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Saturday was a powerful night of freedom and breakthrough for the women of alaska. kellie hotchkiss and renee morris lead worship and brought an intimate presence of the lord.
we heard from all generations what the spirit of the lord was speaking to his women. candy sunderland shared about getting back to basics, spending time with the lover of our soul. katelynn miessner shared about knowing our identity in christ, and not trying to find it in anything else but him.
hope wells shared a powerful testimony of forgiveness and not allowing a bitter root to grow in our hearts. that we would know the love jesus for all.
testimonies have been pouring in of healing, breakthrough and deliverance from that evening. god is raising up a company of women that will listen and obey to all he has asked us to do. women that walk in love, forgiveness, with power and authority. he is calling all of us deeper in this hour. he is saying, your are valuable, you are mine, you are not disqualified, i am with you, and i love you my daughters. for this is the hour for my church to arise and i am going to roar through you my daughters! for you all were born for such a time as this. i see you, i know you and i chose you. i love you. receive my love, it is a gift, it is not something to be earned. i want to lavish my love on you. ❤️

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✴️ new travel buddy ✴️
canon powershot g7 x mark ll
i'm going to spam here next days with this lil fella with me. my bigger mark ll is too big to smoothly carry around, so it was high time for me to upgrade my low key cam gear. 📸
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What do u guys think?

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🍋2016: lemons 🍋2017: lemonade
🍋2018: lemonade stand
🍋2019: lemonade franchise
🍋2020: lemonade monopoly
#nextjeneration🚀 @inextjeneration

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Um dos modelos de que já está sendo o queridinho do momento vem em cores super suaves que traz elegância e ao mesmo tempo o tom suave da primavera @rayssamariz

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Omg babe 😍💦💨 .
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Can you agree that when we were born, we were pure light? one with the creator, the universe. untouched spiritual beings.
and then as time passed, our minds were infiltrated with ideas of who we were supposed to be, how we were supposed to act, paths we were supposed to take. all moving us further and further away from our pure light selves and our soul's purpose.
we forget that we were born with the ability to co-create our own life. doubt, fear and worry hold us back and many wait for a dramatic shift or experience to follow their true path. some even believe it won't be until death that they can once again be one with the universe.
i want to remind everyone today that we are all spiritual beings having a human experience. the universe is us and within us. and we all have a unique divine reason we are here.
look within for the answers. be silent and listen. don't brush aside your thoughts and ideas of how you could be living a better life. your soul's purpose has been right there the whole time, waiting for you.
if you are ready to release your self-doubt, shift your mindset, and align with your soul's purpose... link to connect with me is in my bio 💖💫

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dostałam kwiatek.
dostałam- a dostać tak łatwo.
kwiatek- a kwiatków tak dużo.
różową różę.
różową- a czerwona jakaś.
różę- a różem nie pachnie.
wyciągam kolce.
wyciągam- bo nie warto trzymać.
kolce- na ręku krew błyszczy.
podaję dalej.
podaję- bo już się znudziłam.
dalej- niech ktoś też się zatnie. ~a.
makijaż&fotka: @caligulus
konkursowe zdjęcie ogólnie


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Después de la cena hoy hemos comido postre 😋💗🔥🔥#bestoftheday #rico #looks #food #instalike #alimentacionsaludable #like4like #amigos #internationalwomensday #barcelon#cadiz #madrid #sevilla#navarra #cantabriacalidade #catalunyaparaisonatural#barcelona

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