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Congratulations @niazania_ sebab dah graduate dengan ijazah sarjana muda (kepujian) bidang pengurusan industri kreatif.
nia, bekas roommate 2017 and senior kesayangan. ingat lagi kita stay up malam2 buat assignment. even dayah tak ada assignment still teman nia buat thesis sebab nia agak 'penakut' that time. tapi still suka sangat tengok horror movie aiyoo. lepas tu kita berdua suka tidur lambat and masing2 kena make sure if nak tidur kena bagitau so that tak ada yang akan terjaga sesorang. sumpah lawak. kenapa lah kita kenal lambat yee nia padahal sama2 dah lama belajar kat uni ni hahah.. anyway, dayah doakan nia sukses capai impian and please jangan lupa convo dayah pulak nanti next oktober 2019 okay!!! hehehehe 💕💕💕 #majlisistiadatkonvokesyen89 #22102018 #universititeknologimara #fita_uitm #fakultifilemteaterdananimasi #myroomie #soulmatesister #pleasedontforgetme #goodlucktoyou #wishyouallthebest #iknowyoucandoit #neverstopbelievinginyourself

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“laughing buddha” - originally he was named hotei (in japan) or budai or pu-tai (in china) but he is best known as the laughing buddha. his figure is based on an eccentric chinese monk who lived over a thousand years ago and who has become a significant and popular symbol in buddhist and shinto culture. it was due to his large protruding stomach and smile that he came to be known as the laughing buddha. legend has it that if one rubs the laughing buddha's great belly, it brings wealth, good luck and prosperity. budai in folklore is admired for his happiness, plenitude, and wisdom of contentment. in japan they refer to him as one of the seven lucky gods and the patron of poor children, some buddhist traditions believe him to be maitreya, the future buddha.
tonight is the drawing for the biggest mega million jackpot in history, 1.6 million dollars. i rubbed this buddha’s belly for good luck when i was at wat pho and my wife dropped 108 coins into 108 pots while at the temple. 108 is a significant number referring to the 108 positive actions and symbols that helped lead buddha to perfection. it is thought that if you drop 108 coins, one into each pot, your wishes will be granted. also, it will bring you good luck and a long life. it would be nice to win the mega million jackpot. if we win, we will definitely do some really benevolent, generous and beautiful things with all the money. we’ll see what happens. either way, i will still feel lucky. im very grateful for everything in my life. good luck to everyone tonight. #laughingbuddha #goodluck #wealth #prosperity #imfeelinglucky #luckybuddha #luckynumber108 #lucky #prayersandwishes #goodlucktoyou #blessings

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(겉으로 보기에는 부드러우나 속은 꿋꿋하고 강함 :)
그냥 예쁘고 평범한 자 같지만
튼튼한 내구성과 똑똑한 디자인을 갖춘
프리미엄 패치워크 시접자는
요 네자로 표현하면 딱 좋을 것 같아요-!
오늘은 매 순간 사용될 아이템, 그래서 더
스마트하게 만들어진 시접자 이야기 입니다.
premium patchwork ruler
1 다양한 눈금과 각도
2 특수코팅 처리로 눈금이 오래 유지
3 프린트 원단에서도 보기 쉬운 컬러라인
4 자의 양면이 사선으로 깎여 있어 더욱 정확한 마킹가능
깔끔! 짱짱! 해서 저도 정말 좋아하는 자에요 :-)
근데 글로는 잘 모르시겠죠? 그래서 직접 사용해보실 수 있도록
오랜만에 이벤트 준비했어요-! (자세히보면 참여방법 느무간단)
완/ 해피베어스 팔로우 + 좋아요 하트꾹!
투/ 나의 짱친인친소잉친구들 다 드루와 드루와 (@친구아이디)를 댓글로 입력하면 ok!
쓰리/ 15, 30, 50cm중 원하는 사이즈를 말해주세요-!
포/ 당첨자 발표후 본인의 인스타그램에 #해피베어스 #시접자 #프리미엄패치워크시접자 등의 해시태그와 간단리뷰 남기기
하이파이브/ 럭키 7분이나 뽑을거에요!
나는 어차피 안될거야 말고 된다된다꼭된다
주문을 외우시문서 막 드루오세요-! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
당첨자는 10/29 월요일에 발표됩니다.
비공개 계정은 이벤트 당첨확률이 낮고,
상품 후기를 남겨주시지 않는분은 추후 이벤트시
당첨자 목록에서 제외된다는점 참고해주세요 😢 #goodlucktoyou!💓

