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#polishgirl#brunette#gymgirl 🔥

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Jeszcze 🐷,ale coś zmienimy z @randzi0 ❤️#polishgirl#instsgirl #brunette#fit#fitnessgirl#gymgirl#bodygoals#gymlover#winter

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Didn’t think i’d join in on this whole #10yearchallenge thing but here we are praising the lord for puberty and weight training 🤣 (tbh this is a lie cus this is 8.5 ish years- best i could do for a full length photo🤷‍♀️)
not sure why i thought it was acceptable for my bra to be sticking out but at least my tan was half decent 😂😂!
i feel like you can tell in an odd way how much i have changed internally here rather than the obvious external changes. i remember back then being very weak minded and unsure of myself in every way. needless to say, though i’m still not fully appreciative of how far i have come (capricorn life) i can appreciate what i’ve been through to get here☺️
p.s i flipped the photo on the left so hence the parting change

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Here is a beautiful picture of dunn’s river falls, jamaica i will see you again beginning of feb 👌🏽✈️🏝❤️

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Post leg session💪🏽 .

i get asked a lot about my leg day routine. because the leg muscles are a large group of muscles, i split my leg days into glutes, quads, hamstrings & glutes. i think this is the most effective for muscle growth and definition 🔥

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