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Do you lack self confidence? do you care about what others think of you? do hold yourself back from doing what you truly want because you fear judgement from others?

well if you do, you’re not alone. i 🙋🏼‍♀️ use to be the exact same way. but clearly now i could give two 💩’s what people think of me.

however, if you do feel this way, i just want you to know most people honestly don’t care🤷🏼‍♀️ a lot of the times we get worried thinking someone is going to make a rude comment about what we are doing, but
1. that doesn’t actually happen much.
2. if someone actually does say something, they are probably dealing with their own issues on the inside. &
3. wgaf?!? if it makes you happy and causes no harm to others or yourself, do it!!!!

you’re not going to gain self confidence over night, trust me it don’t work like that. but step outside your comfort zone, and little by little you will gain some self confidence😎

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6 foods for healthy, shiny hair! 💫
while obviously genetics and age do play a role, eating the right nutrients can help give you a leg up when it comes to healthy hair. i know i constantly get asked how i get my hair so healthy and i attribute that a good amount to how clean my diet is.
breakdown of each food below:
1 - spinach - is a good course of folate iron and vitamin a & c which all promote hair growth.
2 - salmon - a 2015 study found fish oil supplementation to reduce hair loss & increase hair growth in women with thinning hair (1) also salmon is a good source of protein, selenium & vitamin d3/b vitamins that support hair growth.
3 - berries - are loaded with antioxidants and vitamins that promote hair growth. vitamin c is used to produce collagen which helps strengthen hair.
4 - avocados - a good source of vitamin e which was shown in this 2010 study to boost hair growth by 34.5% in people who were having issues with hair loss. (2) avocados are also a good source of fatty acids which are important building blocks of cells.
5 - eggs - good source of protein & biotin which support hair growth. biotin is important for the production of the hair protein, keratin.
6 - sweet potatoes - are a good source of beta-carotene which the body converts to vitamin a. vitamin a helps with production of sebum, which keeps hair healthy.
inspired by @chris.rocchio_fit’s recent post
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Was told recently, those who leave everything in god's hands will eventually see god's hands in everything.
keep your health right. keep your mind right. keep your life right.
remind yourself of your little achievements as you continue to move forward in life. hope this message helps you as it has me.
happy sunday y'all. 🙏🏽

#blessings #fulfillment #selfcare #healthyliving #fitness #goals #lamodels | #stl | #socal

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Dream •struggle •create •prevail 🤞🏾

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“i’m good with training, it’s just nutrition that i struggle with.”
does that sound like you?
you’re not the only one girlfriend.
nutrition seems to be the piece of the puzzle that is lacking for most people and one of the biggest reasons why is because there’s so much information out there. how the heck are you supposed to know what diet to do and what’s the best?
your mom’s doing keto and swears it’s the best.
your hairdresser just told you about shakeology and how much weight she’s lost.
your coworker on the other hand brings in the same tupperware meals every single day and her body is rockin’.
now what?
let me let you in on a little secret…
it doesn’t matter what any of them are doing. what you need to ask yourself right now:
1️⃣ is this diet something i can sustain long-term? do i see myself doing it a year, 5 years from now?
2️⃣ does this diet fit my lifestyle? or is it already giving me anxiety just thinking about it?
3️⃣am i even in the right place to diet? have i been unintentionally under-eating for a while now?
all 3 of those questions are important to reflect on before you start any kind of diet. most people jump on board (or jump from one thing to another) without considering if it truly is the best decision for them. stop yo-yoing and start pursuing everything you do in this life with purpose. ✨🙌🏼 #evolveyourperspective .
leggings: @kft_brands (discount code: fitgirlmoves)

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Snickerdoodle cookies!!!!!! oh shoot. this is going to be a problem. i can’t stop at one, i will eat the whole plate. 🤤 these cookies are way too good, seriously. this recipe is by @thevegan8 and her recipes are so delicious and made with 8 or less ingredients!!! these cookies are made with almond flour, tapioca flour, coconut sugar (recipe calls for cane sugar), baking powder, baking soda (recipe calls for cream of tartar for that classic snickerdoodle tang but i didn’t have any so i was told to use 1/8 baking soda instead), salt, maple syrup and vanilla extract. cinnamon sugar coating is made with cinnamon and coconut sugar (recipe calls for cane sugar). but seriously, these cookie are to die for!!! there perfectly chewy and soft inside 😊💛
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240 vs 147
honestly i’m so so overwhelmed i’m so close to my goal. i can’t explain what a journey this is. how many times ive cried and smiled bc of this journey. i have failed and gotten up a million times . im so beyond happy with life now. and myself. this is my 8 month progress honestly can’t wait to see my year progress . sw :240 cw:147 gw:130 #weightlosstransformation #weightlossjourney #weightlossmotivation #nodaysoff #getyashitdone✅ #weight #weightlosshelp #weightlossinspiration #healthylifestyle #healthyliving

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For me, the mind is the most important part when achieving a fitness goal. i truly love the feeling i get after finishing a challenging workout. 💪🏃‍♀️ 🤗 #accomplishment #goals #getitdone #dedication #setyourmindtoit #consistencyisthekey #exercise #fitness #nutrition #positivethinkingispowerful #healthiswealth #fitnessaddict #fitnessisalifestyle #healthyliving #mindandbodyworkingtogether #workforwhatyouwant

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I still love the #people i’ve #love, even if i crossed the street to avoid them..♑️

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A year ago, jason and i started a new way of living - nutritional cleansing. this process gave us energy, focus, great gut health, healthy weight loss, increase in lean muscle and above all- a new found way of living!
it’s inevitable. when you hit a certain age- the body starts to ache... or feels like it needs to be oiled in certain joints (lol- that was my experience). and when our bodies hold on to inflammation - our joints get stuck. well. so much for that middle aged aches and pains ... we don’t have that anymore!

