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Today i go to court to face an abusive ex. someone who shamed me verbally, emotionally and physically for my body, my artistic expression, and my huge tribe of heart connections. someone who chose to express his insecurity and jealousy through physical domination. today i release my past self that allowed this reflection, that tried to see beyond it thinking my love would heal these misperceptions in another when i really only ever needed to heal them within myself. today i accept and love myself exactly as i am. today is the first day of the rest of my gorgeous life. #nofilter #acceptance #40andfabulous #overit #stopabuse #dancelife #yogalife #fitness #fitlife #healthiswealth #loveyourself #noshame #byefelicia #bellydance

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#transformationthursday ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨
amazing results janna o’neil 🎉🎉🎉🎉
"all i can say is wow!
she shares:
my journey has been amazing!! i can finally look in the mirror and no longer feel there is a stranger staring back at me! .
in the last 2 years there have been many struggles but with help from family and friends i was able to overcome the obstacles and continue on the right path. i am so thankful for my #nutritionalcleansing program. .
it has truly helped me become a better, healthier version of myself.“
are you ready to feel this great?
#transform #makeachange

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Move over take-out! we've got all the remakes you need to make sure you are eating healthy all week! welcome: sweet & sour cauliflower bites! 👏🏼⠀
asian inspired vegan and gluten free cauliflower and veggie dish served with jasmine rice. ⠀
1 large head of cauliflower, broken into large florets⠀
2 cups mixed seasonal veggies⠀
2 tbs avocado oil⠀
2 tbs gf flour⠀
2 cups cooked jasmine rice⠀
diced scallion⠀
*sweet and sour sauce*⠀
2 tbs maple syrup⠀
2 tbs tamari lite⠀
2 tbs apple cider vinegar⠀
1 tsp garlic powder⠀
2 tbs ketchup⠀
filtered water, as needed, to thin⠀
method: get the full instructions & recipe on website using the link in bio --> @mealpreponfleek
nutrition for 1 out of 4 meals:⠀
8g protein | 52g carbs | 7.2g f*t | 296 calories⠀
make sure you're following @mealpreponfleek #mpofwhattoeat #mealpreponfleek⠀
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I'm still in awe of the energy & overall health improvements i have experienced since following @medicalmedium suggestions listed in his books, radio shows, blogs, lives, etc. every single day, little by little, there is some progress - even though on many days it would seem otherwise. the proof is in the pudding, & my sweet pudding has been lots of health improvements & energy.

for example, taking a shower used to make me so tired & breathless, & my skin would hurt at the touch of water. later i would have to rest trying to recover from it all.😥 the memory is still quite vivid, & it truly humbles me because now it's no big deal.

there was a time i could not run errands by myself as i had no energy to spare, & little strength to lift produce to place in the shopping cart & then pay & unload it all in the trunk & drive... you get the idea. it was a daunting task - never mind the anxiety of it all - the crowds, noises, & smells. the struggle was real, & my husband was my strong shoulder to lean on - always genuinely supporting & loving me.😭
today, i can shower, run errands by myself, & manage the household - & still have the energy to spare. it's nothing short of a miracle.✨ and it all started with the pure, organic 16oz daily celery juice on an empty stomach in the mornings. that was my first profound step in healing. it's been 2.5yrs now, & with god's grace, i'm only growing stronger. if i can, so can you - always remember that.

honestly, i had thought that 1 week of celery juice would heal it all!🤣 1 week became 2, then 3, & so on. now, 2.5yrs later i'm still doing it. why? because it works!
doing celery juices, taking suggested supplements & tinctures, avoiding no foods, nature meditations, etc - it's all connected, they are all important in their own way. i will forever be grateful to anthony & spirit for helping me.

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Want to change how you feel? you have to change the way you eat and the way you move! 🥗🏃‍♀️

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You can meet your greatest of friends all online 🤣 grateful for these ladies, and many others 😉, that i never would’ve met if it weren’t for coaching! it’s hard to say where i would be right now if it weren’t for the incredible friendships i’ve made in this journey! 👯‍♀️ .
#thankfulthursday #gratitudepost #onlinebesties #womensupportwomen

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Follow @holisticslyfe invest in a healthy mind body spirit and life 😊

