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Photo by @ivanbaaaaah
“makeup has definitely helped me realize who i am and who i want to be,” says ivan lam (@ivanbaaaaah ). “it’s helped me express what i truly feel inside on the outside. that’s super important to me. i think everybody should be able to express themselves fully without judgment. i’m so glad that i got to do this with makeup. it’s been a journey, and it’s definitely helped me a lot as a person.” 💄💋
watch ivan’s #howtoselfie tutorial on today’s story, and learn more about his connection to makeup on igtv.

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The power of angles! we all know we do it, so don’t be too h*****n yourselves ladies & gents.

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Twist and flex and squeeze and don’t breathe 😂 #happytuesday 💓 #howtoselfie #emphasisondontbreathe

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#selfietip 📷 it's all in the lighting! 💡get yourself in front of a window that has a light sheer curtain or go to a room in the house that brings in indirect sunlight. this will add softness to your skin and a 'natural' filter to all your pics. 🤳 would you like me to share more tips? #selfie my hair look inspired by @stephsa #flickonfleek #brunette #selfielight #howto #howtoselfie #huawei #smize #selfietips #photo #nofilter #naturallighting #selfienation #selfietime

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Let me level with y’all: there are days when i try to take a selfie but the photos don’t come out looking the way i feel so i abort the mission. 🤣 on other days i take 10-20 or whateva so that i have options to pick from. it takes me a good 5 mins to find “the light” and angles before i even snap. what’s your typical selfie plan? lol (i know it’s silly but let’s talk about it) .
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Someone teach me how to properly #selfie! this is the best i’ve got! 🤣🤣 leave tip below 👇🏽
⭐️ happy thursday ⭐️

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Someone said no wall?🙃
i found a new trick today to how prolong my 10 sec shutter🙌
i had an old settings for prolonged “tap and hold” in between the custom gestures in the assistive touch on my phone (i made it for instagram stories, when there was no “hands-free” option😂) - and i basically put this prolonged tap on the shutter button in the remote app and it only starts counting the 10 seconds down after the assistive touch tap stops! admit it: i might be genius🤔

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