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My solution for a tillandsia holder. a big stone and a little steel wire.
have you made a diy holder? i would love to see it.

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Every new leaf is like a surprise. 🎉 this started opening overnight! what’s it going look like? #monsteradeliciosa

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Morning beautiful people✨
where the heck has this week gone?! i remember the days of wishing away my weeks to get to weekends - now i wish life came with a pause button🌱
last night ry & i joined @slimmingworld 🙊🌱although beauty comes in all shapes & sizes (like these 🌵), i want to start feeling my best again & feeling energised & strong💪🏽
i would love to hear any success stories or tips for my @slimmingworld journey - have you tried it before?
luckily i haven’t started visualising people as blocks of halloumi just yet... but it’s only been 13 hours😂🌱

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Peep my scissors on the floor, always within arms reach in my plant room 🤪✂️🌿 yesterday was my best birthday so far! loving the life i'm surrounding myself with, and the joy that those i love give back to me 💛 looking forward to celebrating for the rest of this week, and making endless messages on my new letter board! (nice job on the gift by the way @cyborgfromspace )..
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Ok so we're all about flowers here at love from lily.. can cactus be classed as a flower? yeah i think so! anyone who knows me knows i love cactus firstly because they look amazing but most importantly i can actually keep them alive!!
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Arrived undamaged in berlin and is looking for a new home. ouch! 💚🌵

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🌱 my new beautiful prayer plant

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Morning all....happy thursday, the door is open and we’re here until 4pm today, closing slightly earlier than usual 🌿.....

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