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If only you knew. i’ve had people say... i wish your before photo was me now. girl, if only you knew my story.
now when i have rbf its generally due to a hard workout 🤣👉🏻(pictured on the right). the photo on the left was two and half years ago. just looking at it floods my mind with the person i was and the things i was feeling at that point in my life. i was so broken and downright upset with myself for what i tolerated in toxic relationships and goals i couldn’t seem to measure up to. i wanted nothing more than to sleep for days or binge on unhealthy food, netflix, and wine 🍷. sounds great right?! wrong it was a constant pity party.
we all suffer from expectation hangovers. you know when things don’t turn out the way you wanted, or expected. you worked so hard only to fail.
wait, what?! yes my friends... you can suffer hangover like symptoms from disappointment. it doesn’t have to be alcohol related.
the problem is when this happens we can get mad at the world instead of figuring out a way to heal and overcome. building that wall and pushing back those feelings may keep out the sadness but believe me when i tell you it also keeps out the joy. when i finally decided to simply try something new it opened the doors to a life i never imagined.
the path to discovering you and learning complete and udder self love is a long one... but how will you ever get there if you don’t put aside your skepticism for two minutes. trust that putting yourself first is what it takes sometimes, it’s not selfish it’s selfless. choose you, i know i do.

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Tbt tofu garlic with fresh mouse ear (เห็ดหูหนู) mushrooms, sliced carrots, green onions. i added preserved cabbage (ตั้งไฉ่) for a little salty taste and some corn kernels today for a quick lunch. i had too much sweets, pastry, and ice cream from the cow 🐄 shop in banff so i need to do more moving exercises like the one that goes with “the match potatoes” an oldie dance move!! oh that’s the cow pie (chocolate covered oreo) to gift to a great friend and client plus music 🎶 professor @youngprofdrums to encourage more exercises and keep young!! 😂 sorry no pfunk music moves just yet in my exercise routine! lol 😆 #lifestyleblogger #healthiswealth #foodstagram #riseandgrind #winner #moneymaker #startup #dreambig #workthedreams #entrepreneurlife #motivational #millionairemindset #successful #businesswoman #travel #faith #family #finance #fun #friendship #nofamilyleftbehind #makeadifference #cruzaderisreal #loveheals #musicheals #relentless #persistence #consistence #congruence #maxout @cruzadernation 🐝🌟🎯💪💰🌈🎶🎹🍃🎼🌸💃🏻🥁🎺⛵️🌊🐳🙏🏿😇👸🏼❤️

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Hi friends! 👋🏼 if you’ve been hearing me talk about my new 6 month course 💪fit, ☺️happy, 🌊free, and your on the fence, you can now access the ➡️entire first module for free! ⬅️ visit (link in ig bio) on your computer or device to see if it’s for you. the program is all about getting fitter, happier, and liberated in ~10 minute weekly modules focused on small + consistent changes that produce massive results. ☺️💕✨

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Next up on the wellness game plan is this thieves roller. need i say more? the thieves blend supports the immune system naturally and young living really hooked it up by creating this pre-diluted roller to take with you everywhere! just released in their holiday catalogue, i stocked up for gifts for all the teachers in our lives 💕 and one for myself of course because #schoolcounselorlife #bewellinfall

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Happy friday beauties, i wanted to tell you about this product i tried yesterday, i saw it online and was impressed at how natural the ingredients are. as gals that workout it’s hard to find something with natural ingredients that still helps us look good. i tried this and i love it, i’m going to get it for my teens, if you’ve seen the ads like me and wondered here’s my pic is unfiltered 💚💪🏼#unfiltered #naturalmakeup #fitness #nutrition #healthy #balance #fitnessmotivation #fitmums #zuu #yourbestyou #empoweringwoman #athomeworkout #mumswhotrain #activewear #activewearrange #ubuactivewear#mentalhealthawareness #healthymums #fitfriends #fitbuddies #healthylifestyle #healthiswealth #healthyeating #urbestu #mindbodysoul #yourbestie #ubu

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Petter mørck - the founder of arbonne was far ahead of his time 40 years ago, wanting pure, safe, cruelty free and vegan certified ultra premium products available to everyone. he created arbonne with the vision of going green, look how long it’s taken for the world to catch up. what an amazing man 😍. i wish i had found these products years ago 💫 #pettermorck #arbonne #independentconsultant #nearlyfortyyears #nobrainer #healthiswealth

