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Goats. furry, silly, inquisitive, and joyful- everybody loves them! one of the oldest domesticated animals, they’ve lived beside us for so long that they’re ubiquitous throughout folklore and myth. did you know . . . .
-that thor’s chariot is pulled by a pair of goats? regenerating lighting goats, mind you. not kidding. .
- the zodiac sign capricorn is a sea goat- which seems funny to me, as they’re all about determination and patience. i guess goats are very determined, usually to climb your car and eat your food?
- a ‘scapegoat’ was once an actual goat that was ritually loaded with sinful energy and then driven into the wilderness. one assumes that once there, the goat shrugged it all off, trotted to the nearest watering hole, and cracked jokes to all the other animals about how dumb humans are.
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I coordinated and photographed a michael and jason shoot in 2017 and it unexpectedly went viral as a meme last year. “waiting for october like” 😂 so when a friend tagged me in an event post that spotlighted this piece, i reached out to the artist @bat13sjx to make it my own. this painting now has a home with me and i so am in love with it. thank you, sym! 🖤

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✨☯️ my yin yang foxes together!! ☯️✨ okay so now back to ancient gods and goddesses! who’d you like to see?? i feel like artemis would be fun :3 💕💕

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My part of #faceyourart challenge~ witch of the faces is your favourite?(my definitely the middle one)
this challenge is so great, a lot of incredible artist joined already, if you want to join too then check out @chaoillustrations page and read about it~
and same-face syndrome is so obvious wth?? xd why is literally no one tells me about it, i really need to work on this

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