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Bestfriends dress up and show out #frenchquarters #goodfoods #goodmusic #hilariouspeople #perfectouting❤️

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Lilly you are an amazing spirit to be around love you long time you beautiful betch @lilzkilz24 made an appearance at the standard also 🦈🦎🐢🦀🦑🐠🐢 @leol0v3 is giving major fierce face here 😂🧡🌞 #tanbitches #hilariouspeople #wedyinglaughing #southbeach #miamibeach #livinglife

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#catchingup with these #hilariouspeople
每次跟你們在一起就有種莫名的安全感啊! 套句龍哥招生名言:一日基長人永遠基長人😆 love you all💙💜❤💚💛 謝謝從新竹趕來的陳吳院長 😁

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Lol we tried to do a youtube video and being so funny 😆 #embarrassing did you hear me in the background saying say you like my background.😆🤣 #cousins #hilariouspeople

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Very small sketch. oil on board

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This is a mash up of two very dear things in my life that could not be more unrelated to each but yet here they are, existing in one space, at one time, practically on my birthday.
1. this is dominic monaghan who i have been a fan of since he was in a little film called lord of the rings. he is hilarious and random which brings us to
2. he is singing the beginning part of the snowman song, a song which is part of a very rare audio recording of the snowman that we play ever christmas that is ridiculously impossible to find that was made in the 70s and my dad still has the cassette tape he recorded on.
the collision of these two utterly delightful memories can only secure my belief in one thing:
m a g i c
#theresmagicintheworld #snowmanstory #floatingintheair #laughterisgoodforthesoul #merrychristmas #merrybrandybuck #lotr #hilariouspeople #birthdaywellwishes

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I love these guys. absolute best friends. @theshrub @hail.storms i’m sorry it’s been so long!!!

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