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I love mom mom 🥰😛

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|| day 95 || another sunset picture because they are one of me and mom’s favorite things about living in la! 💛 #outpacecancer #sunsetsaremyfavorite #happiestdog #thankful #manhappenings

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I love blueberry 😍

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Play football with me? 🐶

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We were going to save the world but decided to have a nap instead 😴 who wants to join us? #maybetomorrow #lizzieandally

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Giving dad the ‘can i just have five more minutes’ eyes 😴💤

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Eu amo essa foto 😍 representa demais o amor que um tem pelo outro. só quem já viu pessoalmente sabe, que ela ama demais esse papito dela. fico até com ciúmes, mas aceito. ela escolheu ele pra ser o seu dono 🖤❤️

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