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Beautiful nebbiolo vineyard on the barbaresco hills. beautiful, yes, but hey, no sign of snow in the middle of january? in a region that’s usually covered in white powder –that’s snow btw– throughout the winter season? the few winemakers we’ve met are all on the same page, the weather is changing and it seems like the whole year’s shifted about one month late. spring, summer, fall and winter are changing. as much as we all enjoy wearing our swimsuits well into october, we need to be conscious of the impacts those changes have on viticulture, or broader m agriculture. let’s make sure we take care of our planet, it’s the only one we know of that produces wine...
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A d a y i n t h e l i f e : resistance workout whilst listening to a business podcast, eating clean, slaying my @burlyqclub to do list, and now it’s time to prepare for my performance tonight in new orleans. a showgirl doesn’t just ‘turn up, have fun, and eat swarovski crystals for supper’ 😂👌 it’s a dedication. a life’s work. .
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I’m here to promote my #10yearchallenge and tell you that two people can fit into my high school skirts now! and leaving lg for apple too #weightlosstransformation #weightlossjourney #weightloss #itsnottoolate #weightlossmotivation #fitness #fitnessmotivation #newyearnewme

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Good morning, if you are reading this i want to remind you that you are loved . there is not enough conversation about what people are battling on the inside and if this post spoke to you in any way i hope at the very least it tells you that you are not alone. coming from an empath who feels a whole lot majority of the time and somebody who couldn’t fit in it she tried i wish my younger self knew what i had were gifts and not character flaws. self care is not only physical but is where and how you invest your thoughts within yourself. love starts within. you are not valued as a person by the car you drive, what you scored on any test, or who your family thinks you are. comparison is a lethal dose on any level and instagram only glorifies it all by likes and followers. psssssst.... nobody is posting about their failures. you are enough! for every tomorrow you hold on for the today’s get a lot more beautiful.

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"you are never too old to set a new goal or to dream another dream." ~c.s. lewis⠀

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Yesterday i hit a huge milestone. i officially cannot shop in the big & tall store any longer. for my entire adult life my wordrobe choices was limited to one store and random online finds. the pulling tugging and stretching to cover up certain parts of my body was shameful and embarrassing. yesterday i went to the dxl store (destination xtra large) and nothing at all fit me. the sales person that always helped me looked at me and said, “today, i officially lost you as a customer.” he had no idea that his words were more than liberating. i said back to him, “yes, i’m going to nordstrom!” no more waking the mall with the words dxl on the side of every bag. you may only understand if you’ve struggled with weight. i have lost a total of 128 lbs and have gone from wearing size 54 pants to size 38. i was a huge dude! yesterday when i walked out of nordstrom i carried my nordstrom bag proudly! ive got choices now! not only was the weight from my body gone, the weight from my soul spirit and mind was lifted and liberating! i just want to take this moment to encourage the person who is struggling with their body and or soul weight. it’s not too late to get healthy! it’s not too late to reach out for help! it’s not too late to start again. you only fail if you decide to give up. i encourage you to just start with something. start with a walk. start with making one change. start with getting some accountability. start with prayer! i just want to encourage you that you can do it! for years i covered up my unhealthy ways with jokes with an unhealthy acceptance of my unhealthy lifestyle. i am learning in this season that god can’t cover what we choose to cover up! i’m praying for you! let’s go! #weightloss #imlosingit #cmonsomebody #dontquit #itsnottoolate #healthylife #notdoneyet #bariatricsurgery #dontcoverup #starttoday #freeindeed #prayfirst

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A quote—a good daily reminder—from our new york times bestselling book, “getting back to happy: change your thoughts, change your reality, and turn your trials into triumphs”. available at barnes & noble, amazon, etc. ❤️😊👍
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