it feels amazing to live freely. i used to think i’d need a hip replacement at a young age. and, thankfully with my favorite supplement- i no longer experience the pains. in fact - i can do things physically i was not able to a year ago.
i’m super excited to see what this next year will reveal to us! we have our health... we have good nutrition... our kids are ready to see the difference in their bodies. they know to be successful in their athletic abilities- they must take care of their bodies.
are you ready to take the next step to a healthier you?! a healthier family life? we are prepared to share our experiences with you— just ask! #healthyliving #nutritionalcleansing #gethealthy #loseweight #leanmuscle #relievestress

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The 12 days of christmas has begun! today we are giving the gift of aromatherapy - 20% off* all essential oils!
we carry pure essential oils from pure potent wow, and we have many options of both single & blends of essential oils. today only… they’re all 20% off! drop by the store or give us a call to take advantage of this deal.
*while supplies last, valid until 6:00pm dec. 10

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When you actually put the effort into focusing on yourself and your light the universe will never fail to illuminate the right path #happy #happymonday #quotes #motivation #motivational #mondaymotivation #healthyliving #healthylifestyle #happyheart #happysoul

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Después de días de excesos 🥂 basic smoothie bowl 🌱
smoothie: banana, açaí, linaza, pb y leche de almendra
toppings: granola, coco rayado, almendras, amaranto, pb y plátano restante 🍌

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I dag trengte jeg noe å varme meg på, og da fikk jeg omsider testet tyrkisk linsesuppe, kirmizi mercimek corbasi med akkurat nok chili 🌶 og en skvis av sitron 🍋

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Pentru multi dintre noi, iarna vine insotita de viroze si raceli frecvente.
se pare ca m-am pricopsit si eu cu o mica raceala, insa sunt foarte hotarata sa-i vin de hac rapid. asa ca m-am pus pe tratat.
mai putine pastile(nurofen raceala si gripa-2/zi, aspirina-2/zi,strepsils-2/zi), multe vitamine naturale, sauna faciala cu eucalipt si aromaterapie cu salvie.
astazi dis’ de dimineata, mi-am pregatit un smoothie delicios din fructe, cu turmeric si scortisoara(850ml):
•un mar•jumatate de gutuie•1portocala•2clementine
•5buc ananas(cam o mana-din 1/4ananas)•100 ml de apa•1lg-ita turmeric•1lg-ita scortisoara

apoi am baut mult ceai din ghimbir proaspat, cu miere si lamaie.
la pranz am avut supa crema de mazare si o lipie cu jumatate de avocado(stropit cu suc de lamaie,sare/piper),rosii cherry si cateva masline iar pentru diseara din nou vitamine: suc proaspat stors din legume, lapte din migdale proaspat stors, cu turmeric(turmeric latte cald, indulcit cu o lg-ita miere).
voi c*m va tratati de raceala?
sanatate si iubire 🤗😘
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On lève notre verre de latte probiotique a la consommation local !! 🔛 latte matcha 🍵 - latte betterave - latte chocolaté pour nos issimes ce matin

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Did you know that just 1 cup of these beauties provides over 140% of the daily recommended intake of vitamin c? they are also #berry rich in #antioxidant and #antiinflammatory properties! come in for a berry good #smoothie or a bowl'd berry #acaibowl today!
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"meditation practice isn’t about trying to throw ourselves away and become something better, it’s about befriending who we are." – pema chodron.
as we get closer to the busy holiday season, be sure to schedule in some quiet time with your thoughts. #hormonerebalancecentre #hormonerebalance #mentalhealth #motivation #healthcoach #torontonaturopath #healthyliving

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Here it is! in all its beauty and majesty! the top of volcano teide. "3718 m above the sea level. if measured from the ocean floor, it is at 7,500 m the highest volcano in the world base-to-peak outside of the hawaiian islands, and is described by unesco and nasa as earth's third-tallest volcanic structure. teide's elevation makes tenerife the tenth highest island in the world. teide is an active volcano: its most recent eruption occurred in 1909 from the el chinyero vent on the northwestern santiago rift.
the volcano and its surroundings comprise teide national park, which has an area of 18,900 hectares and was named a world heritage site by unesco on june 28, 2007.
teide is the most visited natural wonder of spain, the most visited national park in spain and europe and – by 2015 – the eighth most visited in the world, with some 3 million visitors yearly. in 2016, it was visited by 4,079,823 visitors and tourists reaching a historical record.
teide observatory, a major international astronomical observatory, is located on the slopes of the mountain.
teide was a sacred mountain for the aboriginal guanches, so it was considered a mythological mountain, as mount olympus was to the ancient greeks. according to legend, guayota (the devil) kidnapped magec (the god of light and the sun) and imprisoned him inside the volcano, plunging the world into darkness." [wikipedia]
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There’s no one else just like you, so keep being you always #newmoon

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I have had 2 major brain surgeries and 2 minor brain invasions for two separate health issues, lost the balance on my left side, and my hearing on the left is minimal.

i don’t give up.
i don’t complain.

i do push beyond what “i think” is my limits.

i do smile and inspire.

if getting started is difficult today, try tomorrow.
if getting started tomorrow is difficult, try the next day.
if getting started the next day is difficult....well, you get the idea.
never give up. “the journey to optimum health isn't a ten second sprint ... it's more the voyage of a lifetime.”👍⚡️💞 #exercise #nutrition #wellness #cleaneating #active #cardio #fitnessaddict #strong #instahealth #weightloss #healthychoices #fitspirational
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Monday morning...we may just stay here all day

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