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I smiled through it, but truth was, i was soooo unhappy. i felt like a prisoner to my unhealthy habits, i had no energy, no desire to dress up and get pretty, i hated going shopping, and walking fast face would make me get out of breath. for a long time, i stopped wanting to take pictures because of how depressing it was to see the weight on my face! at one point i felt like that was just how my life was meant to be 🤷🏻‍♀️ i knew what i needed to do to make a difference, eat healthy + exercise! duh it’s not rocket science! what was soooo hard for me was being able to stick to eating healthy and exercising when that was the last thing i wanted to do! i was that girl that like about 2/3 veggies, loatheddddddd reheated food, and adoresssssss hot and ready food that i don’t have to cook or clean 🙃 so making that change was hard! but you know what was harder!? waking up everyday hating the person looking back at me in the mirror. having an entire nights sleep but feeling like i didn’t sleep at all. not being able to keep up with my toddler. having high blood pressure. being prediabetic. being addicted to fast foods. having headaches or migraines on a weekly basis. getting killer back pains, etc!! there is sooooo much that has improved in my life since i’ve started treating it with more love and i can’t help but share it because i hope, i pray!!! that it can light the fire inside someone else who needs it because i knowwww how hard it is to feel stuck, to feel like you have no control at all! i’m here to tell you that you do!!! it’s just about having the strength to fight a little harder for it! it’s beyond worth it!! •

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The 4 main causes of procrastination revealed

1. a fear of failure

in my experience one of the most common causes of procrastination is a deep-rooted fear of failure.  if you fear the consequences of failing, then a logical extension of this is a disinclination to take action.

2. excessive perfectionism
another common cause of procrastination is excessive perfectionism. if you are a self-confessed perfectionist, then you might find it difficult to take action unless you know you can do a job with which you will be totally satisfied.

3. low energy levels
another frequent reason for procrastination is experiencing low energy levels. if you are lacking energy, then it stands to reason that you will not feel like doing much at all.

4. a lack of focus
a lack of focus in life is another frequent cause of procrastination. although some people like to claim that “the person who does not know where they are going always travels further”, this idiom does not mesh well with those of us who are predisposed to procrastination. #personaldevelopment #coaching #mentorship #education #habitloop #psychology #behavior #learning #learn #blog #selfhelp #improvement

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Here’s my art style improvement from ‘17-‘19, depicting the lovely veronica sawyer from heathers !! it’s incredibly reassuring to take the time to reflect on your personal progress as an artist, and although i don’t normally post this type of content i feel that it’s well deserved ☺️ i’m becoming well-versed in human anatomy, identifying color, and design overall. to my fellow artists who need it, keep moving forward 💖 #artstyle #improvement #artimprovement #fanart #heathers #veronicasawyer #heathersthemusical #art #artwork #digitalart #photoshop #artist

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Remember when i used to do pencil drawings? yeah me neither 😂😂 throwing it back for today with @bellahadid

thank you for all the continued support 💕💕

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School project of plants study 🌿

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