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Episode 5 (part 1) :in the ghosty secret base
fiona is the president of her group called .. "recogenizing freshers".. she's bossy , hard working and an angry bird sometimes .. on the way to leaving school.. she meets her old friend jane in the elevator.. how they greet each other after a long time ,watch in clip 6.
note : runs in continuity from clip 1-4,to better understand the story please watch from clip 1 if you haven't!

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Hello summer 🌞😎 we are welcoming you with open arms!

can't wait to hit the road and go to places such as my favorite lake 🌊 up north in the mountains 🌄

nature is where you get the best connection and water is therapeutic right?
what are your plans for the beautiful season?

let us know 🙋😉
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Episode 6 : theater mess mystery - ||
if you have watched clip 3, there was a ruined theatrical show garnering negative feedback which was quite unexpected from such a highly reputed school. now fiona is in charge of finding out what exactly happened and who had been mischievous backstage ! and also, jane will be greeting you at the last of this clip where she shares some of her past experiences with fiona!
note : the story runs in continuity from clip 1-5 , if you haven't ,you should watch from the start to understand the story and characters better!
thanks for watching

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Episode 9 : there's still a disputed fact in my mind and it is, why do superficial judgement is weighted more against the intangible values inside and which among the both should one cultivate and for what in this modern world!
and as far as values are concerned they are more or less genetic n permanent because either one is born with them or one keeps struggling throughout life to find their meaning to him/her !

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Episode 11 : ohk ! so melanie is a head chief and taylor is her associate intern , they are not actually students but were hired by school to enquire into a strange event that happened last christmas!

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Ahh throwback to the day i nearly died but had places to be 😅😅#theglorydays #tbt #liveexotically

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