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Neden sustuğumu soruyorlar bütün gece. artık neden konuşmadığımı.

onlara bilmediğimi söyle. söyleyecek çok şey kalmadığını anlat. kadınların ahlarının üzerimizde kaldığını ve utangaç bir yüzle kelimeleri gizlediğimi söyle. kurumlarının aşkına, şirketlerinin aşkına, okullarının, televizyonlarının, gazetelerinin aşkına incittikleri çocukların gazabından söz et. ödeyemeyecekleri ağır bir hesabın kesileceği günü hatırlat.

bir de de ki; sakalları ıpıslak olana kadar ağlayan bir peygamberleri vardı. bir parça onur, bir parça merhamet işte o kadar.

#tarıktufan #kraliçeninpireleri #okudumbitti
tarık tufan'ın acılarımızı kaleme alışını seviyorum. anlatmak istediklerini evirip çevirmeden, öylece, olduğu gibi anlatması hoşuma gidiyor. süslü cümleler yerine bize bizden bahsetmesi, en çokta kadınların yaralarından bahsetmesi dokunuyor yüreğime. yazdıkları hepimizin şahit olduğu şeyler olsa da; birinin sessizliği bozarak tüm bunları yazıyor olması etkiliyor belki de bizi en çok.

kraliçenin pireleri de içine dolup taşan her şeyi kaleme aldığı denemelerinden oluşan bir kitap. hayatın gerçekleri de var satırlarda, film karelerinden kesitlerde, sitem de... bazı satırları defalarca okudum ve altını çizdim birkaç kez. ruhuma dokunmayan yazılar da oldu elbet fakat her tarık tufan kitabında olduğu gibi memnuniyetle vedalaştım bu kitapla da. yeni bir şeyler yazsa da okusak keşke 😌

bu güzel kitaba eşlik eden canım dostum @yagmur_zaman a muhabbetlerimle 😍

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How has your thursday been? i have been gripped by creative fever this afternoon and let’s just say... winter is coming! keep an eye on @thesenovelthoughtsshop to see what’s going on. in the meantime, here are some truly beautiful clothbound classics. this is the extent of my collection so far and i love everything single one.
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Do you ever just fall in love with a bit of worldbuilding and think about it all the time?
almost every time i cook spaghetti, i think of this section from the magicians of caprona by diana wynne jones:
two hundred years ago, the story went, old ricardo petrocchi took it into his head that the duke of caprona was ordering more spells from the monatanas than from the petrocchis, and he wrote old francesco montana a very insulting letter about it. old francesco was so angry that he promptly invited all the petrocchis to a feast. he had, he said, a new dish he wanted them to try. then he rolled ricardo petrocchi’s letter up into long spills and cast one of his strongest spells over it. and it turned into spaghetti. the petrocchis ate it greedily and were all taken ill, particularly old ricardo—for nothing disagrees with a person so much as having to eat his own words. he never forgave francesco montana, and the two families had been enemies ever since.
if you haven’t read any books by diana wynne jones, you need to get on that immediately. my introduction to dwj was with the worlds of chrestomanci series. i’ve read a few more of her books since then, and have even more on my tbr.
happy birthday to diana wynne jones, and thank you for giving us so many wonderful books in your lifetime.
day 16:
#ampersand2018: #eatyourwords .
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🌺 happy thursday, bookworms!!
qotd: do you have a most favorite bookish character??
did anyone else have a really hard time picking a character for today’s prompt?? i love so many bookish characters, and i decided to go with a few of them, including elizabeth bennett, hermione granger, belle, and rory gilmore. 😊 they are all so bookish! ☺️ who are some of your most favorite bookish characters??
it’s officially thursday, bookworms, which means the weekend is right around the corner! this week has been the longest week ever, and i just want the weekend to be here already. what about you??
📚 bookish character. #allthebooksaug18 📚 books and favorite candle. #auginbooks18 📚 diverse authors. #augustbookstagram18 -
have a great thursday, all!!
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If you can pick one character from book to be your bestfriend who will you choose? 🤔😁
i definetly will pick hermione 😍😍 shes loyal and honest and smart and adventurous ( think all my real life bestfriends own all those those qualities too 😘) i also love nina zenik from six of crows cause shes super fun and love to eat 😍

