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Some queens rule by sitting on a throne. or by walking around castles with a glass of wine in their hand. but some queens rule by jumping on the back of their dragon and flying to a foreign land to get ish done.
that is the style of daenerys targaryen and she’s the inspiration for dragon queen. a chilly white/grey polish with holo flakies and some holo shimmer to mix it up. kinda like that time she flew north of the wall to save the day. today is the final day to get dragon queen, our exclusive hhc polish. link to buy in our bio. #stellachroma #hhc #dragonqueen #got #daenerystargaryen

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This is a vertical garden at a friend’s house we saw this spring and i am trying to battle a crippling feeling of overwhelm these days. the two aren’t related, except for the obvious metaphors of a winding tiny path through endless small growths of all kinds... i’m not capable of juggling, a huge list of random small tasks is more difficult for my brain to manage than a long period of immersed focus, and i keep forgetting things (despite my lists), failing at prioritizing, and often feel paralyzed. how do you tackle the things that you have to do that are playing more to your weaknesses rather than your strengths?

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Coffee ✔️ notebook ✔️ best side hustle ✔️ blessed to have such an amazing side hustle next to nursing that has allowed me more financial freedom 💸, allow me to work from home on my days off, and has introduced me to so many amazing ladies! 💃🏼want to join this girl boss empire?? send me a message!

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Young living grapefruit lip balm
👄i am not a girl who cannot face the world without lipstick 💋.as a matter of fact i appreciate color free nude,well moisten,well conditioned & hydrated lips👄.
👄i have always loved smothering my lips with luxurious chapsticks & velvety lip balms.i am picky about the products texture!  if it comes right off or if it is sticky, i don’t like it.  i don’t like if it smells funny.  i don’t like if it is too thick… you get the picture.
👄reasons, why i love this lip balm!  the texture is silky and smooth, and it does a great job at hydrating my lips!  and of course it smells great!  young living makes this lip balm in lavender, grapefruit, and cinnamint.
👄anyways, i didn’t want to keep this gem to myself… next time you order, you gotta try this!!this lip balm is definitely one of my favorite young living products.
👄infused with grapefruit essential oil, wolfberry seed oil, and antioxidants, this refreshing lip balm seals in moisture to prevent dehydration for super smooth,kissable lips😉💋.

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My best friend said that to me while we were at the starbucks counter. i was fishing through my gigantic purse for my wallet while holding up the line.🤦🏻‍♀️
receipts and to-do lists and grocery lists from weeks ago were flying everywhere. i was so embarrassed. i never thought of myself as that type of person but apparently i was!
that night i cleaned out my suitcase of a purse and have been much more conscience of what goes in there ever since. the thing is..... i had been wanting to do a clean-out for months! long before starbucks happened.
so why did it take until i was supremely embarrassed to make it happen??
human nature? laziness? being busy? dread? it's boring?
those are all the terms i hear from my clients when we start talking about getting their bookkeeping organized. i always tell them... i know how you feel.
i'm never sure if they accept my genuine empathy but i'm here to tell y'all.... i go through the same freakin issues.
i do understand.
my job is to tell you to stop carrying around a bag of garbage. to stop living with those anxious clutter feelings when they are 100% avoidable. to take a second and organize those receipts. and to not judge you. how could i?
i'm here for you, friends. always😘

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⬛️⚫️〰️✔️✖️➰⚫️⬛️ -k
#hunterandthistle feels like they’re playing with #kindershapes

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I just love the look of raw clay 🧡

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Not all self-care is equal.
calling your friend to vent is not the same as seeing a therapist. taking a nap is not the same as making sure you have a solid evening routine that supports your good sleep.
make sure you are giving yourself the kind of self-care that you really need in your life right now. do you need light self-care, or the serious kind?
i've been needing the serious kind, and i'm telling you all about it in the new episode of nurturing habit, available now in your favorite podcasting app (or click through my profile to find it in your browser).

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#tb a los unos de mis minonos favoritos súper invernales! ya quiero que empiecen los diseños llenos de texturas suavecitas y calientitas! ❄️🌲🍁
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