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#happybirthday, @garethbale11! the three-time fifa club world cup winner turns 30 today. #bale #clubwc #realmadrid

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Sweet 22 🎉🎈🎂
happy birthday to me 🤭

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Happy heavenly birthday to actress barbara stanwyck (1907-1990) 💖💖💖. her childhood was unimaginably difficult. born into poverty, her pregnant mother died after being knocked off of a moving streetcar when stanwyck was just 4. her father abandoned the family shortly thereafter, leaving her (along with a brother 2 years her senior) to be raised by their older sister when possible. during times when their sister could not care for them, they were placed into the foster care system. stanwyck’s older sister worked as a showgirl and it was this influence that initially interested her in becoming a performer. stanwyck was working odd jobs by the time she was 14, getting her first chorus girl job at just 15. a few years later, she made the jump to acting, eventually starring in multiple hit broadway plays. her film debut came in 1927 and, although she initially disliked movie-making, she would go on to become a top hollywood star. among her film credits are “night nurse” (1931), “ladies they talk about” (1933), “baby face” (1933), “remember the night” (1940), “the lady eve” (1941), “lady of burlesque” (1943), “christmas in connecticut” (1945), “the strange love of martha ivers” (1946), “clash by night” (1952), “titanic” (1953), and “these wilder years” (1956). she received academy award nominations for her roles in “stella dallas” (1937), “ball of fire” (1941), “double indemnity” (1944), and “sorry, wrong number” (1948). though she never won the best actress statue, she did take home an honorary oscar in 1982. by the 1960s, she appeared more frequently on television, including emmy award winning work in “the barbara stanwyck show” and “the big valley”. in her later years, she appeared in the classic miniseries “the thornbirds” (resulting in her 3rd emmy win) and the short-run “dynasty” spin-off, “the colbys”. stanwyck was married twice. with first husband frank fay (1891-1961), she adopted her only child, dion (1932-2006), though she was estranged from him for most of his adult life. her second husband was actor robert taylor (1911-1969). (continued in comments below ⬇️)

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Сегодня здесь должна быть я задувающая свечи на праздничном торте, но это будет завтра, сегодня я наслаждаюсь моментом, ведь день рождения только раз в году 💁🏼❤️
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Thank you to everyone that wished me a happy birthday yesterday, and thank you to the few who made it very special for me ❤️......... 38 years deep..... and midlife crisis well under way! #cheerstothat 🥂🎉🎁🎊#itsmybirthday .
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Birthdays are natures way of telling us to eat more cake. (today is mine)
ps only a few more days to the campaign. if you haven't ordered your cd yet, now's the time to do it!
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Today is my bff’s birthday! please help me wish her a very happy birthday!!! my dear jamie aka... my rock, partner in crime, ride or die, best friend, protective sister from another mister!!! you are that person who always wakes up with purpose and who always shows up and never gives up! you believe anything is possible and you won’t stop until it’s done! you lift up others around you and will do what you can to help others succeed. most importantly... those that you love, you love fiercely!!! these are just some of the things i admire about you! i hope you have a super day filled with love and i can’t wait to celebrate with you soon!!! i love you! ❤️💕 xoxo jacquie

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С днём рождения, моя милая!♥️

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