опыт человека.

Благодаря правильным вопросам, которые попадают точно в цель, ты повысишь конверсию твоих переговоров💪

И именно сейчас в выигрыше именно те, кто умеет их правильно задавать⭐

Кто готов и хочет тоже присоединиться к коучингу, напиши мне в Директ 👆или в комментариях Хочу

Эта технология не является наставничеством, менторством, консультацией или духовной практикой.

Но эта технология сильно ускоряет процесс и подходят для тех людей которые хотят профессионально помогать другим достигать максимального успеха в бизнесе и жизни.

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Ready for the biggest team event of our lives❤️🙏🏻 sooo proud of @kaizenorganization and what they are about to do here in 🇪🇬 egypt 🇪🇬 #jeunesseglobal #networkmarketing #egypt #kaizen #unityglobal #powercouple #couplegoals

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I honestly was unsure of whether to share this publicly until few days ago. then god stepped in.
in sharing to a friend, i recently learned how my story saved 2 of her girlfriends' lives.
this message is for women who have or are considering getting b****t implants.
you may remember me sharing how i went to costa rica to collect my stem cells with dr. vincent giampapa... (such an incredible technology that i am so grateful that danien and i were able to do it!). while there, i was surprised to see how many women come from all over the world to extract b****t or replace their implants everyday with dr. giampapa's associate, plastic surgeon dr. victor urzola. i naturally asked if he could check my implants. i was shocked to learn my implants were leaking silicone all inside my body and had an emergency operation  to remove them (explant with en bloc is the surgery). i nearly died! the operation was so long. i had a infection throughout my body and tissue. please learn from my mistakes and story. have your implants carefully screened (but know sometimes they can be leaking and screening doesn't catch it). if they're older than 10 years old, you should replace them.
if you have fatigue, headaches, hair loss... there are many reported symptoms... they might be attributed to your b****t implants. it's known as b****t implant illness (bii). i urge you to research it. recently, inamed/allergan issued a recall for those with textured, silicone implants. however, many women have issues with other types as well.
i thank god and all the doctors and the staff in costa rica for saving my life.
to my unity global team: unfortunately, i will not be able to attend my scheduled italy tour and business for home event... i will not be in torino, milano, pesaro, amsterdam, palermo, pescara e roma because i am still very weak and need to heal. i will be back for expo milan 100% and look forward to seeing you all! my super amazing husband @danienfeier will take my place and trust me he is the best of the best!
please keep my healing in your prayers. thank you all. x*x #thankyoulord #breastimplantillness #unityglobal #networkmarketing #jeunesseglobal #womenhelpingwomen

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On day ✌🏼of #expo10 in orlando, i had the honor of talking about the incredible work #jeunessekids is doing to help give children a brighter future. ❤️ after the sun set on an inspiring day, the stars shone bright at an elegant dinner to celebrate our jeunesse family at the star gala. 🌟🤩 #1t1f1j

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The best way to keep your summer ☀️ glow is to add an all-over bronzer to your makeup routine. the nv bronzer it’s truly make up with benefits and it’s falls super natural on your face and body since it’s airbrush❤️ for a sun-kissed natural look! #bathleisure #makeup #bronzer #jeunesseglobal #networkmarketing #unityglobal #sunkissed #betheenvy #nv

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Promessa, é dívida! 🤝😜
você vai comigo nessa viagem minha irmã @lillianbolonheis
ter toda liberdade para trabalhar, e poder levar pessoas que amamos a viajar junto, não tem preço!
e não tem preço mesmo kkkkkkk tudo pago! 😱
gratidão primeiramente à deus, a toda família jeunesse, aos downlines e a todos que ajudam no meu desenvolvimento, e a buscar a cada dia ser uma pessoa melhor. 🙏🏼
é muito gratificante poder fazer parte do crescimento dessa empresa que está fazendo história em nosso país, e ainda ser tão bem reconhecido. 📈
vou continuar trabalhando pra ajudar o máximo de pessoas a conquistarem esse sonho, e a viver uma vida cheia de experiências grandiosas. 🎯
sail away 09 a 13 dez
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Parabéns aos mais novos safiras, safiras 25 e safiras 50 da #familiaeublack! 👏🏼🎉🍾💪🏻🏆🚀💎 #jeunesse #jeunesseglobal #marketingderelacionamento #networkmarketing #empreendedorismo #eublack

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Day 1 of #expo10 in orlando - i brought my vision for what’s next, and i’m all in! 🔥🔝 do you know yours? #ilivejeunesse #jeunesseglobal #sharethevision

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The way egypt 🇪🇬 welcomed us once again it’s simply priceless! i am so happy that i came, even if i was not 100%, because i could not miss our team event in a million years❤️ it was a true honor to be here and represent all these powerful women and to show them that network marketing can change your life. cleopatra was the last 👑 queen 👑 of egypt 🇪🇬 and showed the world what women can do... so my super women who is going to be e next queen? #womenempowerment #ladyboss #womenwhowork #kaizen #networkmarketing #jeunesseglobal #unityglobal #egypt #cleopatra

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