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The inability to take responsibility for your actions paves your fate. hoping and wishing s****l assault on someone throws your worth to the wind, and no amount of violence will ever be able to catch it again. use your words wisely. #creamofthecrop #risestothetop #hatersgonnahate #goodlucktoyou #yourewelcome

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마치 내 맘을 읽기라도 한 듯
#말의힘 #감동 #이디야

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she is mini, but she go in her way.
she reminded me: if you are comfortable, you’re not doing it right
#thanksbae #seeyouverysoon #goodlucktoyou #thatsthereasonyoukeepmovingforward

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藍月~~~so sad that you have also graduated from wwse.
to be honest, i was really afraid of you when we first met. i was told that you are taiwanese, but i didn’t know what kind of personality you had. due to the other taiwanese, we became more and more familiar to each other. i was really surprised when you sent a birthday present to me. i had never imagined that i could receive a present from you! and i still cherish it💕
lucky us, we had a chance to go to rotorua together. i found that you are such an energetic person in that trip. you insisted to go out even though the weather was really awful.
after you upgrading from brian’s class, it was really hard to see you in the school. i really enjoyed the time which i could shout 藍月~~~ out loud in the school.
in the end, i would like to wish you all the best. for your traveling and your future job. hope we can keep in touch, no matter where we are. it’s my pleasure to know you☺️ #worldwideschool #worldwideschoolofenglish #taiwanesegirl #beautifulgirl #goodlucktoyou #enjoyyourtrip #sabrinasoneyeartripinnz

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Cám ơn kỳ về quà chia tay, mừng cho kỳ, và mong kỳ luôn nhớ là bồ linh và dịp trông chờ cả vào kỳ nha ❤️❤️❤️ #tìnhbạnthịtnướng #goodlucktoyou

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Armada - asal kau bahagia jaming with kakak eca
anggep aja karaoke gratis setiap sabtu
goodluck to you
#acousticbandsurabaya #acousticband #musicsurabaya #musicindo #kafe #weddingband #jaming #bandsurabaya #goodlucktoyou

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Anne marie - friends feat kakak @devianggreani2512
yang mau jaming bareng kita bisa banget every saturday at @underpasscoffeeshop
goodluck to you
#acousticbandsurabaya #acousticband #musicindo #musicsurabaya #weddingband #kafe #musicsurabaya #musically #event #goodlucktoyou

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Dejame demasiado tiempo y me pudrire como una manzana, pájaros y gusanos vendrán por mi, seguiré colgado de los sarmientos de la vid esperado ser cortado, como la belladona en verano. #goodlucktoyou

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Getting a taste of graduation celebrations since well never see the day ourselves🍾 #goodlucktoyou

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#20181019 #luckyday #friend #goodlucktoyou

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What it do my shooting star ruba @rubasworld i heard that you are gonna be performing at a venue called evita @evitaparty and the second i heard this news i felt even more proud of you than i already am and i felt all kinds of positive, happy and exited emotions running through inside me. i just wanna say i’m strongly wishing you bundles of magic, marvelous and spectacular luck on performing, i’m strongly sending you blessed miracles, happiness, best vibes and special wishes and i strongly know for a fact that you are gonna be the definition of dynamite, fire and an energetic firecracker and also you are gonna be even more iconic, heroic and legendary just like a popular superstar that is in the world and whenever you’re on stage i completely know that you are gonna light up the hole audiences faces with so much fascination and wonder and i totally know period point blank that you are gonna be just like a real life superhero doing his special powers on stage and i immediately know that you are gonna light up the whole stage with heavenly, angelic and beaming aura’s and fantastic light all combined into one. i’m praying, wishing and hoping so hard that people will be filming the performance so i will be able to see the video because it will be a dream, miracle and blessing all at the same time to be able to see your performances on video eventhough that i can’t experience the performance in person.
#rubawilson #rubawilsonismyhero
#rubasworld #rubasworldforever
#amazingperformer #awesomeperformer #wonderfulperformer #evitalosangeles
#evita #goodluck🍀

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Abundance, prosperity & new opportunities💎
🙏manifest abundance with this beautiful ring!💎

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