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"what is today's date?
who is the president?
how great a danger do you pose, on a scale of one to ten?
what does "people who live in glass houses" mean?
every symphony is a suicide postponed, true or false?
should each individual snowflake be held accountable for the avalanche?
name five rivers.
what do you see yourself doing in ten minutes?
how about some lovely soft thorazine music?
if you could have half an hour with your father, what would you say to him?
what should you do if i fall asleep?
are you still following in his mastodon footsteps?
what is the moral of "mary had a little lamb?"
what about his everest shadow?
would you compare your education to a disease so rare no one else has ever had it, or the deliberate extermination of indigenous populations?
which is more puzzling the existence of suffering, or its frequent absence?
should an odd number be sacrificed to the gods of the sky, an an even to those of the underworld, or vice versa?
would you visit a country where nobody talks?
what would you have done differently?
why are you here?
-from intake interview

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《pink dot》

it’s been 4 weeks since #pinkdot10 and i’m glad i went and experience the support and strength of the lgbtq community in singapore.

here are some photos.

#35mm #contaxt2 #iro200 _____________________________________________________________
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London, 2017.

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Motel life

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#repost from @valongofestival

glad to be part of the selected artists this year!
• • • • •
mais umx artistx selecionadx para as chamadas abertas do #valongo2018: elsa leydier (@elsitasereia ), a fotógrafa francesa de 30 anos, radicada entre lyon e o rio de janeiro, que busca por meio de seu trabalho retratar a faceta inusitada do território, resultando em texturas vibrantes e uma seleção de portraits roubados durante suas andanças pelo mundo. para o #valongofestival a artista leva a série esgotados, a qual relaciona a contradição publicitária/turística do brasil durante a copa de 2014 com os movimentos de ocupação indígena de março de 2013 no rio de janeiro. #naomeaguardenaretina

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Motel life

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Going in

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Another composition from feira da ladra.

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