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" se a gente não fizer o que ama a gente não existe. "
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Faerie icecrystal & pearl looking like a pretty magical pair ✨💗 both available on the etsy • link in bio ☝🏼 you can choose hdpe or polypro and any size tubing you’d like ✨
always custom made 💘

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Happy flow arts friday!!! ✨ here are some more photos from the @dubtronica 6 year anniversary show featuring @shlumpbass, @conrank, @eazybakedbeats, @peanutbutterwilliams and more!! 💚💜 feeling like a superstar on stage 🌟i love the photos of other featured performer @sunnyhooplove and i 😍😍😍 always such an honor to perform with ya 🌞 everyone get excited for the next @dubtronica coming up on november 3rd! 👽 this one will be featuring @toadface7, @sayerbass, and of course @peanutbutterwilliams ! 🐸🔥 see you all there!! ❤️ photo creds go to russ lytle! using my 25” od featherweight futurehoop remote from @moodhoops! 🌈 bodysuit is from @hayleadele 🦄 #hoop #hooper #hooping #flowartsfriday #hoopersofig #hoopersofinstagram #hooplove #hoopdance #dancer #booty🍑 #hoopflow #performanceart #performance #hooplah #gratefulhoopers #sacredcircles #icc #infinitecircles #infinitecirclescommunity #flowarts #flowartist #entertainment #moodhoops #performerlife

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Another wall mount cabinet/rack. customer wants it installed 7 feet above floor. 25 cables to terminate onto an icc 48 port patch panel. 2 hours to test time.
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A great bowling spell from umesh yadav in the 2nd test against west indies completing his maiden test wicket haul in test cricket 👑🏏

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5 factions within the #secretspaceprogram
1. #solarwarden - began in the late 1970's during the strategic defense initiative. consists of 8 cigar shaped ufo's and us staffed by naval officers.

2. #icc interplanetary corporate conglomerate - run by corporations all over the world that have representatives in a super corporate board that control secret space infrastructure.

3. #darkfleet - very secretive fleet that works outside of the solar system

4. various #blackops military secret space programs that operate primarily inside our solar system.
5. #globalgalacticleagueofnations - that is offered to all the nations on
earth to have them maintain the veil of secrecy about what is going on in space. in return for their silence they have been given space programs and money. they fear of certain threats
or possible invasions. so they work toghter to prepare.

all if these programs are #topsecret, which is the highest clearance level, but compartmentalized special access programs (#sap) have additional codeword clearances for each program on a kneed-to-know basis. in other words, just because you have a ts clearance it doesn't mean you can access oxcart material. you would have to have a ts-oxcart clearance.
it's kind of like the #freemasons. third degree (master mason) is the highest level, but then you can earn consistory levels up to 32nd degree.

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Icc alaska would like to introduce elizabeth ferguson, icc alaska youth representative from the northwest arctic region who will serve on the icc alaska board for the 2018-2022 term. #icc #iccalaska #inuit

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Icc world cup trophy tour.
sylhet bangladesh😍
#icc #wc19

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