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“i’m here”. i said. “you see me, what do you want?”.
“i need to ask you for something “ she said.
ask me, ask me for anything, i love you.
no, you made me love you, i hate you.
ask and i’ll refuse, i wouldn’t give you an ounce of my spit,
i’d give you the world. “what do you want?”
- blackwing (ed mcdonald)
. .
hello lovlies ☺️. what’s one book you recently read that totally surprised you and why?
i recently read blackwing, book 1 of raven’s mark triology and i absolutely loved it. just read the quote above 😭💜.
its a very grim post apocalyptic dark fantasy, definitely grimdark (trigger warning: violence, gore, language). i loved the pace, the action scenes, how magic mixed with technology, the little bit of romance, the morally grey characters. and most of all, galharrow was such an amazing character 😍😭💜
both of these gorgeous books are signed 😍. i don’t know what other books to read that are similar to this one. grimdark but with heart♥️. would you know of similar books?

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Alright guys i think it's official... we are feeling the autumn cosy vibes 🍁🍂🍄.
😂😂 though lets be honest we are feeling it all year round 🙈😅. who else loves these vibes?!

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My morning started off really relaxing thanks to a strong cup of coffee, a bowl of oatmeal with berries and my sister the serial killer by oyinkan braithwaite which is hilarious and dark but all that changed with a sudden anxiety attack. i hate how one irrational thought can railroad my whole day. after a mini breakdown when i questioned every aspect of my life i slowed down and did breathing exercises. i used the meditation app headspace for nearly an hour and then called my mom for a reassuring talk. how do you deal with sudden anxiety attacks? is there an app that help you calm down?

i can't believe it's august and i've only made one trip to the beach and been on two picnics. i was hoping this summer would be filled with lots of picnics, beach days and outdoor festivals. there's still several weeks left so i'm hoping that's more than enough time to do some of my summer todo list. how's your summer shaping up so far? did you get a chance to do most of what you wanted? i hope you did.

happy wednesday lovelies, i hope you're having a great day 💕 #hygge #onthetable #momentsofmine #culturetripbooks #currentlyreading

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Hallo ihr lieben🦊🌿 book merch ja oder nein? .
ich kaufe tatsächlich eher zu serien etwas, als zu büchern. den einzigen merch, den ich in sachen büchern habe, ist harry potter 😅 aber gerade musste ich ein wenig grinsen, wer die götter von asgard kennt, wird zuerst an thor und loki denken. letzterer spielt auch in @thelizagrimm s buch eine wichtige rolle. sogesehen ist mein loki #funko ja schon... book merch, oder? 🤔🤔😂 und soll ich euch etwas sagen? wer loki mag und avengers feiert, sollte dieses buch unbedingt lesen .
#fantasynaticfandoms {book merch}

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Некогда величественный особняк Хандредс-Холл с богатым и преуспевающим семейством Айрес, со временем превратившееся в мрачную, разваливающуюся и обветшалую усадьбу, где обитатели едва сводят концы с концами. Минимум служанок, денег и ума.

Спокойная и атмосферная история, мрачная, но ни чуть не пугающая (лично меня). Ни мурашек, ни жути.
Главный герой доктор Фарадей, волей случая, становится частым посетителем особняка. И вскоре совсем тесно общается с молодой хозяйкой. И тут Уотерс решила добавить мистики, приведений и смерти 🖤
Мне герой совсем не понравился, тупой и бестолковый, и в чувства его так и не поверила! Да и остальные обитатели вялые и никчемные.
Описание дома и его мрачности, превосходное, как настоящий цельный персонаж, а вот остальное не очень впечатлило. Но читалось очень легко.
Задумка автора отличная, а как итог... ожидала другого.
Всё покрыто тайной и неясностью, которая так и остаётся нераскрытой 😐
Люблю истории про знатные семьи, с не менее впечатляющими поместьями и с черновщинкой) К сожалению эта, не в их числе. Но экранизацию с удовольствием посмотрю