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Hey you, 🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️
wherever you are, whatever you’re doing,
take a break. i promise, this is worth it.
for months i felt weak.
maybe even border line depressed.
does that sound like you?
you put up a front and create “false” thoughts in your mind to get through 1 day, just to restart the battle all over again when you wake up.
it’s hard.
no one tells you how your “20’s” and finally being an “adult”... **the times you wish for as a young kid**.. can leave you feeling more isolated than ever before.
not knowing what you stand for, makes you vulnerable to fall for anything..
even you’re own false thoughts.
it’s time to kick those to the curb and remind yourself of your strengths.
what you’re great at! what all you have.
and rejoice in that. 💕
i wish i could tell my younger self how amazing of a woman i would be.. giving myself the confidence early that i am enough. and always will be in his image.
✨ what do you wish you could tell your younger self?
i asked this in the - dbft community of #bestself - facebook group, but i want to hear what you have to say. 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽
new youtube video is live in my bio about being lost as i ever was.. but actually being found simultaneously. 🌸
p.s. my “timeless” @dbftfitguide launches >> nov. 5th << 👆🏽 the link in my bio to subscribe to my email list for a free recipe coming at you tomorrow and your chance to claim your free mini guide! 💛
p.p.s. my fave leggings i have on are restocked by @413_apparel - use code “desb” to save $$ on them! i wear a small.
@413_apparel / @tula / @hydrojug - “desb”
📲 1-1 coaching, inquire in bio!
🎥 new vlog is live in my bio
⏱timeless fitguide - november 5th
✌🏽peace.carbs.jesus. merch - november 15th
📸: @desbthings___
#iamenough #womenempowerment #girlpower #fitnessgoals #fitfiancé #womenshealth #icandoallthingsthroughchrist #selfieconfidence #bigjesusenergy #purposedriven

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I now honor past experiences throughout all lifetimes for they help me to see unity and perfection in all things. i had to feel alone and helpless so early in my life so i could understand that this was just a notion created to discover that i was never alone, and that nobody else is either. only the ego can feel lonely, it creates isolation by favoring some things and rejecting others. even in our darkest hours when we feel deserted, vulnerable and helpless, we are still one with our source. the only thing that can possibly leave us is our ego identity, which is just an idea of what we think we are. because we don’t love or appreciate ourselves enough, we have learned to play certain roles in life that help us become a “somebody” who is respected or admired, or we get to make those around us appreciate or love us instead. when the attention from others fades or love and appreciation discontinues, we (as our ego selves) start to feel lonely. the idea that we are lonely, however, is only related to the loss that the ego feels. the higher self knows it is never alone; it is only the external physical self grieving over its loss of attachment to others that make us feel lonely. therefore our egos then become so busy trying to get our old identities and attachments back that we rarely get to feel the oneness we share with everything. loneliness gives the opportunity to spend a lot of time alone so that we can become more aware of the dialogue within.

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I’m so excited about my meal plan from today and for tomorrow! i’ve decided to do a liquid cleanse. juices provided by @eyeamwhole365 they taste great and don’t leave me feeling bloated or uncomfortable. be sure to check them out!!!! #freauxmommy #eatclean #juicecleanse #momlife #healthylifestyle #organicchoices #healthiswealth #teamnatural #naturalmom

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There are so many uses to benefit from when you have this life changing water ionizer in your home! from cleaning your foods, fruits and veggies to drinking the healthiest and high ph alkaline water rich with antioxidants!! 💦❤️🌎

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I stayed in shape most of my life with the exception of when i had broken bones due to my lifestyle and when i got wounded.. i always wondered if i could if i could keep training through the pain. eventually you learn how to understand and block your pain with your mind. i did find out that pain changes you and i taught myself how to embrace pain .. i’m not getting any younger but so far i’m pleased that for the most part i have always placed my health on the top of the list since my teenage years.. #fitwayover50 #fitover50 #healthiswealth #healthylifestyle #embracepain #blockpainwithyourmind #painchangesyou #fightforwhatyouwant #fightforwhatyoulove #doeverythingwithpassionordontdoit #dealwithit #goals #move #dontstop #learn #research #trainyourbrain #mindovermatter #fitness #fitlife #fightlife #enjoylife #balancelife

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👽stay updated on qigong and training sessions by following @dragon_lotus_ 👽
hope to see you there 💯💯
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#qigong #reiki
#martialarts #weightlifting #calisthenics #fitness #wellness #healthiswealth

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