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I miss my summer vibes ✨✨ #youssefsawmah#الحمدالله_كثيرا#godisgreat

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I thank god everyday i wake up, for all my blessings, for getting me through the ruff times i’ve encountered and for bringing this awesome man into my life. god is real! i’m a witness 🙏🏽 #godisreal #godisgreat #inlove #boyfriend #godislove #thankful #happy #loml #thebestisyettocome #bestmoments #happylife #futurehusband #datenight

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Peace is your promise as a child of god. we often live in a lack of peace, but that’s not god’s plan for your life. peace comes from security, joy, stillness, confidence, and other qualities we find in the lord.
ask yourself how many of these qualities have been accurately reflected in your heart lately? we hope you can find a few - but if not, there is great news coming.
the lord has broken the judgments against you in christ. regardless of your weakness, he promises to strengthen your hands. and as today’s passage reads, he rejoices over you. in his great power, he will quiet the anxieties, the fears, the lies - all by his love.
our response? fear not.
fear is the absence of peace in your life. the lord’s direct command is to reject fear because of his promise to provide strength for weary hands. he sings over you loudly. he is unreserved in the way he will pour out his affection over you. only in his presence is fullness of joy.
yet in a busy season, chasing peace can be more difficult sounding than it needs to be. but rest assured, even today, “the lord your god is in your midst.” the presence of god promises and produces peace.
advent, day 14 // prayer from isaiah 12
“thank you, lord.
you aren’t angry any more - you comfort me.
you are my salvation and i trust you.
because of you, i’m not afraid anymore.
you are my strength and the song i sing.
for even in my failure, you have saved me!
thank you for the overflowing joy of knowing you.
forgive me for drawing from comforts outside your hands.
and forgive me for mistrusting your gifts and plan.
i choose to believe that you are here,
alive and at work in my midst.
so regardless of what today will bring, i will choose to sing.
i will shout about all you’ve done, so all may know you.
for you are great - and your presence is even greater.
be glorified by my song, amen.”
thank you so much for joining us in today’s prayer! let us know what stood out in the comments below! and as always, help us out by tagging in a friend to invite them into the #declareglory community! have a wonderful week. #advent2018

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It is time to thank the lord for this beautiful gift of joyous life and look towards the future with hope and optimism. i am miles away from you, but your thoughts and prayers are with me. let's share the loads of fun🎂🍾💍🌹. #godisgreat #birthday

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