Но автору дам безусловно ещё шанс, с книгой «Дорогие гости». Может именно она меня впечатлит.
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What to do when your child doesn’t like reading? be sure to let your child’s classroom teacher know right away so that you can work together. think about why your child might not like reading. are the books too hard? are they not reading something they are interested in? new blog post is up. link in bio. #readingmotivation #learningtoreadtogether #kidsliteracy #parentsandkids #instaread #instaparents #summerreading #backtoschool #readingfun

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Ten reasons to stay
author: candace knoebel
series: risky hearts duet #1 genre: contemporary romance
release date: august 30, 2018
one day a week—thursdays—my husband and i could do whatever or whomever we pleased.
protection was non-negotiable.
and no matter what, we had to be home by midnight.
jack was the one who wanted an open marriage, but we were supposed to keep things simple. no strings. no commitments. it seemed so easy…until it wasn’t.
devilishly handsome cole blackwater was only supposed to be a fling, but everything about him made me feel alive. wanted. seen. when i realized he was my husband’s boss, i should have broken things off right then…but i didn’t.
one day a week, i could pretend that i was his and he was mine…until cole wanted more.
but how could i decide between the man i’d promised to love, honor, and cherish, and the man who tempted me to break every single vow i’d made?
goodreads: •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• #tenreasonstostay #candaceknoebel #teaser #comingsoon #bookstagram #bookstagrammer#booklover #bookrecs #booklist #readinglist #bookish #bookworm #instaread #books #booklover #igreads #igbooks #booklove #bookaholic #bookaddict #bookworm #bibliophile #booksofinstagram #bookshelf #goodreads #readersofinstagram #booknerd #book #ebooks #bookbuzz #booknerdigans #booknerd

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🔖 - « j’ai regardé les disques dans ce salon, et ça m’a fait penser à mon père qui adorait la musique. et j’ai eu envie de le revoir. »
hello bookstagram, un peu débordée par mon job d’été, j’ai quand même trouvé le temps de me plonger dans ce livre qui est sorti aujourd’hui en librairie et que je vous invite à aller découvrir car c’est une vraie petite perle ! (ce timing de lecture/publi est synchro vous avez vu)
ce livre pourrait entrer dans la catégorie de petit frère de ceux de john green ou jennifer niven. c’est ce genre de livre qui appelle à faire sortir nos émotions en nous emportant dans un tourbillon de sentiments. l’histoire retrace la reconstruction de deux frères, dylan et griff, qui à la suite d’un accident de voiture ont perdu leurs parents. j’ai adoré les personnages (même les secondaires), l’univers, la part importante de la musique et même la petite part de poésie présente. j’ai bien entendu versé ma petite larme à un moment clé de l’histoire où je me suis sentie complètement déboussolée, même si ma réaction a été « mais bien sûr !! ». n’hésitez pas à vous jeter dessus si les « drames familiaux » et les ambiances cosy vous plaisent !
résumé : le monde de griff et dylan, 13 et 15 ans, s'écroule à la fin de l'été, quand un accident de voiture les laisse orphelins. installés à new york depuis peu, les deux frères sont d'abord recueillis par blessing, collègue haute en couleur de leurs parents. puis à l'autre bout du monde, chez un oncle et une tante qu'ils ne connaissent pas, dans une petite ville du pays de galles, où ils trouvent bienveillance et nouvelles amitiés. dylan n'a qu'une idée en tête : aider griff à revivre, protéger son petit frère. mais il a lui-même son propre chemin à faire, et une dernière vérité à affronter.
& vous, aimez-vous ce genre de livre ? comptez-vous lire celui-ci ?
nos vies en mille morceaux, hayley long - gallimard jeunesse 🔖 — • — • — • —
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What emoji best describes your tbr list? (mines 😲)
this lovely book is on my tbr still, along with many others. i’m slowly catching up though! i haven’t bought as many books lately so that helps! i will never not have a tbr, but it’s nice to see that it’s a little more manageable now. 😊
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Today on electric literature: the blackkklansman shows how white supremacists make language into a weapon. kristi coulter wants you to #readmorewomen. austin channing brown wants to save black women some emotional labor.

