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Cleaning your makeup brushes regularly is so important. dirty brushes become more abrasive and dry as they become full of makeup, bacteria, and debris from your face. when you use a dirty brush it packs all of this s**m back into your pores, resulting in breakouts and damage to your skin. a simple way to clean brushes is to use a gentle face soap, like cetaphil, or a makeup brush cleaner solution. take a small amount of the soap in your hand and rub the brush in it in circular motions. your skin will thank you! #tiptuesday #arbonnereno

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• wednesday's wisdom •

advice from a blueberry: • be well rounded
• soak up the sun
• find beauty in small things
• live a fruitful life
• be a good pick
• it's ok to be a little blue
• make sweet memories

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Prepared for pregnancy 👍prepared to give birth 👍
prepared a nursery 👍
prepared for motherhood ...??🤞
what the???
crossing our fingers and just 'wingng it', may not be our best move 😉.
how on earth do we best prepare for the most important time in our lives? i wish i'd known this information prior to becoming a mother. now you can!
we'd love to see you in our noosa workshop 💚

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Raw cacao not only tastes delicious, but there are so many amazing benefits that come along with it too !!

cacao boosts serotonin levels through a “bliss molecule” called anandamide in our brain which is our feel good hormone to make our moods more enhanced. •
this can be extremely helpful this time of year when we have fewer daylight hours or anytime that you’re feeling down and out.
✔️almond milk
✔️cacao powder
✔️cashew milk
✔️raw honey

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A smoothie a day keeps the doctor away.. ✨🍓🍌
even better with complete veg protein with 18 fruits and veggies 😍😋
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▶how to be attractive 😃

_ ▶don't wait for validation
▶keep your eyes on the goal
▶keep yourself busy doing something of value
▶work smart
▶be vibrant
▶keep causing ripples

_ ▶ponder on that.😉
_ ▶what are your thoughts?☺ _ ▶|double tap | share | ▶

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Back at it! healthy living in every facet of life! got in two good hours of workout and hoop session! #zwmusic #zwinthegym #healthgoals #fitgoals #healthyliving #fitnessconnection

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🔷a little more obsessed🔷
i was on the struggle bus 🚌 this morning trying to get myself going and wake up. i didn’t sleep very well during the night, and i just wanted to go back to sleep in the comfort of my bed 🛌 but i knew that i would really regret getting up and sticking with my goals for the week ✅ and i knew that once i did my morning workout before going to work, i would feel much more energized and awake 😀 so glad that i chose to follow through! 🙌 if you find yourself struggling as i did this morning, there are baby steps that you can take to make better and healthier choices for yourself! you don’t have to change all in one a healthier lifestyle requires change over time ⏰⏰⏰ .
if you would like to learn more about this program or other programs you can try through beachbody on demand, leave a comment below or dm me and i can give you more info! 👍
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Do you need permission for something? i’ve felt that sometimes i’ve been seeking permission to do something, like taking a day off from yoga, i’m looking for someone to say ‘oh yes that sounds like a good idea’ or maybe something even bigger like a career change, i want someone to say it’s a good idea 🤔

i’ve heard business coaches talk about how we might seek permission before we jump into something and therefore we are held back. have you had that feeling?

but we can give ourselves permission. no need to wait for others to give it to us. i’d say listen to what your gut, your body and your mind says.

if you’re feeling a bad kind of pain in your body, take it easy and do a lighter workout instead of a crazy hiit or crossfit workout.

if you’re stressed out and your gut is telling you that you need some time off, take it and take care of yourself.

just don’t be deceived by your mind, often it will tell you to go lie on the couch after work instead of hitting the gym, here’s where your sense of reason comes in: you’ll enjoy lying on the couch more after your workout, you won’t feel guilty and do you remember that great feeling you have after a workout? it’s only an hour away, when you’ve done your workout 😉

how’s that for a crazy rant about permission? i hope you got something out of it 😅 have a great night ♥️

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Workout complete.. its something about solitude that i ♥️so much. just put in the work without constant chatter. #💪🏽 #healthgoals #thickfit

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The face of lyme disease is deceptive because people usually don’t look sick. the photo on the left is me when i was really suffering with lyme disease and arthritis. no one could see my pain, but i felt horrible all the time. 🙈
the photo on the right is me today. something extraordinary happened. i started feeling a lot better when i focused on eating healthy, exercising, reducing stress, sleeping better, and doing natural treatments, but it wasn’t until i changed my attitude that my diseases went into remission. letting go of anger and learning how to ask for support were a huge part of my healing. ✨
these were supposed to be incurable lifelong sentences, but i defied the odds. i feel better now than i ever thought possible. you really have to work on all elements of your lifestyle if you want to get completely healthy. you can’t just focus on one area.
i became a health coach so i can help people get their lives back like i did. i support people to go from simply surviving to thriving and living life to their fullest. 💚 to read my full blog post go to my link in bio @kerrymann
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Health benefits of 🍵 green tea and 🌶 red chili peppers: introducing capsol-t. check it out on the blog today at ➡️ .
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Yippeeee! young living just launched a 20% off flash s a l e on our 5 favorite oils now through october 25th...
*lavender - sleep, skin, calming
*cedarwood - sleep, skin, focus
*valor - grounding, courage
*peppermint - focus + clarity, great over the tummy, head, back and muscles
*thieves - wellness in a bottle!
go get ya some through a quick order or reach out if you need help. see my instastories for more info.

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Why are you putting a timeline on your success? don’t let someone else’s success determine how you feel about where you’re at on your journey. their journey has nothing to do with you!
there is divine timing and you need to learn the lessons along the way in order to appreciate it when you get there 🙌🏻💥

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