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It’s valentine’s day so naturally i feel it is appropriate to talk about love – go figure.
what is love? this thing that has been talked about for thousands and thousands of years. this concept that has been the main subject in countless stories, films, and music – the very media that has influenced us to have certain beliefs about what this concept is.
what people often think is love is indeed not love.
love is not attachment, it is not control, it is not conditional. love, true love, is unconditional. it is independence. it is support. to love something or someone unconditionally means that you love without expecting the same love in return. it means you love with no conditions. you love because you simply have nothing but overwhelming love to give. but what is most often forgotten about this concept of love is that it can only begin within.... (click link in bio to read more “love begins within”)✨🦋

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Selenite towers are truly extraordinary! which is your favorite, the unicorn horn or the classic selenite tower?🦄✨let us know in the comments below!👇🏼

with the immense energy and happiness selenite radiates, these tiered towers can create a powerful presence that raises the vibration of your sacred space!🙌🏼 they are the perfect addition to any home or office, and make a beautiful, meaningful gift!✨

stop by and treat yourself or a loved on to one of these high vibrating beauties🙆🏻‍♀️ we are open mon-fri 10:30am-6pm and sat 10:30am-3pm🧡💛💜

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🥝🥝🥝this look just got uploaded to my channel! click the link in the bio to discover the tips i use to achieve a #naturalbeat🥝🥝🥝

⁉️⁉️⁉️what kind of look should i do next?⁉️⁉️

🌞🌞🌞what are you grateful for today⁉️⁉️i’m grateful for hydrogen and oxygen, giving my my breath 🌞🌞🌞🌞❤️❤️❤️

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When you need a snack ... and it's not 💪🏽cheat day 😁 ⭐soy yogurt ⭐ banana⭐ chia⭐ soy flakes ⭐4hazelnuts⭐3cashewnuts⭐
no sugar needed.

being thankful🙏🏽
feeling blessed 🙏🏽 #vegan #vegetariano #vegetarian #fitnessfood #foodlovers #healthyfood #healthysnack #nuts #banana #meditation🙏🏽 #onelove❤️ #earthlovers #highvibrating #energetical

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It’s funny, i was supposed to have only been gone for three months. i was supposed to have been traveling every week or so to a new city or country in south east asia, but what ensued for the last four months went anything but according to plan. what it dwindled down to was that i ended up staying for weeks at at time in three special places. these places provided me with undeniably valuable experiences and lessons that truly have changed my life forever... (click link in bio to read more - “living your best life is possible”) ✨🦋

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Life, nothing less than life. #fruition360lifestyle #notoriousbig

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Right now i feel uninspired and unknowing. my experiences have allowed me to expand my mind, heart, and understanding of what life is all about. though my journey is no where near finished, all i want more than anything is to help people do the same. i want my friends, family, people in general, to experience the peace that comes when you can see everything with clarity. i want people to live a better life. i want people to see that there’s so much more to life than the boxes we’ve been put in. that growing up doesn’t have to mean all of our wonder, dreams, hopes and wishes disappear. i also don’t mean this like i have all the answers. i don’t know anything. all i can do is speak from what i’ve seen and experienced in hopes that i can help at least one person live a more fulfilled life. i do know this though: since my views and priorities have changed my world has been flipped, turned, rocked upside down in the best possible way and there’s absolutely no turning back. inspiration and knowing will come eventually, until then i continue living. ✨🦋

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There is a liberation that comes when you no longer censor yourself out of fear or care of what people think. i remember in the past how this fear or care would limit me from doing things, from truly expressing myself, from following my passions. what a shame that is if this fear is what limits us. we all have our talents, and passions. we all have something beautiful to contribute, whether it be something as simple as an idea or as big as a huge artistic endeavor. the more we can be ourselves uninhibited, the more we inspire others to do the same; it then becomes this beautiful cycle of creation and inspiration. so yes, you’ve heard it before, but just be yourself! the world will thank you!✨🦋

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