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On the way to the glacier 🇨🇦❤️

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I had to make a lot of changes these past couple of years, but now i feel confident about what lies ahead of me. i feel like i have reached a point where i have a good understanding of what i'm meant to do and what i can become. the smudges have removed themselves from my glasses and i can clearly see the path that i'm about to take my first steps in. i feel optimistic and i'm grateful to have been able to get out of this creative slump that has been blurring my vision. i was so tired of feeling like i was just going in circles. i feel so inspired and just so thankful. this is a period of rebirth, finally, i have risen out of the ashes.🔥

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✨sol✨ is now available on my website! this piece is about the energy and optimism you feel when you stand in sunlight. when the sun rises, we’re all given a fresh start. forget about what happened yesterday because the first glimpse of that giant ball of hot plasma means a new beginning has already started. the metallic gold and yellow shades represent sunshine, a combination of bright light and radiant heat. the sun is a symbol of positivity and awareness; it’s always watching from up above, but it never judges. it’s only purpose is to provide clarity, energy, and warmth. my goal with this painting is to encourage viewers to embrace the light that comes with a new day and forgive themselves of past mistakes. #☀ this piece comes in 24” x 36” limited canvas and limited museum acrylic. click on the link in bio to learn more!

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Все больше чувствую, что интуитивное решение пожить на Ибице, действительно от сердца! 🌊🌴И мой переезд был не случаен! ✨Из последних наблюдений, немного смущает, что дни здесь пролетают с космической скоростью...интересно, это только у меня так или свойство острова? 🤔 Но в остальном я вдохновлена и влюблена в эту жизнь! 💋💃

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Go read a book instead 🐤 (honestly felt like belle the princess 👸🏻 in this moment) •

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