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Дейл Карнеги, классика в своем стиле!)🤗⠀

😎Книга "Как выработать уверенность в себе и влиять на людей, выступая публично" - Дейл Карнеги.⠀

😄Отличная книга для саморазвитии!⠀

📚Книгу эту начал читать не так давно, уже более 40% материала изучено и проанализировано.⠀
Вся информация предоставлена читателю очень легко и понятно. В большинстве подобная литература имеет как говорится много "заумных" слов, тут же все наоборот. Даже если и есть какие-то непонятные слова, внизу страницы есть сноски, в которых даются комментарии.⠀

🔎У книги отличное предисловие, где очень доходчиво написано зачем она, и кому ее стоит прочитать, а так же небольшая история о том, как она создавалась.⠀

📑Все разложено по пунктам. К каждому пункту книги идут полные разъяснения и примеры из реальной жизни людей, которые посещали курсы Карнеги, которые он проводил по всей стране.⠀

📥Информация очень полезная и актуальна по сей день.⠀
Тем, кто действительно заинтересован в совершенствовании своей личности, кто хочет улучшить свою жизнь и добиться успеха как в личной, так и в деловой жизни эта книга подойдет идеально.⠀

Многие отказываются читать ссылаясь на занятость!⠀
У меня вопрос? 🤔⠀
🕖И в какое время можно продуктивно провести за чтением?⠀

🤓Поделись своим мнением в комментариях.

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I knew i didn't need to read the blurb of this book 💕
#instaread #fortyrulesoflove

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I love @stephenking and from my early teens i’ve spent many hours in his amazing stories totally engrossed in the world he creates. i’ll never get enough of these books and i just love that he keeps on bringing the goods year in, year out. keep ‘em coming i say! here are a couple of my favourites 📚📚 #bookstagram #booknerd #booklover #instabook #instaread #stephenking #mrmercedes #doctorsleep #dumakey #bookishmerch

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To all the boys i've loved before - @jennyhan 🍪💗
comme vous le savez peut-être pas mais nous sommes de grandes fan de jenny han. nous avions déjà beaucoup apprécier sa première saga "summer" qui est légère et parfaite pour l'été (no s**t sherlock). cette autrice a une plume tellement agréable à lire.
on vous conseille de lire cette saga parce qu'elle sympathique, sans prise de tête, marrante et avec des personnages vraiment trop adorables (peter k. le boyfriend qu'on rêve toutes d'avoir). on s'identifie facilement à eux et à certaines situations. jenny han a su réussir là où d'autres ont échoué: transposer des sentiments de deux jeunes gens, qui ne savent pas où leur avenir les mènera. l'autrice évoque la famille & sa place mais aussi le féminisme et surtout, et avec beaucoup de justesse et d'humour, la communauté asiatique aux usa.
mais si on vous parle de ça c'est parce qu'il y a son adaptation cinématographique qui sort demain sur @netflixfr et rien qu'au trailer on voit que c'est une bonne adaptation 👌🏻 on retrouve direct l'ambiance cossy et mignon du t1. le choix des acteurs (pas très connu en plus) est parfait sur le papier. vraiment, il nous tarde de rentrer de grèce pour se caler devant avec de bons cookies !
-pauline & clem-
#toalltheboysivelovedbefore #psistillloveyou #foreverlarajean #jennyhan #netflix #booktomovie #youngadult #book #bookstagram #booklover #bookish #bookworm #bookphotography #bookreview #instabook #instaread #livrestragram #livreaddict

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Olá pessoal

mais um ano passando e chegamos novamente ao especial lendas brasileiras que já fazemos a dois anos sempre em agosto, o mês dedicado ao folclore brasileiro, desta vez vou contar uma história um pouco mais macabra, que é a lenda do corpo-seco, vamos lá?
link na bio o /

a ilustração é da @dnacaroline

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”i think you’re a fairy tale. i think you’re magical, and brave, and exquisite. and i hope you'll let me be in your story.”
~ laini taylor, strange the dreamer

