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Full tilt

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We may have days where life gets overwhelming, where we’re tired, or just plain worn out, but we always have each other to lean on through it all.

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Good morning monday 🙏🏼 hope everyone has a great week! let’s get it 💪🏼

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My boy ❤️👬🏳️‍🌈

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I fell in love with bodybuilding in 2001... can you tell??? #oldschool -
full arm day:
hammer db curl (half reps double arm, half reps single): 3x10 w/ two drop sets
superset w/ db kickbacks 3x10-12
bb curl (varying grip from close to wide): 3x8-10
superset w/ reverse bb curls 3x12-15
straight bar cable tri extension: 4x15 w/ 3 drop sets
superset/ cable single arm reverse curl: 3x10-12
preacher curl machine: 2x8-10 2x6-8
superset w/ overhead machine tri extension: 2x10-12 2x6-8
dips: 2x20
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Rise above the storm and you will find the sunshine. 🌅

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Rest day for me today but here is how i generally structure most of my workouts 💪🏻
workout structure:

1) 4x6-8 reps bench press
(this is a compound exercise that is very effective for building strength)

2) 3x10-12 reps incline db press
(still a compound exercise but a lighter load and looking to keep the muscle under tension for longer)

3) 3x12-15 reps machine hammer press
(i usually go higher rep here and look to really work the muscle and focus on getting a good pump)

4) 3x15-20 reps svend press
(i use this to really burn out and get as much blood into the muscle as possible)

* be sure to give this post a save and try this when you train chest next 💪🏻🔥
i hope everyone is having an awesome weekend!
🎥: @apolloyaffes

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