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miss #greensmoothie meldet sich mal wieder. okay, wenn ich so weiter mache, werde ich selber zu einem😌 nein spaß beiseite, ihr wisst ja, dass ich ein kleiner #greensmoothiejunkie bin. da man die smoothieblendies von ganz easy mitnehmen kann und nur eine zusätzliche frucht braucht und einen vollwertigen green smoothie zu haben, hab ich sie mal mitgenommen 💁‍♀️
natürlich ist die zubereitung auch zuhause viel einfacher. wenn ihr sie mal testen wollt bekommt ihr mit dem code jackie15 15% rabatt 🙋‍♀️

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🍃weight loss green smoothie! one of my favorite recipes🙌🏽 have a fruit + this smoothie as breakfast to nourish your cells and lose weight!
having a green drink first thing in the morning helps you concentrate at work/school since they're so easily digested and the greens supply oxygen to your brain, which helps you think better!
🍍2 cups of pineapple, 1 grapefruit, 1 🍊, 4 cups of spinach, 2 celery stalks, 1/2 cucumber 🥒 , parsley, 1 cup coconut water, 1 cup regular water, and the juice of 1/2 🍋! ready!? let's do this!
to start a new healthy lifestyle today download my ebook 21 day weightloss & self love challenge! a complete guide with ✅meal plans, ✅exercise routines and ✅healthy shopping lists 👉link to download in my profile👈 ----------------------------------
🌱licuado verde para bajar de peso! una de mis recetas favoritas👊🏽 toma uno de estos + una fruta en el desayuno para nutrir tus células y bajar de peso! los licuados verdes te ayudan a concentrarte ya que son fácilmente digeridos y los verdes llenan tu cerebro de oxígeno lo cual te ayuda a pensar mejor!
2 tazas de 🍍, 1 toronja, 1 🍊, 4 tazas de espinaca, 2 tiras de apio, perejil, jugo de medio 🍋 , 1 taza de agua de coco, 1 taza de agua normal y 1/2 pepino 🥒! ready!? let's do this!
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Green smoothie 🌿

i used banana, pineapple spinach and spirulina for the smoothie. topped it with h**p seeds and some strawberries 🍓😄💓 content by: @dailybowlofhappiness 🌎

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@indiasamantha has me green smoothie drinkin everyday😋 gains season💪🏽

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Máte svoje oblíbený ranní #smoothie? 💚 tohle je to moje a je boží. nejdřív si udělám základ ze šťávy z jablek, hrušek a mandarinky. jestli jste na tom stejně jako já a nemáte odšťavňovač, tak nezoufejte. normálně si všecko rozmixuje a pak precedte přes plinu, utěrku nebo jen jemnej cedník. pak si přidám avokádo, špenát a zázvor. taky jsem si tam dneska dala konopný semínka a piniovy oříšky. všechno rozmixuju a protože mám ráda, když to křupe, tak si ještě přidám trochu granátovyho jablka a nastrouhám 90% čokoládu. kdo má rád, ať si přidá klidně ještě trochu raw kakaa. mňam💚🤒🙏.
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People are shocked that i’ve never had a coffee and i’m also not really a tea drinker (could it be? a naturopath who doesn’t drink tea? 😱😜). so what do i drink?... water!! and green juice, and of course the occasional wine 😁. however today it’s all about the greens - all of this about to go into the blender to make a big batch of green juice for the next couple of days. next time i’ll add some ginger but didn’t have any in the fridge. * celery * spinach * cucumber * lemon (skin and rind included) * small piece of green apple (optional)
it’s refreshing, great for your skin, alkalizing, and we’ll, it just makes you feel really good! 😇
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A yellow papaya amongst a sea of orange papayas is a rare treat. its more creamy than its orange counterpart, as if marrying the sweetness and aroma of papaya with the creamy texture of avocado. this one was so yellow it was almost fluorescent. it tasted as good as it looks - isn’t a great papaya the best breakfast ever? .

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