#book #books #bookish #bookworm #bookstagram #bibliophile #bookstagramfeature #bookishfeatures #bookstagramfeatures
#read #instabook #instaread #bookgeek #kimmersbooks

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Coffee and cake are always a necessity when reuniting with friends ❤️

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Нам дался шанс один на всю планету ,
Мы все должны работать ,
Наш шанс всегда при нас и каждая попытка ,
Что сделана с любовью и трудом ,
Вознаграждённой будет .
. ... .
Мы думаем ,что можем отступить , что можно нам всё бросить .
Сдаваться ведь легко , конечно , точно .
Но надо понимать ,что всем ведь всё равно .
Да , ты можешь всё разрушить и отступить сейчас,
Чтобы потом все просто отвернулись.
А ты останешься один и точно плохо будет .
Тебе , твоим родным , знакомым , близким людям .
Они стояли за тебя ,
А ты щелчком или одним лишь словом ,
Всё быстро уничтожил.
. ... .

Нам дался шанс один на всю планету ,
Послушайте себя ,
Живите , радуйтесь , творите .
Любите всех и вся. .
... .
Любой , пусть даже слабенький ребёнок ,
А может взрослый
Умеет быть сильнее многих ,
Если того захочет .
Неважно где и как , и сколько лет .
Ты важный для планеты ,
Живи , люби и воплащай
Мечты , идеи , счастье.
Чтобы потом всем показать ,
что ты великий мастер .

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📖Книги — корабли мысли, странствующие по волнам времени и бережно несущие свой драгоценный груз от поколения к поколению

#book #books #bookworm #bookstagram #booklover #bookme #кот #instabook #instaread #instagramanet#cat #cats #catsofinstagram #книги #instacat #instagramanet #instatag #catstagram #catlover #like4likes #likeforlikes #like #photooftheday #photos #goodnight #flowers

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“you are better off doing nothing than doing something badly. but the problem is that bad writers tend to have the self-confidence, while the good ones tend to have self-doubt.”
– charles bukowski
💬 what motivates you?
i’ve just had lunch and now i’m reading “being a writer”, by travis elborouhg and helen gordon. well, first off, “happy birthday, charles bukowski! we miss you here on earth.” now, the book. i saw it first on my friend carol’s feed (@anacsq_ ). she’s always reading the books i would love to read.
“being a writer” is an inspiring assemblage of wisdom, wit and hard-won praticar advice from some of the world’s greatest authors musing on the art of writing. it’s like having tons of authors giving you advices. this book is inspiring because we read great writers saying they experience the same s**t we do. that’s such a relief.
guys, nobody is born a writer. take bukowski, for instance. he was born in 1920 in germany, went to the us, moved to california, worked at a post office, and apparently he loved alcohol and women more than it was healthy for him. his first poetry collection was only published in 1960 when he was 40! and his first novel, the autobiographical “post office” was published in 1971, he was 51. ok, his work is filled with dirty realism and transgression, and he only had more recognition of the critics after he died. so what? i repeat, so what?
what motivates me is my self-doubt. and i thought it was something that bad writers experienced but according to bukowski, it’s the opposite. it’s self-doubt that make me want to improve every day, and because of self-doubt i feel motivated to constantly hone my skills. and it’s that exact self-doubt that will help us thrive. we just need to dose it properly not to find ourselves drowning in bad vices, and taking a lifetime to publish our work. and hey, you might have no idea, but that’s very easy!
what motivates you?
#beardyscript #bookgram #charlesbukowski

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Sadhguru - too many people are hungry not because there is dearth of food. it is because there is dearth of love and care in human hearts.

lack of food in the world comes from lack of compassion. no matter how much we achieve in this materialistic world, it’s important to embody the very traits that make us human – empathy and love. #booklove #bookstagram #literature #words #booknerd #bookaholic #bookstore #reading #bookaddict #read #reader #instagramanet #readingtime #books #text #book #bookme #bookworm #instabook #instatag #readingfestival #booknow #stories #booklover #instaread #bookshelf #literatura #bookmark #bookporn

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