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Top secret paranormal meeting. things are in the works. but i can tell you that i love my new hm inspired candle. smells like mold & dust & ghosts! #sunnysideparanormal #waffles #wafflesarecodeforghosts #moldanddust #hauntedmansion #disneygoth #paranormalinvestigator #iseeghosts #thesmellofthehauntedmansion #graceysplace @3cheekychickswaxco

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Teddy: “i see _____ “ #letsplay #fillintheblank #go

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Smarty pants , i love a smart man / women . #takeone #togo

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Fuck πŸ”₯ i’m chillin ❄️

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A quick little mid-day check in at home before training and hopping on the plane to vegas!! 2 days away from stepping on the national stage for the very first time 😱 im so excited, i’ve been looking forward to this experience since the first time i ever stepped on the npc stage. it’s all coming together!! see you guys there πŸ˜πŸ’• oh and here is my new suit color! πŸŒ²πŸŒ΅πŸ‰
#imsowhiteitsscary #iseeghosts #2daysout

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#reborn by kanye and @kidcudi i keep running into the idea that movement is life. this song embodies that concept and much more. next tattoo: "movimiento es vida" #keepmovingforward #iseeghosts #movimientoesvida

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