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Love the animal print knit by @kenzas for @ivyrevel 🦓🖤 |*ad/ anzeige #revelista #ivyrevel

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Good morning 💞 .

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Is marriage really that hard?
i’m fascinated by how many times i’m asked this question. how would you answer? it depends on the day really... ask me tomorrow 🤪🤣 —

here’s what i think: i never imagined how much marriage would bless my life. i knew i would be so happy & content marrying casey! i knew life would be so fun and so exciting with him. i’d always have a best friend & partner to adventure & figure out life with. is it easy? 100% yes! it’s so easy to love him. is life easy being married? absolutely not! 🤯🤢 it’s stressful & overwhelming and that can occasionally spill over into our ability to get along but only a little 😉 nothing that can’t be fixed with a bubble bath and ice cream!! —

everyday i question if we are doing the best thing for our marriage, our futures, our family, our future children, our careers, financially, every. single. day i stress that i could be doing something more or differently. because it’s not just me anymore. it’s us!! why do we feel this rush? time is running out!! i’m 22 i have to hurry and make decisions!! 🤣 do you feel this too?
i think it’s hard sometimes on instagram because we see all these highlights, all the perfect moments, it’s hard not to only see that! but let’s not forget, we are all doing this life thing.... figuring out how to balance it all.
we are currently living in my in-laws basement, all our belongings locked up in storage, scraping to make our loan payments and trying to make our marriage our number one priority between school, work and hunting 🤣. i may or may not have cried the last few nights falling asleep just feeling so overwhelmed. not knowing what or where our next step is going to take us. not because of our marriage, but because life!! but i crawled into bed next to casey and thought, tomorrow’s a brand new day. we totally got this. we are so dang blessed. we have so much to be grateful for. one day at a time, it will all work out!!
maybe i’m just lucky. i’m sure marriage is difficult for a lot of people. but to me, marriage is what makes everything else somehow work and i wouldn’t change it for the world!! rant over 🤪

how long have you been married? what are your thoughts?

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