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New fur accompanied by your new handmade mug by @annie_buchholz makes for the perfect wednesday morning 🤗

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I am hands down notorious for throwing my yarn out if it doesn’t “work out” the way i wanted it to. i promised myself this year i wouldn’t do that. believe it or not, these hanks were supposed to be toasted marshmallow that failed on the second attempt. yes, the second attempt! 🙈 as i was rinsing them, i noticed a beautiful purple and immediately said to myself “don’t you dare throw them out! add some pink and more purple and just go with it”. i let them sit in my sink for a good day before i finally mustered up the energy to add the pink and purple dye. i also let them sit a good day before i rinsed them 😂 but! here we are, all dry and twisted up. they’re by far not what i imagined, but to me, they’re just beautiful. i love how each one is so different in its own way. i just love everything about them and i hope you will, too! 💗
i’ve listed them in the shop (link in bio)—there’s only 4 available, limited edition and won’t be made again. they’re the perfect colorway for a valentine’s hat—i’ve already got mine started with one 😉

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I know we’re only 12 days in to the new year, but one of my favorite things i’ve done so far in 2019 is design the #kodiakcowl. it was never intended to become a pattern, but i couldn’t help myself with the simplicity of it—talk about beginner friendly 🤗
it is by far the softest, most coziest thing i have ever worn and i never want to take it off! and!!! the pattern is now available in both knit and crochet! head on over to the link in my bio to snag your copy now! did i mention it was free?! 😍
happy making, friends! 💗
pattern: kodiak cowl
yarn: go for faux (bear) by @lionbrandyarn

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What do you do with all your left over toques from your markets? you have a realllllyyyy big sale of course! 🎉🎉🎉
i’ve got plenty of rts toques and yarn andddd icymi—preorders for toasted marshmallow are back up and will be shipping out on or before 12/29! click the link in our bio to shop + make sure you pay attention to that pop-up! it expires tomorrow at midnight 😉
happy saturday, friends & happy shopping💗

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Another beauty, this time from @mrssutmakes ! i don't know about you, but i can't get enough of these stunning colour combos. the way you've all run with #tophhat & made it your own with the yarn choices is pretty amazing, seriously.

#regram from @mrssutmakes

making progress on my toph hat by @woollywormhead. i really love how the short rows and variegated yarns create the pattern.

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ps/ aran would much prefer it if everyone made #katarahat as that's his favourite, thank you very much.

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The only kind of cake that i’ll never share with my bff 😝

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One of my favorite things about this community is you! 💗
we all have have “bad” days/stressful days, but when i come home from a long day at work and i see all your tagged photos of my poms and yarn and what you create with them, it brings absolute joy to my heart. it reminds me that no matter what kind of day i’m having, i know i can always count on you all to bring a smile to my face. 🤗
hat: wanderlust toque (pattern available on ravelry)
yarn: lte candy hearts (preorder available this weekend)
pom: honey xl

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My oh my what a wonderful...sight! 😍 give me all the mauve poms, please! i’ll have plenty available during this weekends restock along with flamingo, ballet slippers and many more beautiful colors to choose from! see ya saturday, friends! 💗
ps. anyone else have zipadee do da in their heads now? 😉

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I never had any intentions of creating a pattern for what was supposed to be a christmas gift for my mom. when i sat down and just started knitting i knew after a few rows that this *had* to be written up into a pattern and shared with you guys as a giant thank you for all your love, encouragement and support of my small little business! 💗
it’s basic. it’s simple. and it’s the softest most coziest thing you will ever put around your neck (imo). not to mention it’s free and available now on the site—link in bio 🤗

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