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ýoga’, one of india’s ancient practices, is a effective way to destress body and mind. this world yoga day, join us for a calming session of an age old exercise on 21st june at inr 500++ per person.
for more information, call us at +91-33-66330000 / +91 7603037733 / +91 8584953275 or visit
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Explore a form of exercise that dates back to pre-vedic india. join us on world yoga day to experience calm and transcendence. for more information, call us at +91-33-66330000 / +91 7603037733 / +91 8584953275 or visit #worldyogaday #harmonyinmotion

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26/08/1980 lima
we recognise a lot and still so much is different here - especially the smells - we are one big eye - today going with a car and driver from sylvio mutal to naranjal to look and take pictures - the sun shines - the garúa has disappeared - saturday to huancayo
embraced petra
funeral shirt
the pre-colombian textile on the postcard is a fragment of a 1000 year old funeral shirt from tiwanaku. someone who combined the ancient craft of weaving with the language of modern art was bauhaus graduate anni albers. she reflected on the relation between weaving and building in her text: 'the pliable plane: textiles in architecture' (1957). “if the nature of architecture is the grounded, the fixed, the permanent, then textiles are its very antithesis. if, however, we think of the process of building and the process of weaving and compare the work involved, we will find similarities despite the vast differences in scale. both construct a whole from separate parts that retain their identity..."
van eyck's previ housing scheme
in this textile which plays with repetition and variation one could discover, as aldo van eyck would say: ‘harmony in motion’. is it a coincidence that the textile has visual similarities with aldo van eyck's contribution to previ, a project for low cost public housing near lima in 1969? van eyck designed an urban fabric based on repeating structural elements - individual houses - which are grouped together forming irregular clusters able to adapt to the particularities of the site. these clusters are woven together by streets and public spaces and so create a dynamic urban fabric which furthermore anticipated new layers of self-built additions. now, fifty years later, we can see an urban architecture that is as pliable as textile.
for more on anni albers check daily design diary of @alice.rawsthorn
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•been practicing all day long. determination taking control.
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Movement is the best medicine and it’s right here, available to everyone everywhere. #nissimzoares and me created routines with the purpose of rejuvenation, stretch, strength, stabilize and heal through carefully designed body weight sequences. all will be presented at the stronger together convention#strongertogether #core #stretch #stretching #mobility #yoga #pilates #pilatesflow #yogadance #corepilates #extensions #exerciseoftheday #bodyweighttraining #balance #harmonyinmotion

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